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Corsair Down & Badge – Dead Body Locations in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Corsair Down and Badge are new things in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Corsair Down is an arbitrary drop you can get anytime while doing watch in the Dreaming City. A ton of players do not understand how to utilize it, or what its motivation is. In all actuality, it resembles a finder – it will help you track down dead troopers from the Queen’s watchman. This guide will show you how to utilize Corsair Down in Destiny 2 Forsaken.

destiiny 2 how to use corsair down
Destiny 2 Corsair Down – Dead Body Locations

How to use Corsair Down?

After you get Corsair Down from a foe, open up your stock and investigate the portrayal. It will reveal to you it’s really a field specialized gadget that is conveying a SOS with a rehashing message connected. The message will contain a clue that should assist you with finding the individual conveying the sign. There are a lot of various message, which implies they show up in different spots.

At the point when you’ve found the individual, you’ll understand you’re past the point of no return. Cooperate with the dead body, and a manager will bring forth. Whenever you’ve vanquished it, you’ll get the Corsair Badge. There are a few territories where the bodies produce, yet they can generate at better places inside those regions.


In the event that the Corsair Down says it’s repeating something regarding a nursery, you need to go to the Gardens of Esila, south of The Strand. We discovered our own close to the section that leads from The Strand, in the round court with the pillar.


On the off chance that the transmissions is repeating something about a straight, you’ll need to go to the Bay of Drowned Wishes. It’s a lost area in the Divalian Mists, and the passageway is simply behind the arrival zone. As far as we might be concerned, it generated behind the huge, round stone toward the start of the area.


Spine and Mist

The Corsair Down transmission that is repeating something about a spine and mist is a hint for the Spine of Keres. It’s where the observatory with the Oracle is. The territory northwest of the observatory is comprised of a lot of towers and islands ascending from the fog. That is the place where the bodies will produce. We discovered one close to the bent tree on top of the keep going tower, and another on the shore between the third and second.


One of the transmissions is constantly repeating something about a harbinger. On the off chance that you’ve investigated the Dreaming City, this one ought to be adequately simple. There’s a territory north of Rheasilvia called Harbinger’s Seclude – that is the place where you should search for the body. We discovered one at the very passageway. Enter the royal residence in the north of Rheasilvia, go straigh past the large sculpture until you’re before a major blue circle. Turn here and when you enter the rosy lobby, search for the body by the pruned tree.


The one that is repeating something about a chamber shouldn’t be excessively hard, by the same token. There’s a lost area in the southern piece of Rheasilvia, called Chamber of Starlight. The body of the fallen fighter will be inside. We discovered it in the fundamental lobby, close to the sections.


There’s a transmisson that is repeating something about Aphelion. There’s a lost area by the name of Aphelion’s Rest in the Dreaming City. To arrive at it, you need to go to Petra Venj in the Strand, at that point hop off the bluff. Pivot once you land, and you’ll see a cavern. Head inside and search for the body.


How to use Corsair Badge?

The Corsair Badge resembles a couple od canine labels – it contains recognizable data about the proprietor. At the point when you get one by vanquishing the supervisor that produces when you connect with the dead officer, take it to a Queen’s Guard camp – there’s one close to the goliath door in Divalian Mists. It’s in the cavern with the white pennants. Converse with any of the NPCs there, and they’ll thank you for telling them their confidant passed on. You’ll additionally get a prize, yet it’s not a huge deal.

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