Michael Kors Access MKGO review

Quick verdict

A great smartwatch that straddles fashion and fitness. However, it's not as premium in build quality as the likes of the Michael Kors Bradshaw 2, Lexington 2 or the Runway, but it is significantly better placed to take advantage of the plethora of fitness features on board. The battery life could be better and there is some lag in performance here and there, plus the heavy branding might put some off, but the MKGO is still a successful option. Read full verdict

  • Lightweight and sporty design
  • Lovely display
  • Great feature set
  • Michael Kors customised faces are great
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in GPS
  • Google Pay compatible
  • Battery life could be better
  • Some performance lag
  • No speaker
Style brand Michael Kors has conveyed some fantastic smartwatches through Fossil throughout the long term, yet while they all have some incredible wellness includes ready, none have been especially appropriate for a functioning way of life regarding their construct. The Access MKGO smartwatch hopes to change that by offering a lighter form and sportier allure than any semblance of the Bradshaw 2, Lexington 2, Sofie or Runway watches. However, does it convey and in case you're searching for an energetic yet-elegant smartwatch, is it the one to purchase?

Lively plan

  • 43mm packaging, 20mm drag width, 7mm thickness
  • Nylon with aluminum top ring
  • Four shading alternatives
The Michael Kors MKGO smartwatch exchanges the treated steel packaging you'll discover on different Kors smartwatches for a nylon packaging finished off with an aluminum ring. The outcome is a lighter smartwatch - truly light really - and a general sportier look, with a slimmer packaging. The 7mm nylon packaging makes for a less expensive form quality contrasted with the Bradshaw 2 and Lexington 2 smartwatches. We favor the tempered steel finish of different Kors smartwatches, however the MKGO is more reasonable with regards to readiness without a doubt. Much the same as the Michael Kors Runway smartwatch, the MKGO highlights a layered packaging, yet while the Runway shifts back and forth among brushed and cleaned steel, the MKGO has nylon, a dark ring in the center, and an aluminum top. michael-kors-access-mkgo-review The aluminum top encompassing the presentation and the three aluminum catches on the privilege of the showcase help to make the MKGO look somewhat less toy-like, while the Kors-marked silicone lash offers a protected and agreeable fit with a shading coordinated aluminum clasp affixing. Both the clasp and principle focal catch have Kors marking carved into them. On the underside of the nylon packaging is more Michael Kors marking, combined with a somewhat raised pulse screen, encircled by the charging ring. The pins for changing the silicone tie to something more astute are additionally present on the underside of the watch packaging. By and large, the plan stays very Kors. It is more brand-hefty than past MK smartwatches - prone to engage an alternate crowd - similarly as the organization's sacks with different MK logos do. It won't be as everybody would prefer - particularly not in the red shading (according to audit unit) yet the MKGO actually conveys style, even with its sportier allure.

Customisable showcase

  • 1.19-inch AMOLED show, 390 x 390 goal (328ppi)
  • Customisable countenances with MK Access
The MKGO smartwatch accompanies a 1.19-inch show. That is similar size as the Michael Kors Runway smartwatch, however imperceptibly littler than the Bradshaw 2 and Lexington 2 smartwatches. It's a completely round AMOLED show - something Michael Kors has embraced in all its smartwatches following the first Bradshaw - for energetic hues and profound blacks, while a goal is fresh enough for text and pictures. It's an incredible screen with abundant splendor. The main face we don't think shows the presentation at its best is the primary face the MKGO has been advertised with. The red heart in the center isn't especially fresh contrasted with the various other intelligent Michael Kors watch faces accessible, so we changed our own from the default. The MKGO has an Always in plain view - simply like the other Michael Kors smartwatches and numerous different smartwatches nowadays, even the Apple Watch Series 5 - changing to monochrome yield and just presenting basic data so as to protect battery life. The plans and formats of the Always in plain view differ contingent upon which primary face you have picked. michael-kors-access-mkgo-review It's one of our preferred highlights on the MKGO smartwatch, for what it's worth on other MK smartwatches, as it permits it to look more like a conventional Kors watch when the smartwatch capacities aren't being utilized. Similarly as with the other Michael Kors smartwatches, there are various MK countenances to browse in the MK Access application - which are all restrictive to the Access watches - however not all appearances will be on all models. Through the MK Access application, it's conceivable to redo everything from dial shading to precious stone shading, and set the watch to naturally change faces among day and night as well - which is an incredible component. There's likewise the alternative to set a Facebook or Instagram picture as a watch face through the My Social segment of the MK Access application - as you could with the Runway smartwatch, Sofie and Bradshaw - and there's a My Dials choice that has a lot of watch face choices, all ordered, so you can pick style, glitz or energetic, among others. You can peruse our tips and deceives on the best way to benefit from the MK Access application.

