RPGs pride themselves on diversity. This can come from precise characters, branching quests, or letting the player create their own playstyle using the game’s diverse attributes and abilities. Older RPGs like Fallout 1 and 2 are well known for this, however many were worried that Bethesda would not supply with Fallout three.

Thankfully, Bethesda introduced in each manner possible. Fallout three changed into an incredible reboot of the Fallout collection, taking the once isometric RPG into the primary-character attitude. Just like the older Fallout titles, however, players ought to create specific builds to roleplay sure characters or beautify sure playstyles. From focusing on the use of chems for an advantage, or just punching the entirety to death, here are some fantastic builds you need to try in Fallout 3.

Updated August 24, 2021, by Michael Caruso: Although Fallout 3 was released many years ago, it’s still a strong RPG with many dialogue and combat choices. With so many options comes a plethora of unique ways to create a character, but there are some character builds that are more powerful than others. Fallout 3 has even more combat builds for you to create, so we’ve added a few more options for you to choose from while creating your character.

15 Samurai Warrior

fallout 3 samurai armor in mothership zeta

Samurai warriors have always been an exciting subject matter for video video games and device in RPGs, and with the Mothership Zeta DLC, you could use effective samurai equipment as well. There are many new guns and pieces of armor in this enlargement percent, including the Samurai Armor and the Samurai’s Sword, a melee weapon. Both of those portions of device are very powerful.

Although there is no longer an excessive amount of possibility to role-play as a Samurai during dialogue, the gadget will make you experience similar to a Samurai even as exploring the Capital Wasteland.

14 Power Armor Paladin


There is a lot of armor to use in Fallout 3; however, none of it is more powerful than the different variants of power armor used by The Brotherhood Of Steel.

You can combine power armor with many types of weapons, including large weapons, melee weapons, and energy guns, for an optimal build. However, what makes the power armor build so powerful is that you never take off the armor, which means that most enemies won’t be capable of damaging you as much as they otherwise would. T-51 Power Armor is perfect for this character build.

13 Railway Rifle Soldier


The Railway Rifle is a unique weapon in Fallout 3 that’s governed by using the Small Guns talent. Although this weapon is not not unusual all through the Capital Wasteland, it is nevertheless one of the strongest weapons in the game.

With the Railway Rifle Soldier, you may use a Railway Rifle to fireplace Railway Spikes at enemies for large damage. Any sort of armor works well with this build; but, it’s a terrific concept to preserve a 2d weapon on your stock in case you run out of Railway Spikes. The Railway Rifle weapon is stricken by the Small Guns skill, so make sure to upgrade this stat regularly.

12 The Combat Shotgun Build


Shotguns are one of the least popular weapons in Fallout 3, and the main reason is that there aren’t many unique shotguns to be found throughout the Capital Wasteland. However, just because most characters don’t use this weapon type doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful.

Shotgun builds are very strong, and you can pair the weapon with other mechanics such as VATS or explosives to create your own unique spin for your character. The Combat Shotgun is one of the best options for a shotgun in Fallout 3.

11 Pyromaniac


The Flamer is one of the excellent guns in Fallout 3, though it doesn’t usually get the popularity it merits from the Fallout franchise fan base. This weapon is a flame-thrower, and it deals a variety of region-of-effect harm, which is ideal even as fighting huge groups of enemies.

You can pair the Flamer with effective armor to create the unstoppable Pyromaniac build. This man or woman calls for you to level up your Big Guns skill because this stat is what determines the amount of damage you deal even as the usage of a Flamer.

10 Gun Master

Fallout 3 Minigun being fired

Firearms are the most common weapons you can find in the Capital Wasteland. From pistols to full-fledged miniguns, there is a weapon for every playstyle in Fallout 3.

One of the easiest builds you can make is a weapon-focused build. Get your Small Guns or your Big Guns stats to 100 as fast as you can to deal additional damage. Perks like Bloody Mess are perfect for this build, as it increases your base damage while causing enemies to explode into gore on death. If you want enemies to blow up into piles of gore constantly, then try out this build.

Critical Energy Weapons

Fallout 3 Power Armor Soldier Holding Energy Weapon

Energy guns are some of the coolest guns within the Fallout universe. Lasers can deal huge amounts of harm fast, while plasma deals widespread harm with a projectile weapon.

Most electricity guns have a excessive crucial risk, which means that significantly-centered builds for those guns could make brief paintings of any enemy. Getting ten points in Luck is usually recommended considering Luck without delay impacts your threat to significantly hit targets. Perks like Finesse and Better Criticals turn the harm output on those weapons to notable heights. When blended with an alien blaster, you become nigh unstoppable.

Melee Tank

Fallout 3 Shishkebab on fire

It can be fun to blast enemies with high-damaging weapons, but it’s equally as satisfying to tank all of the damage they deal to you.

