Marshall Uxbridge Voice review

Quick verdict

Marshall's signature design is loud and proud, as is the sound profile, but it's got a lot of competition to stand against. Still, if you like its looks this is a classy Wi-Fi speaker. Read full verdict

  • Iconic design
  • Full and warm sound
  • Loud volume
  • Solid Alexa integration (Google Assistant version also available)
  • One-directional mono audio
  • Not portable
  • Either/or on Alexa/Google voice control
The Marshall amp is one of those design symbols in the music world. It's quickly unmistakable and immortal, with its straightforward square shaped design and grille. Endless performers have visited with such amps in front of an audience, and utilized their eminent capacity to give some appropriate oomph to procedures. Marshall has likewise contracted the design down as of late, to fit the wireless speaker market prospect, with any semblance of the Stockwell 2 and Kilburn 2 speakers. Presently it's the turn of the Uxbridge - a speaker that looks like never before like it's propelled by that immortal amp - complete with Alexa or Google Assistant voice control.

An interesting look

  • Measurements: 128 x 168 x 123mm/Weight: 1.3kgs
  • Completions accessible: Black or White
  • Quad LED input show
Marshall's whole image, regardless of whether in the speakers we referenced above, or its earphones, for example, the Monitor II ANC, is established on the estimations of old-school rock and roll. Or on the other hand, less the qualities and more the visuals. The Uxbridge is fundamentally a contracted down Marshall amp, regarding visual tasteful - you won't discover all the ports and such like here obviously. It's about as tall as an ordinary Amazon Echo, yet square and square shaped such that you just don't see over and over again any longer. marshall-uxbridge-voice-review That boxiness is fronted by an exemplary grille, with the Marshall logo in its middle in a tanned, brushed metal. This matches a band over the speaker's base, which houses four LEDs. These LED lights fill in as markers relying upon what you're doing - they'll give you a sense for your volume levels, the measure of bass or high pitch you're infusing and suchlike. What you'll think about the Uxbridge's looks is probably going to advise and be educated by your contemplations on Marshall's different gadgets. Contingent upon who we asked, it was a brilliant return to a cleaner period of design, or somewhat obsolete. We rather like it.

Extravagant accessories

  • Top board physical controls: volume/bass/high pitch/play/delay/quiet
  • Amazon Alexa/Google Play voice control choices (either/or, not both)
  • Marshall Voice application (iOS and Android)
With regards to the useful side of the design, the Uxbridge sits marginally raised on four strong elastic feet. They don't vibrate the surface it's sat on by any stretch of the imagination, which is vital to a confined sound. Then, on the head of the speaker there are three arrangements of catches, each another band of that equivalent metal. One controls the volume, while every one of the other two alters bass and high pitch levels. At last, you get a play/delay button and a quiet catch, to kill Alexa or Google Assistant - we're investigating the Amazon Alexa model here, however a Google Assistant adaptation is additionally accessible; it's either/or, not both in one however - which is ready as standard for voice-control tricks. That adjusts on the usefulness on the Uxbridge itself, all of which can likewise be gotten to through Marshall's application, called Marshall Voice, which we locate somewhat inconvenient contrasted with a few. In any case, everything functions as promoted.

Shouting out

  • Recurrence reaction: 54-20,000Hz
  • 30 Watt Class D speaker
  • 1x woofer, 1x tweeter
  • Mono yield
Marshall has made a noteworthy mix of visual stylish and sound effect. The mark sound of the brand is here in power, with warmth being today's special. Notwithstanding classification or sound sort, we found the sound yield from the Uxbridge pleasantly adjusted and full. marshall-uxbridge-voice-review For a little speaker it can likewise wrench up boisterous - to unsociable volumes, on the off chance that you like - implying that it could do very well as a gathering speaker. The modifications you can make to the sound parity utilizing those rockers on the head of the Uxbridge are pleasant, despite the fact that we're not so much persuaded of the number of individuals will really utilize them normally. The additions are observable as you tune in, yet much of the time we were content with the default blend, unquestionably contrasted with the issue of straightening out as we changed tunes. Two-band bass and high pitch alteration likewise isn't as refined as more bespoke EQ change. The significant question mark that the Uxbridge brings is up as far as directional sound, as it's a customary, front-terminating speaker. That implies that you can't expect any 360-degree sound here, as you can from any semblance of the UE Megaboom 3, so it's most appropriate to arrangement some place in the room where it can impact sounds advances. For certain individuals, that will be a drawback contrasted with the undeniably pervasive 360-degree sound of different speakers, yet we're clashed on it. Much like the design, it's not actually concealing its sound, so simply know about it before you choose to purchase.

Alexa at the forefront of my thoughts

  • Mains power as it were
  • Spotify Connect
  • Apple Airplay 2
  • Bluetooth 4.2
The Uxbridge excels on the sound front, yet it has a couple of more deceives at its disposal on the network side of things. It's a Wi-Fi speaker, which means it must be mains controlled, so there's no wandering from the attachment and regarding this as a versatile. In spite of the fact that you're free to utilize Bluetooth as you like, associating the speaker to your home organization lets you attach it with Alexa, Spotify Connect, and AirPlay 2, giving it admittance to the greater part of the valuable association types we pine for. Alexa, clearly, is the most required of the pack. There are two receiver pinholes on head of the Uxbridge, which tune in to select your voice, and we've discovered them solid at recognizing our wake words and orders, in any event, when music is playing - which is consistently the key test. marshall-uxbridge-voice-review All things considered, one inconvenience that we've recently experienced with Amazon's own gadgets has relocated over to the Uxbridge with Alexa: when you utilize the quiet capacity to prevent Alexa from tuning in, the marker lights on the speaker will shine red. While we comprehend this is helpful for checking initially whether the colleague is turned on, we locate the uninvolved gleam that it leaves a (minor) interruption, particularly if it's in your room. It's not as offensive as Amazon's sparkling rings, yet is on a similar range.


The Uxbridge is situated at the most jam-packed value point in the keen speaker market, so it's clearly expecting to give rivalry to any semblance of the Sonos One and Amazon Echo Studio. It works admirably, offering noisy and pleased mark sound, wrapped into an unmistakeable design. The Uxbridge marks some crates that others don't; it conveys that old fashioned cool in large numbers. So in the event that you need a sound symbol for your shelf, at that point this little box of sound stunts won't disillusion.

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