Bose QuietComfort 35 II review

Quick verdict

The first-generation QC35 was among the most lauded noise-cancelling headphones. The second-generation continue that trend of excellence, but with the addition of Google Assistant - which is surprisingly useful for managing notifications.

  • Superb sound
  • Great battery life
  • Google Assistant and notifications surprisingly useful
  • Noise-cancelling is great - and comes in three levels
  • Google Assistant is a little more limited on iPhone
  • Not the sleekest design
  • Battery life not as long as some competitors
How would you enhance a couple of commotion dropping earphones viewed as the market chief? That is the test Bose confronted with the QuietComfort 35 Mark II.  
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  The organization's answer: go more intelligent. The Bose QC35 II is the very same pair that prevailed upon us in 2016, the principle distinction being a committed activity catch to dispatch worked in Google Assistant for voice control. Is that enough to make the QC35 II the must-have commotion dropping over-ear earphones to purchase?


  • Consumption safe steel and glass-imbued nylon
  • Foldable design, semi-hard case included
  • Alcantara lining for life span
  • 180 x 170 x 81mm
  Next to no - in the event that anything by any stretch of the imagination - has transformed from a stylish perspective contrasted with the original QuietComfort 35. The Mark II is a similar conspicuous shape and design, with uncovered screws and a very much cushioned Alcantara-fixed headband with super-delicate cushioning around the earcups. As an aside to this: don't let that cushioned, delicate looking felt fool you, as Alcantara is an entirely sturdy material that is normally utilized in costly quick vehicles. With regards to how the QC35 is constructed, it's very an instance of capacity over structure. However, that is no terrible thing. Instead of go for a totally consistent outside with etched edges or plunging lines, Bose has gone down the methodology of giving you simple admittance to physical catches and keenly designed pivots. In doing as such, it's made the earphones more helpful to utilize and more advantageous to store when you're set. One perfect representation of this center is obvious in the physical controls. The force button is a slider switch on the outside of the steel-covered right earcup. It clicks immovably among on and off, while a further push over to the correct places the earphones in Bluetooth matching mode. On the left earcup there's the activity button - which can be utilized for actuating Google Assistant or dynamic clamor dropping (ANC) - which is set generally where your thumb would normally rest in the event that you lifted your hand to the earphones. bose-quietcomfort-35-ii-review The standard threesome volume up, volume down and play/stop catches are sat all together on the privilege earcup. Because of the stoutness of the catches - and the way that the play/stop button doesn't jut similar to the others - it's exceptionally simple to utilize them. Maybe more reassuringly, the catches all give an unobtrusive yet-satisfying snap when squeezed. Not at all like a few earphones that have contact delicate controls, there's no re-thinking with regards to whether you've squeezed one. As recently suggested, the pivots, rotate focuses and flexible headband make the QC35 truly comfortable to wear and simple to stash. There's a semi-hard case that comes in the container, so when the earcups are pivoted until totally level and the pivots sit over one other when stowed, the earphones can fit into this shockingly compact case. It's absolutely simpler to heft around than the adjusted, bulbous case that accompanies the Beats Studio 3 Wireless. Every one of these subtleties joined with the glass-filled nylon and erosion safe treated steel make a strong earphone that is both advantageous, light and entirely comfortable to wear for significant stretches. We wore them for a whole working day and didn't once want to eliminate them either because of discomfort or dampness. It must be stated, however, we were trying them in an especially cool spell in February, so it might be a somewhat unique encounter during a heatwave.