Highlights and wellness

  • 30m waterproof (3ATM)
  • Pulse checking
  • Implicit GPS
  • Google Pay
The Michael Kors MKGO smartwatch has a considerable lot of similar highlights you'll discover on the most recent other Fossil smartwatches, including the Gen 5 smartwatch. You'll discover 3ATM waterproofing, combined with pulse checking and worked in GPS. We discovered the optical pulse screen to be reasonably comparable to the Apple Watch Series 4, however we would consistently exhort that you utilize a chest tie for the most precise perusing on the off chance that you are intending to prepare in pulse zones. The MKGO synchronizes with Google Fit - got to with an option to-left swipe from the principle home screen or by means of the base activity button on the privilege of the packaging. Google Fit focuses on two measurements - Move Minutes and Heart Points - the two of which are appeared around and around, not very unlike the Apple Watch and its rings. Move Minutes are about any physical action you do, while Heart Points are about higher power exercises. In the focal point of the Google Fit rings is the Workouts symbol, which you can tap to log an exercise and there's a colossal range to look over, including some more subtle alternatives as well. michael-kors-access-mkgo-review Look past the Google Fit rings and there's a scope of other information accessible, from guided breathing - something the Apple Watch, Fitbit and Samsung all offer - to steps, calories and separation secured. Google Android clients will discover all their information in the Google Fit application, which Apple iOS clients can likewise download. Some data will likewise be introduced in the Wear OS application. Regarding different highlights, the MKGO has NFC ready, taking into account Google Pay so you can pay from your wrist, and it likewise has standard Wear OS includes as well, including cell phone notices. Any notice coming through to your telephone will show up on your wrist - however you can hinder any applications you don't need showing up straightforwardly from the MKGO.

Execution, equipment and battery life

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100
  • 4GB capacity, 512MB RAM
  • 350mAh battery
The Michael Kors MKGO smartwatch has the most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor inside, which implies the MKGO offers a further developed chipset than any semblance of the Runway or Sofie. Most things are smooth and effective, however we encountered some slack when exchanging between assignments, just as between pressing the activity catches on the privilege of the MKGO's showcase and the watch reacting. This is likely down to the 512MB of RAM contrasted with the 1GB found on a large number of the more up to date Wear OS smartwatches. The implicit battery - which we figured out how to get the opportunity to offer around a day and a half with the Always in plain view turned on and in typical mode - is charged through an attractive plate. There are different battery modes accessible to assist you with getting that smidgen more squeeze out of your MKGO, and there's likewise Rapid Charging for 80 percent battery shortly, which is extraordinary to have ready on the off chance that you would prefer not to bargain highlights for battery.
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Normally, in the event that you have implicit GPS on, the showcase splendor went up to greatest, and have all your email and online media warnings coming through, you'll presumably find that the MKGO won't give you over a day of life - so Rapid Charging highlight will be a divine being send on those days.

Wear OS stage

  • Viable with the two iOS and Android
  • Receiver just, no speaker
  • Google Assistant
Likewise with other Michael Kors smartwatches and the Fossil smartwatches, the MKGO runs on Google's Wear OS stage. It isn't tantamount to Apple's watchOS yet it has significantly improved throughout the years to make it considerably more instinctive. As you would expect, the experience is more liquid for Google Android clients than Apple iOS clients - sorry iPhone proprietors - however Wear OS gets along with the two stages. Swipe down from the head of the principle screen and you'll discover admittance to brisk settings, similar to Google Pay and screen splendor. A left-to-right swipe opens Google Assistant, while option to-left opens Google Fit. Swipe up from the base to raise notices. michael-kors-access-mkgo-review The primary pivoting crown on the privilege of the watch packaging permits you to coast through the applications, while the top catch takes you to the MK Access application, and the last one to Google Fit - these last two can be tweaked however. The MKGO has a receiver ready, permitting you to address Google Assistant for voice control, yet there is no speaker like there is on the Bradshaw 2 and Lexington 2, which means it's not as exhaustive an encounter - similar to Alexa on the Fitbit Versa 2. We additionally saw a significant enormous deferral between giving our order and the MKGO recognizing it. The reaction between the "alright Google" wake word and the vibrate on the MKGO was fine, yet between our order and the order showing up on the watch face was longer than it ought to be.


The Michael Kors MKGO is an extraordinary smartwatch with a lot of highlights ready. It's not as premium in fabricate quality as any semblance of the Michael Kors Bradshaw 2, Lexington 2 or the Runway, however it is essentially better positioned to exploit the plenty of wellness includes ready. The battery life could be better and there is some slack in execution to a great extent, in addition to the weighty marking may put some off, yet the MKGO is an incredible choice for the Michael Kors fan who needs an up-to-date smartwatch prepared for movement as well. The red MKGO model wouldn't be our best option out of the four shading choices accessible (and we favor the Bradshaw 2 and Lexington 2 choices in general), yet the Michael Kors MKGO consolidates that MK style with a lightweight, energetic look that conveys a decent by and large execution.

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