No Man’s Sky: What Is Deuterium And Where Do You Get It?


Deuterium is a useful resource that you can find in a few places. Here’s what you’ll need to know about it.

Deuterium is a fabric that turned into introduced inside the NEXT replace for No Man’s Sky and has now turn out to be a useful material for some vital objects, used to craft Neutron Shielding and the Pulse Splitter.

Like many sources in No Man’s Sky, it isn’t precisely truthful to acquire. That’s why we created a reachable manual for brand spanking new gamers simply getting began in No Man’s Sky. Although Deuterium is an earth element, it would not occur clearly very regularly inside the galaxy, which means you want to collect other substances and then refine them. Here’s how to get Deuterium in No Man’s Sky.

What Is Deuterium?

no man's sky deuterium resource

This is a useful resource defined in-game as: “A solid hydrogen…Used in small-scale fusion reactors…Neutron scattering era.” The Deuterium Rich Plant is a touch blue plant determined on sure planets. When interacted with, it offers the player a massive boost to their jetpack power.

In the old days of No Man’s Sky, you may simply run via a field choosing Deuterium vegetation at will and collecting up masses of the material within the process. That became later patched out, and now without a doubt best the manner to get Deuterium is to purchase it or craft it. Likely as it turned into a bit too clean getting lots of this uncommon (and sometimes pricey) resource if all you had to do become pick a few vegetation.

How To Refine Deuterium

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Deuterium is created thru the procedure of refining Di-hydrogen and Tritium in both a medium or massive refiner. You need these large refiners because the fabric calls for slots to create.

Di-hydrogen is located on pretty tons each planet, placed in veins of blue crystal minerals. Large deposits of these crystals would require a sophisticated laser to mine. For smaller blobs, you do not require sophisticated equipment. Di-hydrogen is a essential cloth in numerous crafting recipes, such as the Starship Launch Fuel and Hydraulic Wiring, so that you’ve probably already encountered it in your adventures. You will want this material on your journey toward your first S-magnificence deliver.

Tritium is an unusual detail and is commonly discovered as large chunks of an asteroid floating in area. It from time to time appears in a dense crystal form known as a Tritium Hypercluster, or you should purchase the material from a trading terminal in case you get fortunate. Tritium is utilized in a large variety of base-building and ship fuel crafting blueprints.

To get Deuterium you want to refine x1 Di-Hydrogen and x1 Tritium in a refiner, which takes much less than a 2nd to refine in a medium or massive refiner. You can also refine x5 Tritium to leap directly to Deuterium. Handy tip.

Other Methods To Get Deuterium

Metal Plating and Ferrite Dust in No Man's Sky

Deuterium also can be bought from alternate terminals and from numerous NPCs. However, Deuterium is an extraordinary aid, so it’s pretty tough to come via in large amounts. You’re better off refining the completed fabric by way of your self. If you get fortunate you may locate it for sale reasonably-priced at a terminal. Keep your eyes open for a deal.

You can also get Deuterium from dismantling Deuterium era, like the Pulse Splitter. This is not a specially dependable manner of getting the fabric, however it’s added benefit in case you’re scrapping some antique equipment.

What You Can Craft From Deuterium

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Deuterium used to be part of the crafting blueprint for the Incinerator, but seeing that that item was removed from the game again on the end of the closing year, you may now best use Deuterium to craft Neutron Shielding and the Pulse Splitter.

Neutron Shielding is a chance safety upgrade for your Exocraft, which protects the car and the pilot (you) from radioactive harm on irradiated planets. You can combine ninety five Deuterium, 50 Ionised Cobalt, and one Wiring Loom to get your hands on this upgrade. When dismantled, it provides forty seven Deuterium.

Deuterium is likewise used to craft the Pulse Splitter, a multi-tool weapon that fires more than one projectiles. It fires in quick three-burst styles and as such is right for taking down airborne threats — basically, the proper No Man’s Sky weapon to go area duck-searching. You want a whopping 2 hundred Deuterium to craft the Pulse Splitter. Better get refining.

The Incinerator can also make a go back sooner or later, even though at the moment it’s miles an unobtainable item and can not be crafted, irrespective of how lots Deuterium you’ve got.