GoPro Max review

Quick verdictOne of the most versatile cameras to date, thanks to its dual-cameras setup and 360-degree footage possibilities. It's easy to use and easy to edit footage afterwards. But if you want 'normal' video then the Hero 8 is your better bet. Read full verdict
  • Really simple to shoot with
  • Editing from the mobile app is easy
  • Durable build
  • Fits most existing mounts and handles
  • It's not cheap
  • Video captured in Hero mode isn't as good as an actual Hero
  • Sometimes struggles with exposure and shadows
GoPro makes activity cameras, that is what it's known for. Lately it's delivered a portion of its best Hero items, with amazing highlights at reasonable value focuses. In any case, the organization hasn't stayed with a linear product offering up, as the GoPro Fusion 360-degree camera demonstrated us in 2018. So what of the GoPro Max, the following stage 360-degree camera which can catch round video? As we've discovered: the Max is an alternate recommendation to the Fusion in the manner that it's utilized. Is it a definitive sort of activity camera?

What is the GoPro Max?

  • Measurements: 64 x 69 x 25 mm
  • Inherent 16:9 touchscreen
  • Waterproof to 5m
  • Inherent mount
  • Included focal point covers for submerged use
Investigate its outside and you may very well consider the To be as a smaller than expected rendition of the GoPro Fusion. It has the two cameras, one on either side of the body, stuck in the correct corner. The focal points are domed, as you'd anticipate from a 360 camera, and they transport with focal point spreads to keep them secured. gopro-max-review To sweeten the deal even further, the camera likewise accompanies a delicate microfibre sack to make it simple to haul around. This pocket likewise accompanies extra focal point covers designed explicitly for shooting in the water. They snap effectively onto the focal points, empowering an approach to shoot submerged or more the water's surface all the while (with the clear isolating line between the two). Much the same as the Hero 8, the Max has an inherent flip out casing on the underside of the camera, so you don't have to connect any edges or extra embellishments just to mount it. It'll effectively screw onto any handle or mount from GoPro's range utilizing the standard screw. Another more significant consideration is the little touchscreen on the base of its front/back. It implies you no longer need to shoot 360-degree video totally visually impaired, which means you get a simple method to control and edge your shooting. Which is greatly significant. Joining the screen is the option of a serious receiver framework, which GoPro has added to bring to the table more expert quality sound, yet in addition better encompassing commotion wiping out when you need it to zero in on your voice. gopro-max-review There's additionally the strong metal spread, which seals shut the battery and microSD spaces, locking them behind a catch. It holds truly well in day by day use, and needs a decent measure of power to delivery and get entrance, so those stressed over it being broken effectively can relax. As can anybody worried about water leaking in. The Max is waterproof up to five meters and the build makes that quite understood.

Easy to understand

  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • Two physical catches
Something we've developed to adore about GoPro is the organization's endeavors to make utilizing its cameras as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances. That is implied improving the UI on the touchscreen, and growing new portable first applications that make it super-simple to alter in a hurry. These equivalent qualities are apparent in the GoPro Max. Since this most recent 360-degree camera has a touchscreen on it, really observing what you're shooting is conceivable, though on the Fusion it was an instance of squeezing record and trusting things looked right. gopro-max-review Much the same as the Hero 8 Black, there are simple interface components on the Max's touchscreen. You can switch between Hero mode - where you shoot from one camera like a standard GoPro - and 360 mode by tapping a little camera symbol in the base left corner. At that point you can flip the view on the screen to switch between the cameras by tapping the symbol in the base right. Like Hero you can likewise alter the field of view, contingent upon how wide-edge you need it, just as fast choosing what goal and casing rate you'd prefer to utilize. It's truly customer well disposed and not under any condition hard to make sense of. Regardless of whether you've never utilized a GoPro, you'll rapidly become acclimated to the controls, regardless of whether they are somewhat little and fiddly on that little touchscreen. There are physical catches on the camera as well, which for the GoPro-experienced will appear to be promptly natural. The force/mode button lets you rapidly cycle through the shooting modes, while the greater red catch on the top beginnings and quits account.

