A web page is slowing down your browser – Firefox

If you have been using Mozilla Firefox, at some or the other stage, you must have encountered a message – A web page is slowing down your browser. Users get an option to either ‘wait’ or ‘stop’ the troublesome webpage. At times, both choices don’t work. You could close the browser but that means losing your data, and even more, it isn’t a permanent solution. A web page is slowing down your browser for Firefox Further, some users may not be capable of close the browser window. It both freezes and forestalls responding. Despite multiple reports, Mozilla hasn’t been capable of repair the trouble as it takes place with the modern-day variations of the browser.

A web page is slowing down your browser – Firefox

This error usually occurs when browsing heavy pages or video sites like Google Maps, YouTube, etc. You could try the following solutions sequentially to resolve the problem:
  1. Clear Cookies and Site Data
  2. Update your graphics card driver
  3. Modify a few settings for Firefox
  4. Disable Adobe Flash Protected Mode.

1] Clear Cookies and Site Data

A mismatch in the cache stored on the system and the site data could cause the problem. Thus, we could clear the same. The procedure to remove cookies and site data is as follows: Enter the following address in the address bar of the Firefox browser about:preferences#privacy. Scroll to the Cookies and site data section and click on Clear data. Clear Cookies Check the boxes for both cache and cookies and click on Clear. Clear Cookies, Site data, Cached Web content Restart Firefox.

2] Update your graphics card driver

The relation between drivers and browser pages is that if you try establishing a photos-in depth internet site, it consumes a number of assets. It stresses the browser which may force to shut the troublesome web site. To keep away from any such state of affairs, the high-quality we may want to do is hold the images card drivers updated. Update graphics card driver  
  1. Open Run prompt (Win + R) and type devmgmt.msc.
  2. Press Enter to open the Device Manager window.
  3. Expand the list of Display adapters and right-click on the graphics card driver.
  4. Select Update driver.
  5. Restart the system once done.
If this doesn’t work, there are multiple ways to update Drivers in Windows 10.

3] Modify a few settings for Firefox

A web page is slowing down your browser
  1. Copy the address about:config to the address bar and press Enter. It will open a warning page. Select I accept the risk to proceed.
  2. In the Search bar on the top of the page, search for processHang.
  3. It would display two entries dom.ipc.processHangMonitor and dom.ipc.reportProcessHangs.
  4. Right-click on these entries, and click on the Toggle option from True to False.
  5. Restart the browser and check if it resolves your problem.

4] Disable Adobe Flash Protected Mode

If updating the above does now not help, disable the Adobe Flash Protected Mode as follows. Launch the Firefox browser, click on the Menu button and choose Add-ons. Next, pick the Plugins option to expand the whole listing of plugins installed. Then, uncheck the field marked in opposition to “Enable Adobe Flash protected mode” access of the Shockwave Flash. This can only be a temporary measure, as disabling the Adobe Flash Protected Mode should make your PC ‘less relaxed’. Hope it enables to clear up this stressful hassle in Firefox.

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