Mpow 059 Pro review: $25 Bluetooth headphones that are shockingly great


Bluetooth headphones are one of those contraptions everybody ought to have. Regardless of whether you’re telecommuting, out on a walk, or at long last getting around to cleaning your loft, Bluetooth headphones permit you to escape into your main tune or digital recording without upsetting others around you.

The issue, nonetheless, is that a great deal of them aren’t entirely moderate. We’ve seen different brands react to this by making lower-cost choices, and out of every one of them, Mpow has stood apart as one of the most intriguing. Its headphones are among the most well known on the entirety of Amazon, promising extraordinary sound, battery life, and different highlights for a small amount of what the enormous folks charge.

The Mpow 059 Pro are the redesigned adaptation of Mpow’s colossally famous 059 headphones, and keeping in mind that they don’t get as much consideration as their non-ace kin, they ought to totally be on your radar in case you’re in the market for headphones that won’t use up every last cent. At the point when you consider exactly how modest the Mpow 059 Pro are, it’s somewhat crazy they function just as they do.

Mpow 059 Pro What I like


At the point when I looked into the standard Mpow 059, perhaps the greatest objection was the plan. The modest and shiny plastic brought about a really monstrous stylish, with below average cushioning making the headphones rather uncomfy for longer listening meetings. Fortunately, pretty much those grumblings are tended to with the 059 Pro.

The shiny plastic is totally missing, and in its place we have a matte plastic development that is multiple times better. It’s smooth to the touch, gets not very many fingerprints/smears, and by and large looks significantly more develop. You are constrained to only one shading (dark) rather than the assortment of colors offered by the 059, however all things being equal, I enormously favor the 059 Pro’s way to deal with things.

The Mpow 059 Pro are the redesigned variant of Mpow’s enormously mainstream 059 headphones, and keeping in mind that they don’t get as much consideration as their non-professional kin, they ought to completely be on your radar in case you’re in the market for headphones that won’t burn up all available resources. At the point when you consider exactly how modest the Mpow 059 Pro are, it’s somewhat crazy they function just as they do.




My merriments for the structure proceed to the cushioning, which feels much more agreeable to me. It isn’t the most rich I’ve at any point experienced, however the 059 Pro end up being entirely agreeable on my ears. Join that with the effectively movable length for both ear cups, and the final product is a structure that shouldn’t pester your ears at any point in the near future. Balancing this piece of recognition, I’m very content with the playback controls on the Mpow 059 Pro. There are three catches on the correct speaker, permitting you to play/stop, control volume, skip tracks, and answer/hang up on approaching calls. When you discover where each catch is, they’re anything but difficult to utilize and push down with a fantastic snap.

Talking about dealing with your sound, I guess I should address how the Mpow 059 Pro really stable. The short answer — great! Music and digital recordings play with shockingly decent clearness, not getting demolished by stifled playback that is now and again found in less expensive headphones/earbuds. There’s likewise a lot of bass in melodies that call for it, bringing the Mpow 059 Pro alive such that I wasn’t anticipating.

The Mpow 059 Pro are the redesigned rendition of Mpow’s tremendously well known 059 headphones, and keeping in mind that they don’t get as much consideration as their non-ace kin, they ought to totally be on your radar in case you’re in the market for headphones that won’t burn up all available resources. At the point when you consider exactly how modest the Mpow 059 Pro are, it’s somewhat ludicrous they fill in just as they do.


The 40mm drivers don’t convey the absolute best sound I’ve at any point heard, yet you shouldn’t go into the 059 Pro with those sort of desires. These are $25 Bluetooth headphones, and thinking about that, the Mpow 059 Pro go well beyond what the sticker price would propose.

At last, two or three notes for a portion of the less-showy angles.

With respect to battery life, the Mpow 059 Pro are among the best the Bluetooth earphone advertise brings to the table. They’re evaluated for as long as 60 hours of utilization for every charge, which means they have twofold the battery life that you’ll discover on the greater part of its rivals. The business standard of 30-hour continuance is as of now bounty for most scenarios, so getting 60 hours is downright wonderful.

