Microsoft Surface Headphones Review



Microsoft’s first crack at over-ear headphones is ultimately as impressive and stylish as all of Microsoft’s hardware. We were very impressed with the active noise cancellation and sound quality of these headphones, although the design may polarize consumers.


  • Brilliant sound quality
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Intuitive controls


  • Design won’t appeal to all
  • Sound may be too warm for some

The Microsoft Surface Headphones during the organization’s October press occasion in 2018. What was all the more astounding, be that as it may, was Microsoft’s desire: the new Surface jars were intended to take on advertise pioneers like Sony and Bose in the clamor dropping earphone world.

Almost two years after the fact, they’re as yet an extraordinary pair of remote headphones, even with bits of gossip about the Surface Headphones 2 revolving around.

These headphones highlight quite huge commotion dropping innovation just as beamforming mouthpieces for better voice pickup – all inside a smooth looking and agreeable shell. Be that as it may, while these headphones are good with iOS and Android just as Windows 10, Cortana is the center, which could be restricting contrasted with different alternatives.

Ought to these be your next pair of remote commotion dropping headphones? We evaluated the new jars and we were enjoyably shocked by exactly how great they are. They may not be an incredible Sony WH-1000XM3 executioners Microsoft had trusted they will be, however for Microsoft’s first aural excursion, we were overwhelmed.



The Surface headphones are extremely, dark. What’s more, contingent upon your own taste, that could be incredibly appealing or mind-numbingly dull – with respect to us, we burrow the moderate stylish, however it is ideal to see more separation between the more obscure shade within the cups and the headband.

That being stated, the Surface headphones do glance quite cool in a ‘normcore’ sort of way. Might we venture to state, Microsoft has built up a touch of an Edge? (Sorry.)

It leaves us desiring more – for need of a superior word – bling. There’s a little glossy Microsoft logo on each side of the headband over the cups, and the headband pivot is produced using aluminum, yet it feels like these silver accents ought to be consolidated onto the outside of the lodging. All things considered, in case you’re paying $350 for a couple of headphones, you likely need them to look somewhat extraordinary.

In any case, they do arrive in a somewhat exceptional conveying case, which feels tough enough that you could toss into your pack when you’re progressing, without agonizing over harming the headphones.

All that dark additionally has the impact of making the headphones look somewhat inconvenient, despite the fact that they aren’t curiously huge contrasted with comparable models. In any case, the shading plan (or deficiency in that department) makes certain to separate customers; you love it, or you despise it.

All things considered, the Surface headphones were structured in view of solace, with Microsoft taking motivation from gamers who invest significant stretches of energy wearing headsets. To cause them to feel as delicate as could be expected under the circumstances, the cups are produced using adaptable padding, which additionally pads the head of the headband.


The cups themselves are truly agreeable gratitude to the adaptive padding, however we experienced a touch of weight around the sanctuaries while utilizing them. On the off chance that you like a cozy fit, at that point you’ll likely manage everything well with the Surface headphones, yet in case you’re touchy to pressure from headphones this could be an issue for you.

An expression of caution about the headband: the slide bar that you use to modify the size of the headband is at risk to open as you move your head around – and as we found, this makes it simple for longer hair to get caught and pulled as you take the headphones off.


Features and Performance

To put it plainly, the Surface headphones sound incredible, and the bass frequencies are especially noteworthy, with even the subbiest bass coming through perfectly on tracks as blake James’ ‘Limit To Your Love’, because of its 40mm free-edge speaker drivers.

These headphones truly sparkle with regards to vocals in any case; we gave them a shot on ‘This Is The Last Time’ by The National, and we were truly dazzled with the warm and liberal mid-tones that made each verse sound thunderous and emotive.

The soundstage that these earphone produce is commonly amazingly warm, with a practically simple quality to it – regardless of whether this is sure thing to a great extent relies upon individual taste, and a few clients may end up longing for somewhat more assault in the lower mids and sharpness in the high pitch frequencies.

All things considered, it’s everything down to individual taste, and there’s no denying that these headphones offer a sensible and vivid replication of your music that you would regularly anticipate from legacy sound brands – that Microsoft have accomplished this is something of an amazement.

The dynamic clamor dropping works quite well, despite the fact that it won’t shut out all surrounding commotion in your condition on the off chance that you don’t have music playing, not at all like the Sony WH-1000XM2s. That being stated, in the event that you have the commotion dropping turned on while tuning in to music, you can practically become mixed up in the experience without being upset by your uproarious shared office of the thundering of the train on your drive.

What’s extremely noteworthy about the Surface headphones is the usefulness of the inbuilt dials on each cup – just turn the left dial in reverse and advances to control the commotion retraction include, which is incredible if your strolling on a bustling street and need to hear your condition without killing your music. A similar motion on the left dial controls the volume of your music.

One tap on either lodging stops and starts your music, while two taps jumps to the following track, and three taps avoids back. A long tap on either lodging will actuate the voice aide on your gadget, which isn’t consigned to Microsoft’s Cortana; these highlights chip away at Windows 10, iOS, Android, and MacOS.


On the correct cup you’ll likewise discover a force button, a catch to quiet the inbuilt amplifier, a microUSB outlet for charging, and a 3.5mm jack outlet in the event that you want to tune in to your music with a wired association.

Battery life is around 15 hours in the event that you have Bluetooth, dynamic clamor dropping, and sans hands Cortana empowered (the last is just accessible on the off chance that you have Cortana downloaded on to your gadget), which is really acceptable. Microsoft says that it takes around 2 hours for a full charge, which we saw as precise.

Cortana is somewhat of a staying point as it occurs – despite the fact that Microsoft has promoted these headphones as having Cortana inherent, they utilize four bar framing amplifiers to tune in out for Cortana orders, which the application on your gadget will react to. In our books, this doesn’t actually consider having an inbuilt voice right hand.

At any rate, will undoubtedly be satisfied by the exhibition set forth by these headphones, which should help legitimize the value a piece for those stalwart Microsoft fans out there.


Final Verdict

By and large, Microsoft’s Surface headphones are shockingly acceptable, with an amazingly warm stable, and liberal bass frequencies, which implies your music will sound extraordinary whether you’re tuning in to subby hip-jump or acoustic artist musicians.

One analysis of this warm solid is that it can remove a portion of the assault from lower-mid frequencies, which a few clients may discover a piece disappointing. Be that as it may, if sharp high pitches and mids will in general give you listening weakness, these could be the ideal headphones for you.

The calling card of these headphones is the dynamic clamor undoing, which we felt worked truly well, and we adored that it was so natural to control this utilizing the inbuilt dials on each lodging.

Despite the fact that we were at first unconvinced by the significant expense (especially when you can purchase quality jars from legacy sound brands for less), the highlights work so flawlessly that it feels legitimized.

At last, while the shortsighted structure won’t be as everybody would prefer, you may find that you need a couple with more panache in case you’re paying $350, in which case, you might need to look at the AKG N60NC Wireless headphones, which are a large portion of the cost and gloat a more great plan.