What better excuse to take high amounts of punishment than getting into the enemy’s face? Melee tanks can use any melee weapon like a Power Fist or Shishkebab to deal good damage while taking large amounts of damage. High Endurance combined with any form of power armor will allow you to absorb most hits with ease. Add perks like Life Giver or Toughness to get even more damage resistance.

V.A.T.S. Build

Fallout 3 VATS Fighting A Super Mutant

Real-time combat in Fallout three may be much less enjoyable than the use of the V.A.T.S. Machine. V.A.T.S. Shall we players forestall the movement to attack positive limbs on a target at the value of action factors.

V.A.T.S. Builds want a high Perception stat to growth their accuracy inside the superior targeting mode. To make V.A.T.S. Even higher, allocate some of your SPECIAL stats into Agility to growth your action points and, therefore, the variety of pictures allowed in V.A.T.S. Allocating points into your favored weapon kind will make this all of the higher. If you’re taking this construct to excessive stages, Grim Reaper’s Spirit is a ought to as it refunds all of your movement factors on kill, which means you can fire your weapon almost forever in this kingdom.

Demolition Expert

Fallout 3 Fat Man Weapon, Explosion In Distance

During a side quest in Fallout 3, you can either detonate the bomb in Megaton or defuse it to keep the town safe. Those that decided to blow up the entire town might enjoy a demolition build.

This build relies on explosive weapons like Rocket Launchers, the Fat Man, and various types of grenades. Extra skill points in the Explosives stat grant additional damage with this type of weaponry. Demolition Expert is a must-have perk, as it grants a massive 20 percent damage increase with explosives that affect all of your weapons, even including the Fat Man mini-nuke launcher.

Unarmed Only

fallout 3 red rocket sign in town

Who needs bullets when you can punch everything into submission. When built for, unarmed builds can become a viable way of dealing damage in Fallout 3.

Of course, you will want a 100 stat in the Unarmed skill to make your fists deal as much damage as possible. The Power Fist counts as an unarmed weapon, meaning its high base damage is modified by your high Unarmed skill. Grab Paralyzing Palm to stun targets mid-fight and the Ninja perk to allow your fists to critically strike. Combined with Better Criticals and a few points in Luck, you can quickly defeat most enemies with only a few punches.


Fallout 3 Character In The Pitt

Getting hooked on chems in Fallout three comes with bad effects tied to withdrawal. If you have got a steady deliver of chems and consumables, however, you could create a very effective person.

Any weapon works with this construct, as your SPECIAL stats and competencies may be greater way to the consumed objects. Perks like Chemist are wonderful for this build, because it doubles the length of all the outcomes given. A combination of Psycho, Med-X, Mentats, and different consumables can boom your survivability and damage by means of a big diploma.


Fallout 3 Vault Dweller Next To Dog

In phrases of sheer energy, not anything can beat Stealth abilties in a Bethesda game. The enemy AI will begin to forget about your very presence as you stab them inside the lower back with significantly more desirable guns.

To make the quality use of the Stealth skill, growth it to a hundred and find a set of Chinese Stealth Armor. Now that your Stealth is more suitable to excessive tiers, experience free to use either suppressed weapons or melee guns with the Ninja perk to defeat each enemy inside the shadows. Enemies can not retaliate considering that they cannot see you.

Smooth Talker

Fallout 3 Dialogue Scene With A Scientist

You can resolve many of Fallout 3’s quests without killing others. You can complete most side missions in the game with a high investment in speech and profession skills like Science or Repair.

Invest in your Charisma SPECIAL stat and the Speech and Barter skills. From there, you can choose to either increase your Repair, Science, or Medicine skills to make certain checks easier. Since Fallout 3 uses a percentage persuasion system instead of having a set requirement, having high Charisma is near-essential to confirm success on most persuasion checks. Another benefit of this build is the discounted goods and auto-completion on many tedious or difficult quests.

Perfect Character

Fallout Vault Boy Logo Picture

Almost each construct in Fallout three has a honest percentage of strengths and weaknesses. Not this one. This build strives to create the proper person. In other phrases, a build that has no flaws in it in any way.

This build requires the participant to invest in their Intelligence stat as a lot as viable, increasing it up to 9 however now not to the 10 cap. Play the game as everyday, taking Comprehension or Educated as quickly as viable, until you hit level 30. You can farm quests or enemies to reach this level in case you want to hurry this. Once entire, take the Almost Perfect perk to raise each stat to 9. Grab every bobblehead in the Capital Wasteland that increases your SPECIAL stats by means of one. This will result in a person with one hundred in every talent in the sport and a super 10 in all SPECIAL stats. You can’t make a more potent person than this.