Google Assistant and Connect+ application

  • Google Assistant implicit
  • Notices read for you
  • Devoted Action button
  Bose was the primary organization to report that it was bringing Google's brilliant collaborator to a couple of earphones. From that point forward, different organizations have bounced on board - including Sony - so we're anticipating this voice-control highlight going significantly more standard. In the event that you're an iPhone client, at that point you'll first need to download the Google Assistant application from the App Store, at that point head to the Bose Connect+ application to guarantee Google Assistant is chosen as the essential capacity of the activity button. When that is done, you can ask Google Assistant inquiries and provide it orders by squeezing and-holding the activity button until you've got done with talking, at that point let go. You can ask Assistant anything you'd ask it on your telephone, or through Google Home. You can approach it for the climate, what schedule occasions you have coming up, send an email, set an update, perform Google searches and control your viable keen home gadgets. There are a few constraints on iPhone, however. You can't request that it send a SMS or iMessage, for example, nor would you be able to request that it play music through Spotify. One workaround to this is utilizing the play/delay catch to dispatch Siri on iPhone. On Android it's an alternate story. Request that it play Spotify playlists or communicate something specific on Android and it will, no issues. One extra Google Assistant component is the capacity to have it perused your notices when they come through. Like other Bose earphones, when another warning terrains on your telephone you get a voice brief saying which application it's from. On the QC35 you can press the activity button once and Google at that point peruses the full directive for you. Unfortunately, you can't answer or associate with that warning once it's been perused, so you actually need to haul your telephone out of your pocket for that.  
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  In case you're ever stayed with what to do, there's a segment inside the Google Assistant application that gives you a fast outline of the Bose earphones and even an instructional exercise segment to assist you with capitalizing on the Assistant features. One little issue we had with Google Assistant was that each time we attempted to utilize it following fueling on and interfacing the earphones, it disclosed to us we needed to open our telephone, relaunch the Assistant application and attempt once more. bose-quietcomfort-35-ii-review

Performance and battery life

  • 20 hours battery life
  • Fast charging
  Both Bluetooth-conected performance and battery life are incredible from the QC35 II. We never encountered any glitches, the association remained unshakable the whole time - paying little heed to which gadget we combined it with. Thus, the battery was more than fit for taking care of even the most weighty utilization. After approximately five hours joined of play time on a long train drive, it was just about down to something close to 80 percent, having been completely energized before the principal leg of the excursion. We don't have the foggiest idea about the specific level, since Bose's application just shows in additions of 10%, however given the entirety of our testing, you'll comfortably get in any event the promoted 20 hours of playback before expecting to discover a force source. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have a gadget with an earphone jack, you can simply utilize that rather if the earphone actually goes totally level. Or then again you can utilize the quick charging - which conveys 2.5 long periods of additional playback after only 15 minutes at the attachment. That is very as noteworthy as the 25-30 minutes we got from the Beats Studio 3, however it's unquestionably adequate to get you through a little while of drives.

Commotion dropping and sound quality

  • Dynamic commotion dropping (ANC) innovation
  • Three degrees of commotion dropping accessible
  One thing you can make certain of with Bose is that your music will sound extraordinary. The QC35 II proceeds with the pattern of full-sounding, definite and adjusted sound. What's extraordinary about Bose's sound is that it doesn't appear to make a difference how uproarious or an incredible earphones' volume is, you get a similar quality, without bending at more significant levels. Mid-levels, bass and high pitch are adjusted so bass is clearly there without overwhelming a track. What's more, you get some great enumerating in the low-end, especially when tuning in to tunes with acoustic instruments like an upstanding twofold bass. One thing important with the Bose earphone is that the set appears to be more custom-made towards tuning in to music with real instruments (ideally acoustic) as opposed to synth-substantial underground music. In the class where bass ought to be practically over-fueling, the low-end go over somewhat ailing in heavyweight punch. In any case, stick on something like Elbow's latest collection and it just sounds exceptionally significant. Clamor dropping is a Bose forte, as well. That is the thing that these earphones are notable for taking care of: driving without the outsdie clamor. Despite the fact that the QC35 II won't cut out the entirety of the clamor around you, it works admirably removing the low-automaton of a moving train or plane - which is somethingfrequent flyers will huegly appreciate. When you experience it, it'll be difficult to return. The QC35 II doesn't adjust to encompassing clamor around it continuously like the Beats Studio 3, however you surely won't be irritated by encompassing commotions at any rate, as the dropping innovation is so great. Furthermore, presently there's three degrees of solidarity with regards to commotion dropping - which is extraordinary on the off chance that you've recently felt Bose's ANC to be a smidgen excessively "stuck in a vacuum" in its seriousness.


The first-generation QC35 was among the most lauded noise-cancelling headphones. The second-generation continue that trend of excellence, but with the addition of Google Assistant - which is surprisingly useful for managing notifications.

While some might want a bit more punch from the sound - particularly the lower-end - the overall quality is superb and the three levels of noise-cancelling is a great feature to have for a variety of scenarios.

Like its predecessor, the new QC35 design is well considered, durable and practical enough to be worn all day long - even if you wear glasses. And with noise-cancelling technology that's up there with the best, the QC35 II easily earns its place as the long-haul flyers' noise-cancelling cans to choose.

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