Epic Seven Tier List


The pretending game from Super Creative, Epic Seven, is quite possibly the most well known gacha games available at this moment, and for a valid justification. It offers an inconceivable measure of saints and characters to open and browse. You can pick four characters to take through the game’s turn-based battle and progress the story, and there are various blends to browse.

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Nonetheless, that can be really overpowering. In any case, fortunately some saints are superior to other people, and once you know which ones they are, it’s a lot simpler to pick who you will play.

This rundown is intended to take the best characters from the game and rank them by how significant they are. This implies that few out of every odd character from the game will be on this rundown. There are bounty more legends in the game that don’t show up here, and that is on the grounds that they’re simply not unreasonably great. We just need the most elite.

The levels are SS-Tier, S-Tier, and A-Tier. Their positioning thinks about how great they are in PvE, PvP, and exactly how they play generally. There are many various features of the game, and these rankings will reveal to you how they reasonable in all cases.

So let’s get to it:


These are the characters that will best suit you for any piece of the game, regardless of whether PvE or PvP. These characters’ capacities offer the best harm that should be possible to foes, keep their wellbeing at a decent level, and offer buffs for leveling different characters. What truly assists with these characters is that a significant number of them use assaults that do AoE harm, which helps a great deal in fight.

These are the characters that on the off chance that you have them, you need to keep in your line-up.

Arbiter Vildred
Seaside Bellona
Martial Artist Ken


While not necessarily being the best of the best, these characters are the ones that offer a good amount of abilities and skills that you can use to win every battle. They don’t offer the same bonuses that the SS-Tier does, but they do a lot that can really help you.

They aren’t the dominant characters of SS, but they still are great to have.

Blood Blade Karin
Champion Zerato
Shadow Rose


At last, these characters are the ones that are acceptable, if not incredible, sometimes. In any case, they’re simply not the best. Not at all like the SS-Tier, large numbers of these characters have assaults that target single foes. These assaults are still great and do a ton of harm, yet they simply don’t do the AoE that the higher-positioned characters do.

These characters are for the most part not awful choices to have in your revolution, but rather they aren’t really going to be distinct advantages on the front line.

Silver Blade Aramintha
Challenger Dominiel
Watcher Schuri
Ruele of Light
Celestial Mercedes

Also, that is the place where the best characters of Epic Seven position. These saints will do incredible in PvP and PvE, which implies they can deal with pretty much any part of the game.

There are a lot of different characters to browse, and some of them can be a strong job player. Play around with them however consistently try to keep these characters at the first spot on your list.