When you first begin up Genshin Impact, you pick out among gambling as either Aether or Lumine, who quickly become known as the Traveler. Despite being free and the first actual man or woman you obtain, each of the twins are classified as 5-famous person sword users. Additionally, they have the capability to swap between what detail they’re the usage of without a doubt via touring the one-of-a-kind statues of the seven scattered round Teyvat.

As of version 2.Zero, you can pick between the anemo, geo, or electro element. Each element will slightly regulate the way you play, as they give the Traveler a distinct skill and burst.

Best Weapons For Traveler

genshin impact paimon lumine

While Aether and Lumine may be able to change their element, the recommended weapons for them stay pretty much the same. This can easily change at any time, though, especially since there will be Inazuma swords that will likely buff electro abilities coming out in the future. For now, the sword belows are some of the best that the Traveler can use:

WeaponBase AttackSecondary StatPassive Ability
Skyward Blade46Energy Recharge +12%The Traveler’s critical hit rate is now increased by 4%. In addition, using your elemental burst will increase movement and attack speed by 10% for twelve seconds. Normal and charged attacks will also do 20% more damage after using a burst.
Favonius Sword41Energy Recharge +13.3%When the Traveler lands a critical hit, they have between a 60% to 100% chance to regenerate six energy.
Festering Desire42Energy Recharge +10%The Traveler’s elemental skill damage is increased by 16% to 32%, and their skills critical hit rate is increased between 6% to 12%.

As of right now, two of the best weapons for Aether and Lumine are four-stars, and many players will already have the Festering Desire from the Dragonspine launch event.

Best Artifacts For Traveler

Genshin impact geo traveler elemental burst

Getting the very best artifact for each Traveler variant is pretty easy as they work well with the five-star elemental artifacts that can be farmed from domains for free. Below are the three artifact sets you will want to get your hands on for your Traveler build:

ArtifactElement2-Piece Set4-Piece Set
Viridescent VenererAnemoAnemo damage +15%Swirl damage is now increased by 60%, and opponents will be 40% less resistant to the element that caused the effect for ten seconds.
Gladiator’s FinaleGeoAttack +18%The Traveler’s normal attack damage gets a 35% buff.
Thundering FuryElectroElectro damage +15%Overload, electro-charged, and superconduct now do 40% more damage. This ability will decrease CD reset by one second.

In addition, people who use the Geo Traveler may additionally opt for the 15% geo buff from the 2-piece Archaic Petra, mixed with the Gladiators Finale’s 2-piece impact above.

Keep in mind the geo detail performs more of a assist position. The Anemo and Electro skills of the Traveler may be without difficulty used to make a strong DPS person the use of the swords and right artifact set mentioned above.