Azur Lane Tier List


You may have seen our list of the best ships you can play in the hit versatile game Azur Lane, however as dedicated players may know, there’s significantly more where that came from, with a few “transport young ladies” accessible to browse. So you can realize how each boat positions, we have separated the full rundown of accessible boats into levels. They go from grade D to review S, and you have a lot of decisions.

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Evaluation D is a respectable enough boat to begin with, yet they aren’t sufficiently strong to cut it for the long stretch. Then, grade S is the first in class transport that you can request as far as capability, avoidance, protection, and strength. So in the event that you need to settle on a decision, grade S is the most ideal approach. Furthermore, different levels in the middle of are certainly worth trying different things with as well.

Here is our finished level rundown of the relative multitude of boats accessible in Azur Lane. We have incorporated the name and kind of each boat just as their level positioning.

D Tier

Screengrab via Idea Factory

You can use these when you first start but don’t expect them to get you through the whole game. You’ll be replacing these ships rather quickly.

  • Izuzu- Light Cruiser
  • Zeppy- Aircraft Carrier
  • Chaser- Light Aircraft Carrier
  • Anniversary Kizuna AI – Aircraft Carrier
  • Curacoa Retrofit – Light Cruiser
  • Fumiruiru – Aircraft Carrier
  • Akagi – Aircraft Carrier
  • Taihou – Aircraft Carrier
  • Sendai Retrofit – Light Cruiser
  • Tanikaze – Destroyer
  • Shangri-La – Aircraft Carrier

C Tier

Screengrab via Idea Factory

Beside the Prinz Eugen, the majority of these boats will likely need a substitution halfway through the game. In any case, a few players might need to try them out on the off chance that they’re searching for a test. You may likewise have seen a few boats have “Retrofit” in their name. These can be “retrofitted” to get an expansion in extraordinariness. For authorities, they can make a genuine strong expansion to the team.

  • Newcastle Retrofit- Light Cruiser
  • Kagerou Retrofit- Destroyer
  • Curlew Retrofit- Light Cruiser
  • Hiryuu Retrofit- Aircraft Carrier
  • Souryuu Retrofit- Aircraft Carrier
  • London- Heavy Cruiser
  • Wichita- Heavy Cruiser
  • Arizona- Battleship
  • Zuikaku- Aircraft Carrier
  • Shoukaku- Aircraft Carrier
  • Prinz Eugen- Heavy Cruiser
  • Belfast- Light Cruiser
  • Kawakaze- Destroyer
  • Sirius- Light Cruiser

B Tier

Screengrab via Idea Factory

B-Tier ships are a better addition to your crew compared to C and D-Tier. That said, they will eventually run out of steam a little later on unless you know how to handle yourself in battle.

  • Hyuuga Retrofit- Aviation Battleship
  • Hood – Battle Cruiser
  • Jean Bart – Battleship
  • Shouhou- Light Aircraft Carrier
  • Tirpitz – Battleship
  • Mogami Retrofit – Heavy Cruiser
  • Ark Royal- Aircraft Carrier
  • Kizuna AI- Destroyer
  • Cleveland- Light Cruiser
  • Columbia- Light Cruiser
  • Nicholas Retrofit- Destroyer
  • Z1 Retrofit- Destroyer
  • Javelin- Destroyer
  • Little Bel- Light Cruiser
  • Aurora- Light Cruiser
  • Queen Elizabeth- Battleship
  • U-81- Submarine
  • I-19- Submarine
  • Kaga- Aircraft Carrier
  • Izumo- Battleship
  • North Carolina- Battleship
  • Ibuki- Heavy Cruiser
  • Albacore- Submarine

A Tier

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Screengrab via Idea Factory

While they’re not quite “god-level” like the S Tier ships, the A Tier models will do your team proud with their balance of firepower, defense, and speed. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

  • Portland Retrofit- Heavy Cruiser
  • Saratoga Retrofit- Aircraft Carrier
  • Laffey Retrofit- Destroyer
  • Z23 Retrofit- Destroyer
  • Vestal- Repair Ship
  • Jintsuu Retrofit- Light Cruiser
  • Washington- Battleship
  • U-101- Submarine
  • I-168- Submarine
  • Amagi- Battle Cruiser
  • King George V- Battleship
  • Bismarck- Battleship
  • Saint Louis- Heavy Cruiser
  • Montpelier- Light Cruiser
  • Neptune- Light Cruiser
  • Eldridge- Destroyer
  • Illustrious- Aircraft Carrier
  • Swiftsure- Light Cruiser
  • Graf Zeppelin- Aircraft Carrier
  • Bunker Hill- Aircraft Carrier
  • Mikasa- Battleship
  • Kitakaze- Destroyer
  • Yat-Sen Retrofit – Light Cruiser
  • Ping Hai Retrofit – Light Cruiser
  • Ning Hai Retrofit – Light Cruiser
  • Minneapolis – Heavy Cruiser
  • Duke of York – Battleship

S Tier

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Screengrab via Idea Factory

The S Tier is quite simply the best of the best out there. Add them to your fleet without hesitation, and they’re going to last for a good while. Some are pretty rare (like the Friedrich der Grosse), but all the more worth it when it comes to victory.

  • Ayanami- Destroyer
  • Unicorn- Light Aircraft Carrier
  • Helena- Light Cruiser
  • I-13- Submarine Carrier
  • U-47- Submarine
  • Centaur- Light Aircraft Carrier
  • Essex- Aircraft Carrier
  • Enterprise- Aircraft Carrier
  • Warspite Retrofit- Battleship
  • Monarch- Battleship
  • Roon- Heavy Cruiser
  • San Diego Retrofit- Light Cruiser
  • Yukikaze- Destroyer
  • Akashi- Repair Ship
  • Nagato- Battleship
  • Gascogne- Battleship
  • Georgia- Battleship
  • Seattle- Light Cruiser
  • Friedrich der Grosse- Battleship
  • Azuma- Large Cruiser

Original story by Robert Workman, update by Davy Davison