Monoprice Mini Delta “Best 3D Printers for Under $1,000 in 2020”

Best Value Delta: Monoprice Mini Delta

When I originally utilized the Mini Delta I was prepared to discount it from the beginning — $160 for a delta printer? It was clearly going to suck. Turns out, I wasn't right. I like the Delta for a ton of reasons including its conveyability, it's fabricate quality, just as its incredible print quality. None of those things are as great as the cost however. For just $160 you can have your very own 3D printer that fills in when you turn it on.


The interface on the Mini Delta is unfathomably straightforward, making it ideal for adolescents and first-clocks who aren't keen on quite a while separated to make them work. The printer has three catches and every one is clear as crystal, helping you get printing straight away. The idea of delta printers — delta printers utilize three continually moving servo arms rather than poles and screws — implies this small scale model is trustworthy, in any event, when being bumped. A delta, once dialed in, will give you extraordinary prints significantly under the most exceedingly terrible of conditions. I was overwhelmed by the print nature of this little machine and, despite the fact that it can just make tiny models, it stays one of my top choices to have close by for little, speedy employments. The main issue I at times have is the auto-leveling is at times somewhat off and you should physically change or utilize an item like Magigoo to help hold everything stuck down.


  • Solid as a rock
  • Great print quality
  • Simple interface
  • Portable


  • Small
  • Bed leveling is janky

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