Garmin Venu Sq initial review

Quick verdict

The Garmin Venu Sq is a new approach from Garmin, looking to offer something a little less sporty in looks, but retain the potency of Garmin's sporting heritage. Read full verdict

  • Compact
  • GPS
  • Body Battery
  • Lots of sports tracking
  • Display isn't the best
  • User interface might be a little too basic
Garmin's Venu Sq sees something of an alter of course for Garmin. While a large portion of its watches have a round face - the old section level Forerunner 35 presently resigned - the Venu Sq has a square showcase as the name recommends. It looks to us to be a transition to offer something that looks similar to the Apple Watch or similar to the Fitbit Versa, something that is somewhat more lifestyled and less forcefully lively. We've been wearing one for a couple of days to get some initial introductions. garmin-venu-sq-initial-review

Plan and fabricate

  • 37 x 40 x 11mm, 39g
  • Polycarbonate body, aluminum bezel
  • 20mm brisk delivery lashes
  • 5ATM waterproofing
There might be another shape to the Venu Sq, however a great part of the story is like other Garmin gadgets. There's a polycarbonate (plastic) body with an aluminum bezel around the presentation. That show is finished off with Gorilla Glass to decrease scratches. Two catches sit on the right-hand side for control in organization with the touchscreen, while on the back is the association port for charging and the raised Elevate pulse sensor. The ties are 20mm wide, highlighting a brisk delivery spring cut like numerous other Garmin gadgets, proposing it will be quite simple to trade the lashes around. It's a light watch, conservative and prone to be more mainstream for those with littler wrists on account of the general measurements. That brings a lifestyled feeling to things, significantly less lively and somewhat more unpretentious. There isn't a lot of likeness with the Garmin Venu, notwithstanding sharing the name, these watches are entirely extraordinary in their methodology and their allure, despite the fact that the center capacities - just like the case for all Garmin gadgets - is comprehensively the equivalent.


  • 1.3-inch shading LCD show
  • 240 x 240 pixels
Instead of offering an extravagant OLED show like the past Venu, it's a LCD show. Perhaps astounding that it's a square presentation set into the rectangular face. There's been no endeavor to fill the whole glass top with usable screen and that is a disgrace, since it doesn't feel massively goal-oriented the extent that watches go. The bezel territory that fills the rest of the essence of the watch is dark and when the showcase is diminished you can't generally observe the division among screen and bezel, yet that clarifies why the UI is dominatingly dark - to abstain from having a colossal white square in the focal point of your watch. As a conservative watch the showcase is on the little side, yet Garmin doesn't attempt to overpower you with data, so we can't state that is an issue - when out on a test ride it presented speed, separation and time, it's making an effort not to put everything on the screen. The watch faces it offers are likewise really fundamental, indicating the time and not getting excessively intricate with different components. There's some customisation, yet from what we've seen up until this point, not a lot. Yet, perceivability is okay. The screen diminishes when not being utilized so you need to lift it to see the subtleties and that implies it comes up short on a little perceivability contrasted with some Garmin gadgets, yet it's a measure to delay the battery life. We haven't got the opportunity to test the battery life, however Garmin says it will most recent 6 days and we believe that will end up being precise. garmin-venu-sq-initial-review

Highlights and capacities

  • GPS, pulse, SpO2
  • Rest following
  • Heaps of upheld sports
As this is a Garmin gadget, it's nothing unexpected to find that the backbone of the Venu Sq's capacities are based around wellness following. You'll get every minute of every day checking of things like advances and your action, with pulse following and the choice for things like water consumption. Updates will spring up to let you know get up can get dynamic like numerous different gadgets out there. However, press that top catch and you'll be taken through to sports following appropriate, where the GPS will start up and you'll be demonstrated details explicit to your game. You can choose the games you need on your top choices list, so picking cardio, running, cycling or whatever, is sufficiently simple. We tried the watch on a brisk 30km street bicycle ride and from what we've seen up until now, the details all have all the earmarks of being in the range we'd aside from - in spite of the fact that we have to do much additionally testing to see exactly how precise it is. As this is a Garmin gadget it is practically identical with existing Garmin sensors. We combined it with a speed and rhythm sensor on the bicycle and this information will at that point show up in Garmin Connect - the cell phone application - and in different administrations you may use to investigate your information. One of the highlights that the watch offers is Body Battery. This is a famous Garmin highlight that can utilize the rest following capacity joined with your every day action and worry to decide how much rest you may require. It's an intriguing framework and we've discovered it to be exact on other Garmin gadgets, giving you a sense for when you should rest and when you ought to focus on that exercise meeting.

Smartwatch highlights

  • Music Edition
  • Garmin Pay
  • Cell phone joining
We've not yet had the option to associate this to Garmin Connect on our telephone (since we're trying it preceding dispatch( and that is the application you have to drive a ton of the smartwatch capacities. That implies we've not had the option to test things like warnings or call taking care of, the two of which are upheld. Garmin Pay is likewise upheld, which means you can pay with a swipe of your wrist, if your bank underpins the administration. Best wellness trackers 2020: Top action groups to purchase today garmin-venu-sq-initial-review At last, on the off chance that you have the more costly form of the Venu Sq, it likewise underpins music. That will let you associate with an assortment of administrations to move playlists that you would then be able to tune in to without the requirement for a telephone. When you've associated earphones to the watch by means of Bluetooth, you would then be able to run and take your preferred tracks with you.

Early introductions

The Garmin Venu Sq feels totally different. While it bolsters the center capacities and will give you a significant part of the information that Garmin clients pine for, things are somewhat more lifestyled. Regarding the upheld capacities, it sits towards the passage level, yet this is a games observe first and a smartwatch second. It's smaller which is probably going to be mainstream, and there's almost no unpredictability to it. Some may state that the UI isn't exactly as refined as you get from the Fitbit Versa and altogether different to the mass of choices offered by the Apple Watch. Simultaneously, it will quantify pretty much all that the Apple Watch will, so there's surely no lack of admittance to information about your wellbeing and action.

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