How To Find The Bunker Code For COD Warzone’s Rebirth Island


Follow our instructions and you will get inside that pesky Rebirth Island bunker.

Call of Duty: Warzone is understood for hiding a few guns and secrets and techniques in amongst absolutely the whole thing else this is to be had in the game, and the code for the bunker on Rebirth Island isn’t any unique. You would possibly find that having access to this bunker at some point of a public in shape is, to say the least, highly tough, however if you manipulate it then you’ll pop out the opposite facet with a modern SMG blueprint, supplying you with another weapon to engage enemies with in future fights.

So despite the fact that this is a tough easter egg to attain and a difficult code to acquire, it may be nicely worth it – as long as you’re skilled enough to continue to exist the onslaught of other players that very well can be aiming to do exactly the same as you are. We’ve were given all of the data you need on this easter egg below, partially thanks to YouTuber TheGamingRevolution. Read on for the whole thing you need to recognize approximately the Rebirth Island bunker code. Perhaps move into this with a group of buddies willing to assist.

Finding The Rebirth Island Briefcase In COD Warzone

The first step is to find the briefcase on Rebirth Island, which is not in a single location – typical. Luckily TheGamingRevolution has uploaded an image to help us find the briefcase – seriously, if you haven’t subscribed to him, perhaps you should consider it.

Finding The Three Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

Right, now which you’ve made your manner to the briefcase you’ll additionally find 3 snap shots, and the area within the photo will unveil to you a code. Yes, you’ll need to visit every of the places on the island to find what the code is. Again, this is a whole lot less complicated if you have an awesome knowledge of the format of the island, and buddies to cooperate with.

Only search for the codes within the locations photographed – searching out random codes will now not help. Once you locate every of the photographed places, word down the code. Now it’s time to bring together them.

Official screenshot from Activision inside the Warzone plane
Call of Duty: Warzone players have figured out a way to land in Verdansk without a parachute.

Assemble The Code And Open The Bunker On Rebirth Island

Assembling the code is actually pretty simple. You have three codes, and one of them will be only two digits. Your final code will look something like this:

  • 000 – 00 – 000

If you discover 3 digits or three digits followed by means of a dash, it will be the first section of the code. Two digits will usually be the middle, and a sprint accompanied by means of 3 digits is the very last phase of the code. It truely is as easy as that, luckily. You’ve already been through enough to get right here.

Now that is performed, enter the code, open up the bunker, and share the SMG blueprint together with your friends. Congratulations, soldier.