Man of Medan is a cinematic horror recreation released by means of Supermassive Games. It’s the first game from a sequence known as The Dark Pictures Anthology. If you performed and loved Until Dawn, then you in all likelihood realize what to expect while going into Man of Medan. The recreation follows a group of friends which might be on an oceanic tour whilst their boat is hijacked through pirates.

They all wind up on a mysterious ship complete of nightmarish creatures even as in search of some thing known as “Manchurian Gold.” Like Until Dawn, your purpose is to preserve all of the characters alive till the quit, but it may not be clean. Man of Medan also has greater picks and ability endings than Until Dawn. You can play thru numerous times and nevertheless find out new secrets and techniques and scenes. Here is a guide to all of the ability endings in the sport and the way you could gain every one!

Updated July 18, 2021 through Amanda Hurych: The Dark Pictures Anthology is still going strong years after the release of Man of Medan. Little Hope amazed and extremely joyful lovers with its improvements to storytelling mechanics, and we’re all excited for the upcoming House of Ashes. Now is a extraordinary time to appearance lower back at how the anthology recreation collection started. Man of Medan is certainly spectacular in phrases of narrative consequences while you observe all the ability endings you may get.

Everyone Survives And Escapes On The Duke Of Milan

Characters hugging in Man of Medan
  • The distributor cap must be intact and in your possession
  • Conrad needs to stay with the group instead of escaping
  • Julia cannot surface too early
  • Everyone must be alive by the end

If you want the best ending of the game, meaning all your characters survive and live happily ever after far away from the ghost ship, you’ll have to execute the game to perfection. That means you need to hit every QTE moment and keep calm when appropriate.

If this is the ending you want, you’ll probably want to follow a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure you make the right decision. Some of the most notable choices you need to make include ensuring Alex proposes and making sure nothing happens to your distributer cap at the end of the game.

Conrad Rescues The Others

Conrad from Man of Medan
  • The distributor cap is destroyed or not in your possession
  • Conrad leaves the group and escapes
  • Everyone must be alive by the end

This ending is pretty similar to the game’s “best” ending except Conrad gets to have some of the glory for a change. If you recall at the beginning of the game, there is a moment during the raid of Duke of Milan where Conrad has the chance to escape on a fishing boat.

You might not have gone with that option thinking it would cause his death. But if you let him escape and you destroy the distributor cap, he’ll return at the end to save everyone. Again you’ll need to keep everyone alive.

Conrad Gets Stuck Alone On The Ship

Conrad next to hallucinated woman in Man of Medan
  • The distributor cap must be intact and in your possession
  • Conrad leaves the group and escapes

This ending can be achieved the same way as the one with Conrad saving the day except the key difference is, you have to keep the distributor cap safe.

If you have it, the gang will escape the ship. By the time Conrad arrives, it’s too late and he’s left there all alone. Technically, everyone survives, but poor Conrad winds up in a terrible nightmare!

The Military Kills Everyone

Characters with hands up in Man of Medan
  • The distributor cap is destroyed or not in your possession
  • Conrad needs to stay with the group instead of escaping
  • The military is made aware the ship’s name is the Ourang Medan

Shifting from the enormously right endings to the terrible endings, there may be, of course, an finishing choice in which all of the characters die, but no longer technically by means of your very own hand. What is so bad approximately this finishing is you may assume you made it out alive best to watch all the survivors get murdered by the navy.

For this ending, you’ve got to tell the military the call of your ship, let the distributor cap get destroyed, and hold Conrad with you. The military does not need the truth approximately the bioweapon escaping so that they systematically murder all of the buddies.

Everyone Dies Before The End

Olson with glowing red eyes in Man of Medan

To be honest to the game, it’s not that easy to kill all your characters at some stage in your playthrough. You may reduce to rubble and kill one or , but odds are you may not murder all of the characters before you are making it to the stop except you are intentionally looking to otherwise you critically mess up.

But, if by some means you murder all people before you get to the finale, then you will get a completely weird submit-credits scene that includes a mysterious version of Olson with sparkling purple eyes. It is likewise possible to get this finishing if you get away on the Duke of Milan otherwise you don’t touch the military but have a hard and fast distributor cap.

Everyone Goes To Jail

Military arresting characters in Man of Medan
  • The distributor cap is destroyed or not in your possession
  • Conrad needs to stay with the group instead of escaping
  • The military is not aware the ship’s name is the Ourang Medan

This ending is somewhat similar to the ending where the military shows up and kills everyone. If you want to get this one instead, you need to refrain from revealing the boat’s name over the radio.

You will also have to let the distributor cap get destroyed. Then at the game’s end, your survivors will be confused as to what they should do next when the military arrives. They will believe they’re saved at first but the final post-credits scene shows them all locked up in cells.

Julia Dies

Julia's death in Man of Medan
  • Julia surfaces too early
  • Julia makes it to the end

This finishing is pretty tragic. Early on in the sport while Julia and Alex are exploring the shipwreck alone, there may be a moment wherein Julia panics. They are returning to the surface after they see explosions on the ship. Julia worries that Conrad may be harm and desires to rush to look him.

But Alex tries to prevent her, caution her that if she is going too fast, she’ll get decompression sickness, also recognize as the bends. If you permit Julia surface too quickly, she’ll die at the cease of the sport. Even if you get a happy finishing, suddenly Julia will succumb to the decompression illness and die inside the center of the escape.

Everyone Remains Stranded On The Ship

Brad's decomposed hallucination face in Man of Medan
  • The distributor cap is destroyed or not in your possession
  • Conrad needs to stay with the group instead of escaping
  • The military is given neither the ship’s name or coordinates

If you fail to give the military your coordinates or the ship’s name, Conrad doesn’t escape on the boat, and you destroy the distributor cap, then your survivors will all wind up stranded on the creepy boat forever.

You’ll be privy to several scenes of various members being driven insane inside the SS Ourang Medan, confronted by their evil counterparts.

Various Character Deaths

Close up of Julia's face in Man of Medan

Finally, depending on who lives and who dies, your endings can be suffering from characters struggling with grief. If Conrad dies and Julia lives, she’ll be devastated through his loss. The same may be said for Alex and Brad if one of the brothers dies.

If Fliss dies, then a person else has to captain the Duke of Milan in case you control to relaxed the distributor cap. These scenes are not necessarily an usual tonal finishing; they occur irrespective of whether or not you wind up within the palms of the navy or loose on the Duke of Milan, but they can cause subtle influences to be able to gift you with new scenes.