Jesus Simulator I Am Jesus Christ Shows the Last Supper in New Video

Today Developer SimulaM released a new video of its upcoming Jesus simulator I am Jesus Christ. In the video, we get to see more famous episodes of the life of Jesus Christ, the Last Summer and the Garden of Gethsemane. Incidentally, the developer also mentions that the plan is still to launch the Prologue alongside early access by the end of the year. A demo may also be coming for Steam Next Fest in October, but SimulaM is waiting for the approval from the publisher. You can check it out below.
If you’re unusual with the game, it’s essentially an journey name in that you play Jesus via his entire life, assembly characters with a purpose to prove acquainted to many, on top of acting all of his well-known miracles. While the proposition might also appear a piece odd to a few, SimulaM has been operating diligently on I am Jesus Christ for years, showing pretty a number of content over the years and launching a couple of beta tests. They even switched from Unity to Unreal Engine five a few months in the past. It’ll truely be exciting to peer how this recreation could be received while it in the end releases, considering its specific content. You can also test out the first have a look at checks made with Unreal Engine five,  any other, one extra, and a fourth, on pinnacle of a video displaying the progress made on the game, one showcasing the way you forged out demons, some other showing the calming of the storm, and one focusing on the cleansing of the Temple.

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