Fix fltmgr.sys Blue Screen on Windows 10

Filter Manager file or fltmgr.sys is responsible for making sure that all the file that is stored in a user’s hard drive stay in their respective locations. The Blue Screen error SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION (fltmgr.sys) is caused due to an error with the driver responsible for enabling the communication between the hardware and the computer. This means that this driver allows the direct access to the internal hardware from the CPU itself. For those who are curious, fltmgr.sys is located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers. fltmgr.sys Many times, a BSOD occurs due to an error in this file as mentioned above. But there are even times when you can not log in to your computer after it reboots due to this error. So, we will cover this scenario as well.

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (fltmgr.sys) Blue Screen error

We can be overlaying four fundamental methods via which we are able to be seeking to repair the problems. However, it's miles usually suggested to create a System Restore Point on your pc. Also, to perform these kind of fixes, we would advise you to boot into the Safe Mode first. After you're booted up into the Safe Mode, observe these methods one at a time.  
SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 1] Run Windows Update Since the source of this fltmgr.sys file is Microsoft; you might want to run Windows Update and see if it resolves the issue. 2] Run sfc/scannow Now, press WINKEY + X button combo or right-click on the Start button and click on Command Prompt (Admin) or just search for cmd in the Cortana search box, right click on the Command Prompt icon and click on Run as Administrator. Click on Yes for the UAC or User Account Control prompt that you get. Then, the Command Prompt window will finally be open. After that, type in the following command,
sfc /scannow
And then hit Enter. Let it scan the whole drive for any errors and then Reboot your computer to check if it has fixed the Blue Screen of Death Error. 3] Run Blue Screen Troubleshooter You may also run the Blue Screen Troubleshooter. The built-in Troubleshooter is simple to run and fixes BSODs mechanically. The on line Windows 10 Blue Screen Troubleshooter from Microsoft is a wizard that is meant to help newbie users fix their Stop Errors. It offers helpful hyperlinks alongside the way. 4] Checking hardware for physical issues Sometimes, defective hardware can also bring about the software program driving force no longer operating nicely. We would propose checking the internal components of the CPU for any issues. These problems are not most effective brought on while the tool encounters physical damage however also can be brought about due to voltage fluctuations and brief circuits. You may also want to run ChkDsk. You should run a command just like the following to check and restore disk mistakes to your C power:
chkdsk c: /f /r
All the best!

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