Fire Emblem Engage & Collectors Edition Announced for Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem fans rejoice for a new game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Fire Emblem Engage was the first announcement coming out of the latest Nintendo Direct today, and it features tons of fan-favorite Fire Emblem characters that players will be able to summon in battle. The new game will take place on the continent of Elios, which is made up of four realms surrounding a holy land at its center. 1000 years ago, the people of Elios called upon heroes known as Emblems to defeat the Fell Dragon, but The Binding on the dragon has weakened.
This story will follow a divine dragon that became a member of royal dragons that have been revered as deities but introduced again after 1000 years of relaxation to forestall the Fell Dragon yet again. This hero is prepared with special earrings that allow them to summon other characters from the Fire Emblem collection, which includes Marth and Sigurd. In order to carry peace lower back to Elios, you may ought to gather all the jewelry so one can be used to summon heroes to assist on your quest. Additionally, Fire Emblem Engage will get hold of a unique edition called The Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition. This bodily collector’s model will encompass the game, steelbook, art cards, art e-book, and poster. It appears filled with lots of sweets which are positive to get Fire Emblem fanatics excited.
Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition
Join the new cast and familiar faces as they fight to fend off the Fell Dragon and protect the continent of Elios. Fire Emblem Engage is set to release early next year on Jan. 20, 2023. Stay tuned for more coverage on Fire Emblem Engage, including news and guides.

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