How to change DHCP Lease Time in Windows 10

In this text, we will display you how to alternate DHCP Lease Time in Windows 10. When you connect your device to the internet, your Internet Service Provider assigns an IP deal with to it. This is a dynamic IP cope with which means that it's going to remain active for a particular term. After this time, the IP deal with expires and your device receives a new IP deal with. The DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server on your community handles the assignment of assigning a brand new IP deal with after a selected time. The time period as much as which an IP deal with remains active is referred to as DHCP Lease Time. By default, the DHCP Lease Time is 24 hours. You can effortlessly view the DHCP Lease Time on your pc by means of the usage of the Windows PowerShell or the Command Prompt. To achieve this, release both Windows PowerShell or Command Prompt as an administrator and kind ipconfig /all. After that press Enter. Wait till the command gets completed. After the execution of the command, scroll down to view the DHCP Lease Time of your pc. view DHCP lease time windows 10 You will see the following two pieces of information:
  • The time when the Lease was obtained from the DHCP server.
  • The time when the Lease will expire.

How to change DHCP Lease Time on Windows 10

To change the DHCP Lease Time, you have to log into your router settings. Generally, the address to land on the login page of the router is either or Type any one of these addresses in the address bar of your web browser and press Enter. If you get an error, type another address. change DHCP lease time windows 10 On the login web page, you have to enter the username and password. After signing into your account, search for the DHCP Server settings of your router. In my case, the DHCP Server settings had been placed beneath the LAN settings of my router. If you can not locate the DHCP Server settings, please refer to your user guide. The Lease Time is to be had within the DHCP Server settings. Enter the price within the container adjoining to the Lease Time and click on on the Save or Submit button to shop the settings. Hope this helps.

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