I’ve likewise been satisfied with the Bluetooth 5.0 remote execution, which has been completely reliable for the entirety of my testing. The Mpow 059 Pro combined flawlessly to a few Android telephones I tried them with, never had any sound drops or patterns, and handle video playback easily with practically no solid postponement.

Mpow 059 Pro What I don’t like


You shouldn’t go into a couple of headphones this modest and anticipate that everything should be great, in light of the fact that as much as I’m intrigued with numerous parts of the Mpow 059 Pro, there are positively things that could utilize some work for its replacement.

As much as I can imagine the matte plastic over the shiny completion from the benchmark 059 headphones, the general development despite everything doesn’t feel such incredible. The plastic feels empty, the speakers clatter around when you shake them, and my unit dispatched with a couple of little knicks on the headband’s paint work. There is a metal casing underneath the plastic to keep the entire bundle practically strong, yet these easily overlooked details are consistent updates that you’re utilizing an ease item.

Additionally, while I applauded the Mpow 059 Pro above for its sound quality (particularly thinking about the value), you ought to go into these headphones with your desires effectively set. In certain tunes with a great deal of instruments playing without a moment’s delay, a portion of the better subtleties can lose all sense of direction in the rearrange and make for a sloppy playback. It’s absolutely not the most exceedingly awful I’ve ever head and still much better than I’d expect at the cost, however it’s something to remember.

In conclusion, there’s the issue of charging. Like such huge numbers of other spending headphones, the Mpow 059 Pro charge by means of Micro-USB. A few people might be totally fine with that, however as somebody that is moved over completely to USB-C, uncovering a Micro-USB link to charge the 059 Pro is irritating. It’s mid-2020, people. It’s an ideal opportunity to leave Micro-USB in the past where it has a place.

Mpow 059 Pro Competition


The space for spending headphones is one that is overflowing with rivalry, particularly when you take a gander at Mpow’s other earphone choices. The Mpow H19 IPO, specifically, might merit putting in a couple of more dollars for over the 059 Pro. They convey improved sound, a more pleasant structure, and out and out dynamic commotion dropping without being significantly more costly.

Going outside of Mpow’s contributions, there’s the LETSCOM H10. LETSCOM is another brand that is discovered a crowd of people on Amazon for reasonable sound devices, with its H10 headphones promising profound bass, as long as 100 hours of battery life, and a considerably sleeker plan at precisely the same cost.

Another incredible elective comes as the COWIN E7 ANC. The E7 cost more than twofold what the Mpow 059 Pro do, however in doing as such, COWIN guarantees phenomenal sound quality, dynamic clamor scratch-off, super-open to cushioning, and gives you an assortment of colors to look over.

Mpow 059 Pro Should you buy them?


Who they’re for

  • If you want quality headphones that don’t cost a lot.
  • If you like balanced audio with deep bass.
  • If you want outstanding battery life.

Who they aren’t for

  • If you want headphones that charge with USB-C.
  • If you need active noise-canceling.
  • If you have a budget that allows you to afford more premium headphones.

Spending as meager as $25 doesn’t accepting a lot of anything nowadays regardless of what you’re looking for, not to mention a couple of Bluetooth headphones. That is the thing that you get with the Mpow 059 Pro, and by some wonder, they aren’t finished waste. Truth be told, they’re pretty darn acceptable.

Accepting the modest ish structure and Micro-USB charging aren’t major issues for you, everything else about the Mpow 059 Pro is brilliant. The headphones sound great, look modern, don’t have any Bluetooth issues, and keep going an absurdly significant time-frame on a solitary charge. I’d joyfully take those things for headphones that costs twice as much as the 059 Pro do, making the sticker price substantially more enchanted.

You can obviously spend more money for better alternatives, but as far as your options go for this ultra-low price tier, the Mpow 059 Pro are among the best you’ll find.