JBL’s portable speakers get new designs and more power

- The new speakers all feature Bluetooth 5.1 and USB-C for charging

JBL has presented the new Xtreme 3, Go 3 and Clip 4 speakers with every new design while there are additionally new convenient PartyBox speakers, as well - called PartyBox On-The-Go and PartyBox 310. The new speakers all element Bluetooth 5.1 and USB-C for charging.
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The new-gen £280 Xtreme is designed for considerably more vivid sound with four improved drivers and two JBL Bass Radiators just as being waterproof and dustproof. With 15 hours of battery life, it accompanies a convey tie too, while the implicit force bank charges your different gadgets. You can likewise associate two together in a sound system pair. It's accessible in blue, dark and crew wraps up. jbls-portable-speakers-get-new-designs-and-more-power The £35 JBL Go 3 is a pocket-size waterproof speaker with carry loop and five hours of battery life while it's also available in various colour finishes. jbls-portable-speakers-get-new-designs-and-more-power The £50 Clip 4 on the other hand, beefs things up with 10 hours of playback and an integrated carabiner so you can clip it onto a tent, bag or hook. Once again it's waterproof and dustproof. jbls-portable-speakers-get-new-designs-and-more-power The £280 JBL PartyBox On-The-Go and PartyBox 310 are also both rechargeable and are designed for portability so you can bring beefy sounds to any gathering jbls-portable-speakers-get-new-designs-and-more-power

The PartyBox On-The-Go is a 100W speaker with light show, featuring USB and AUX connectivity as well as Bluetooth. It's also IPX4 splashproof, too.

The £400 JBL PartyBox 310 has an 18 hour battery life, adds sound effects and is a beefy 240W.

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