The GoPro application

  • Android/iPhone application
  • Simple keyframe determination
  • Accelerometer surrounding for simple review
It's sheltered to state utilizing the Fusion was a learning bend. At first, you needed to introduce a work area module and application for cutting edge altering programs like Premiere Pro. It in the long run was made simpler with an application, yet with the Max it's been made simple right from the beginning. When you shoot nearly 360 video, you just dispatch the application and view the media. Press play and afterward move your telephone to point inside the edge you need to see. It requires almost no exertion. Altering the recording, including advances, changing the view and point is completely done in a comparatively simple manner. Furthermore, being versatile centered, it's such a great amount of less difficult than utilizing a work area altering suite. Also, that makes it far less tedious. gopro-max-review When you have your recording downloaded to the telephone, you should simply decide to alter it by including keyframes. Play the video, move it around utilizing your finger on the screen, squeeze to-zoom in or out to change the view, and include a keyframe by tapping the little symbol at the base of the screen. When that is done, it'll naturally container and zoom between the beginning stage and your keyframe. At that point you should simply continue including keyframes with the edge and view you need, at that point spare and render on the telephone. It's so natural it's practically silly.

Photographs and video

  • 5.6k 360-degree film at 30fps
  • 16.6MP stills
  • 2x slo-mo
  • PowerPan - single take scene
  • Round sound
There's no uncertainty that with regards to shooting with the Max, it's one of the most flexible activity cameras GoPro has ever dispatched. That stems principally from the way that you can utilize it as either a 360-degree camera, or in 'Saint' mode, simply use it like a GoPro and utilizing one camera. gopro-max-review The drawback of Hero mode, nonetheless, is that the goal finishes out at 1440p, and, after its all said and done you're compelled to utilize that in 4:3 proportion. On the off chance that you need 16:9 video - which is significantly more commonplace for the configuration - at that point you can just get 1080p as a most extreme goal. Short form: if what you need is the best customary video film, you're in an ideal situation setting aside a little cash and purchasing the Hero 8 Black. It has higher goal video that by and large looks better. The way toward shooting 360-degree video with the Max and what you can do with it thereafter is a ton of fun. Something we're generally dazzled with is the adjustment: holding the camera handheld while we're running or strolling sees the recording remain steady and smooth, with just a little smooth development. With the element empowered, it likewise keeps the skyline secured, guaranteeing you're practically seeing film that is the correct path around. It's a demonstration of GoPro's work on calculations that cycle the development and film. When sewed together, the 360-video document comes in around 5.6K goal, however when you alter into a video for a level screen, clearly it winds up being a much lower goal, so it doesn't generally appear to be that sharp. gopro-max-review On the off chance that you shoot in decent splendid sunlight with blue skies, the recording - while a little unpleasant goal savvy - can look striking and brilliant. In cloudy conditions, or even in Hero mode shooting 1080p, it appears the camera can battle to adjust the introduction, backdrop illumination and shadows a portion of the time, leaving you either with a dull picture or one that is excessively over-uncovered and ailing in detail. It's not too terrible, however it could be better. One more of the huge favorable circumstances of this specific 360 camera is the thing that it empowers on the stills front. Obviously, you can make 360-degree photographs with little planet round impact, yet you can likewise make what GoPro calls a PowerPano (a display photograph it snaps in a single press of the screen). Not at all like utilizing a cell phone, you simply keep the camera still, and it'll make the Panorama utilizing the two focal points.
  • What is the Pocket-build up day by day and how would you get it for nothing?


The GoPro Max is one of the most adaptable cameras the organization has dispatched to date on account of its double cameras arrangement. It's anything but difficult to utilize and simple to alter film thereafter. In any case, if what you need is a standard activity camera with ordinary 16:9 perspective proportion catch, we'd not suggest the Max over the Hero 8 - on the grounds that the genuine video quality and goal isn't as acceptable here. Generally, GoPro has tended to the dissatisfactions that accompanied the Fusion, making for a double camera that is adaptable and a ton of 360-degree fun.

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