Gigantamaxing is one of the best new features in generation 8. Players have been waiting for some new forms to be introduced into the franchise since Mega evolutions were first created and this was definitely a breath of fresh air for the Pokémon franchise. Fans were hoping to get some powerful new creatures and these G-Max Pokémon definitely deliver. This list will rank some of the best facts that most players don't know about G-Max Pokémon and hopefully help some players find a few things about them out. From whether or not they can be bred to the original Pikachu, here are the 10 best things about G-Max Pokémon that most fans didn't know!

10 They Can't Be Bred

Unfortunately for lots gamers those powerful Pokémon can't be bred. They can produce Pokémon eggs however they're incapable of passing down there G-Max trait to their offspring. This become an exceptionally unfortunate reality to examine for plenty fans due to the fact the concept of being capable of skip down this effective shape and alternate them with different players was quite engaging. It does but make experience that the developers determined to hold it out because it'd make some players overpowered.

Urshifu Has Two G-Max Forms

This new expansion pass legendary actually has two G-Max forms instead of just one. Lots of players are excited for this new creature to be introduced into the franchise and this is yet another reason why. No other Pokémon so far has had two separate G-Max forms which are why this is such a rare case to see. Hopefully more Pokémon have a similar feature in the future however most probably won't because no other creatures have had two forms so far.

Gigantamax Pikachu Looks Like It's Original Gen-1 Sprite

Pikachu looks like it's Original generation 1 version when it G-Maxes. This was an amazing feature to add because lots of players get nostalgic when looking at the original chubby Pikachu. Fans were definitely happy to see this in the game and it was even better because any player that owned a copy of Let's Go Pikachu got one of these for themselves. This is one of the best facts and many new players to the franchise don't realize what form Pikachu could actually take in his new G-Max form.

Only Gen-1 And Gen-VIII Pokémon Can G-Currently, With The Exception Of Two

With the exception of creatures simplest Pokémon from era one and technology eight have these effective new paperwork. This does make numerous experience as when Mega evolution was delivered into the franchise it become very similar. Unfortunately, there is not loads of range in terms of G-Max bureaucracy but there in all likelihood might be extra in the future. Fans are surely hoping they see some generation 2 and 3 Gigantamax bureaucracy because those might certainly be powerful.

The Galar Starters Are Getting Gigantamax Forms In The DLC

The starters from Galar are getting their own Gigantamax forms in the new DLC. This is great because lots of fans were hoping that they would be able to G-Max their starter and now they finally will be able to. It is unclear as of current whether or not fans will be able to do this if they do not have the DLC however it seems likely that that will only be the case if the Pokémon is traded to them. Regardless fans are excited about this new feature and it's going to be one of the main selling points of the new expansion.

Snorlax Was The First Pokémon In The Manga To Gigantamax

In the Manga Snorlax was the first creature to G-Max. This wasn't too surprising as it's quite an iconic creature in the franchise however it was still a shocker to see the giant sleeping Pokémon take its unique form. Hopefully there will be more G-Max creatures in the future of the Manga but fans aren't expecting there to be quite as many as there will be in the Anime. This was a great Pokémon to debut the new unique forms with and the writers did it absolutely perfectly.

Both Flapple And Appleton Have The Same G-Max Form Despite Being Separate Pokémon

Both of these Apple creatures have the exact same G-Max form despite being completely separate entities. They are two evolutions of the same pre-evolution and which one the player obtains will be determined by which version of the game the player has. It was interesting to see that they got the same one and this is both good and bad for a few reasons. From one perspective it's good because players will get the same regardless of the game however on the other side it seems that the developers just didn't feel like it was worth making 2 separate forms.

Gigantamax Trading Cards Exist

GMX trading cards have existed for a few months and players have been collecting them with joy. These cards become more powerful because they have more HP and also more powerful attack strength than regular cards. This is one of the best things for trading card players to know in the new generation of Pokémon and every player will want to collect at least a few of these cards. Hopefully more release in the future because this is an awesome type of trading card that players can obtain.

Every Gen-1 Starter Has A Gigantamax Form

Generation 1 become the start of the franchise as gamers understand it and the starters are a number of the maximum fan-favored creatures inside the whole technology. They're getting their own G-Max forms within the destiny with the brand new growth and even though Charizard already has one the other two are going to be Pokémon that fanatics use in war loads. This is one of the maximum thrilling upcoming capabilities in the new expansion and fans are searching forward to the usage of their favored generation 1 starters in struggle with the new paperwork. They virtually deserve the G Max forms because they're loved with the aid of fans everywhere!

The Move Transform Cannot Mirror Gigantamax Forms

A lot of players hoped that the move transform would copy G-Max creatures. The move transform is iconic to a few specific Pokémon and because it can mirror most different kinds of creatures in the franchise. However unfortunately it cannot mirror G-Max Pokémon probably because that would make creatures like Ditto overpowered. This is a fact that many players don't know and it's a good one to be knowledgeable about because players won't want to be taking a Pokémon with transform into a competitive Sword and Shield battle. Players should keep this in mind when battling trainers with G-Max Pokémon because transform won't do a thing to help them!