A Lesser-Known Survival Game From 2019 Has Just Surpassed 2.5 Million Players on Steam

Survival games are all the rage these days, as players love getting together with friends or venturing out on their own in order to try and brave the elements and channel their inner Bear Grylls. Due to all of that competition, it’s easy for even some of the best games to get lost in the shuffle. Despite all odds, though, even smaller titles are able tow build a dedicated community over the years and accomplish some pretty impressive feats. That’s exactly what happened to developer Other Ocean’s Project Winter, which just crossed the 2.5 million players mark on Steam as of today. In this title, up to eight people must work together to survive the bitter cold tundra that this the game’s setting. To do this, you’ll need to craft items like Snow Shoes and Ice Bombs.
Why could you want an Ice Bomb you ask? Well similar to Among Us, there’s a traitor or traitors amidst your organization that’ll do the whole lot of their power to see you all useless. It’s a sport that makes a speciality of deception, subterfuge, and crafting, with the winners being declared while the Traitors are identified or all of the Survivors are killed or have escaped. The news came by means of manner of a press release for the sport, because the developers are celebrating the milestone via freeing an replace that features new craftable items. Alongside this, they’re additionally permanently losing the charge factor of the sport to $9.Ninety nine. You can take a look at out greater data on Project Winter by way of heading over to the reliable Steam page, related above.

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