HTC Vive Wireless Adapter review

Quick verdictThere's no denying the HTC Vive wireless adapter is a joy to use. It's fully capable of delivering an accurate VR experience without wires and makes a big difference to immersion. That said, the cost and technical knowledge required may put many off. Read full verdict
  • Incredible lag-free wireless tracking
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Pairs easily and with every play session
  • Hefty price tag
  • Initial setup is fiddly
  • Requires working knowledge of PC setups
  • Won't work with gaming laptops
For quite a while, links have been a vital evil of computer generated reality gaming. In view of the preparing power needed to run these top of the line gadgets they should be fastened to an amazing gaming PC to run easily and give the best understanding. However, playing is unpleasant in case you're continually ending up hitched up in links or having your development limited. The HTC Vive remote connector cuts the line. It utilizes another innovation based on the establishments of Intel's WiGig tech, intended to improve your experience by jettisoning the link and permitting more opportunity. We tried it at Gamescom 2018 in Germany and cherished it. Presently we've had our hands on this connector for about fourteen days to perceive how it handles in the home - and whether it merits its £300 asking cost.
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Slack free remote VR gaming?

  • Supports a play space of 6m x 6m (20ft x 20ft)
  • Up to three remote connectors can be utilized in a similar region
  • Around two hours of remote VR gaming
The main piece of uplifting news is the connector works with both the HTC Vive and Vive Pro, so you're acceptable whichever gadget you have. Despite the fact that there is an additional expense related with the Vive Pro as you need a couple of additional connectors to make it work - pushing the cost up to $360/£365. htc-vive-wireless-adapter-review The second piece of uplifting news is that this remote connector is upheld by Intel's WiGig innovation, which means the following is exact and amazing. For sure, HTC claims this framework permits close to zero inertness VR gaming encounters, in spite of being without wire. During our testing, following quality appeared to be amazing and exact. Indeed, even in a game that is quick and distraught, the headset figures out how to keep up - and we've not seen any slack. We noticed some infrequent blockiness - probably because of obstruction or inertness, yet these issues are rare. It's not the principal remote connector we've seen working with the Vive - we tried the TPCast framework ourselves and that is a genuinely fit framework - however this is the authority Vive frill, with all the consolation that accompanies that.

What's in the case?

The Vive Wireless Adapter unit contains a few components: a PCIe card for your PC, a transmitter/recipient, battery pack, and the T-molded connector which sits on the top band of your HTC Vive or Vive Pro. htc-vive-wireless-adapter-review The connector itself is huge and looks bulky - however is a long way from it when worn. In fact, it is light and you don't see it sitting on head of the headset. What's more, regardless of how irregular it looks remotely, it has apparently no impact on your satisfaction when drenched in a VR experience. You aren't totally remote however, as the battery pack for the headset is wired to the principle gadget. You wear it on your belt, similar to a remote mouthpiece pack or something like that. Again however, that truly doesn't disrupt the general flow and is an extraordinary enhancement for the conventional links. This features one drawback to remote VR gaming however: not having the option to play in your underwear. When playing lively games like Knockout League, getting sweat-soaked is a typical issue. HTC claims you can get around over two hours gaming from a solitary charge of the battery pack. We discovered it was all the more reasonably two hours, so, all in all the entire thing just turns off with no notice. Darn. The battery pack accompanies USB-C quick charging, yet at the same time takes a decent not many hours to completely charge for another meeting. It's fundamental to charge between meetings or end up woefully disillusioned in a game.

Establishment and arrangement niggles

  • PCIe WiGig card
  • 5,700mAh battery pack with USB-C 3.0 quick charging
  • Requires 64-piece Windows 10
For the occasion, the HTC Vive remote arrangement is a do-it-without anyone else's help undertaking. We've talked through the cycle previously, yet it basically expects clients to be reasonably educated. You should have the option to introduce a PCIe card in your gaming machine. On the off chance that you don't know what that implies, at that point this probably won't be the redesign for you and you may get a kick out of the chance to consider TPCAST. htc-vive-wireless-adapter-review This establishment cycle additionally makes the HTC Vive Wireless Adapter incongruent with any gaming PC - as you can't for the most part make such moves up to those machines. Another issue in case you're depending on an incredible PC for your VR gaming joys. Intel's WiGig card additionally needs introducing in a PCIeX1 space as per the arrangement guidelines. Notwithstanding, we found that it wouldn't fit in our own because of the size of the screws on top (scratching against the warmth shield on the I/O board at the rear of the motherboard), so we needed to utilize a PCIeX4 space. The directions state this is a substantial choice and we can affirm it works, however it's a niggle regardless. That aspect of the arrangement is as awful as it gets however. The rest is generally direct - unplug a few links, plug in some new links, download some product, plug it all in and pair. At that point a type of dark enchantment happens with the transmission of information. All the activity happens by means of the WiGig card. The linkbox from the Vive is not, at this point utilized and nothing should be connected to your illustrations card, which is noteworthy in itself. However some way or another illustrations and sound are proficiently radiated over the room. This arrangement is absolutely more smoothed out than the TPCAST choice - which despite everything requires the first linkbox and a Wi-Fi switch. However, the official methodology is a long way from easy to use in case you're not sure about opening up your machine and introducing updates.

Solace concerns

We've referenced that the remote linkbox itself doesn't really meddle with play as far as solace. Its weight isn't especially observable and the compromise with losing those bothering wires continually pulling at your head is beneficial in any case. What may be an issue regarding solace is the sound. This will rely upon your arrangement. In the event that you have a Vive Pro or Deluxe Audio Headstrap where the sound is incorporated with the ties at that point there's no issue. However, in case you're utilizing the first Vive with velcro ties and your own earphones or gaming headset then you may battle. htc-vive-wireless-adapter-review We were utilizing Bose QuietComfort over-ear earphones and battled to locate an agreeable area for the headband. You can't put it over the head of the linkbox, so need to either put it behind or before it. This implies the earphones either sit ungracefully or are continually tumbling off. Not an ideal arrangement. Speakers on your PC or in-ear earphones may be an answer for this issue. We additionally saw that the remote connection box gets genuinely hot during use. Not ideal when you have a warm VR headset tied to your face or are in a sweat-soaked gaming meeting.


We as of now have the TPCast remote connector, so would we trade that the official connector? Indeed. The authority Vive arrangement is marginally more precise and requires less thingamajigs to arrangement and work. All things considered, the TPCast choice is more available to the layman who isn't sure introducing the Wigig connector and it has a superior battery life because of the gigantic Ankerpower bank. With everything taken into account, the HTC Vive Wireless Adapter is a great piece of unit. It gives a wonderful encounter - we saw next to no slack or related issues that may have meddled with our experience - despite the fact that it's somewhat restricted by the little battery limit. The most serious issues will be cost and specialized skill needed to set it up in any case. However, that is a little cost to pay for sans wire VR, which is generally an express euphoria.

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