Best For On The Go: Logitech X300


Logitech X300 “Best Logitech Speakers in 2020”

This Bluetooth speaker can connect to your phone, tablet, or PC. It has a range of 30 feet, so you have some freedom to move around and stay connected. In addition to being able to play music and media, it can also handle calls with its built-in microphone.


This speaker is affordable, yet features a unique and polished look. It could be used for a portable desk setup around your home or taken with you on the go. It lasts up to five hours on a single charge, which isn’t as long as some other speakers but will get through most of a working day.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Has a built-in microphone
  • Looks nice


  • Only lasts up to five hours
  • Charges with micro-USB