No Man’s Sky has over 18 quintillion planets to find out, but now and again you simply need to shape the ground on a selected planet and make it your personal – whether it be to improve your base of operations or to dig thru the surface.

Luckily, the Terrain Manipulator is a tool you may acquire very early on in the game and is pretty hard to overlook in case you tackle the starting missions to your Log. Here is what you want to understand to get it.

What Is The Terrain Manipulator?

No Man's Sky Four Tiles Showing Modes of the Terrain Manipulator

The Terrain Manipulator is an upgrade for the Multi-Tool that will allow you to shape the terrain around you. More specifically, you can:

  • Create: Add and build varying textures of terrain
  • Mine: Destroy terrain and minerals
  • Flatten: Level an area so that the ground is even
  • Restore: Undo terrain changes you have made

It will also allow you to mine metal deposits on various planets, such as Copper and Gold. When you switch to your Terrain Manipulator, you will default to the add terrain option.

You can aim a sphere in front of you to indicate where you would like to build or destroy, and adjust the size of the sphere to make larger or smaller changes.

Where To Get The Blueprint

No Man's Sky Ship Warping Through Space Towards Waypoint

Shortly after repairing your ship and leaving the planet at the start of the game, you will receive a transmission whilst in space. Answering this will direct you to a signal on a nearby planet.

Travel there and land in the indicated area. Once on foot, you will need to use the analysis visor to locate the precise location of the signal.

No Man's Sky Player Using Visor To Locate Signal

Once you discover the supply of the sign, engage with it to get hold of the next transmission. This will provide you with the blueprints to build both the Base Computer and the Terrain Manipulator.

The Terrain Manipulator is needed to mine metals, which you may need with the intention to build the Base computer and continue your quest.

How To Build The Terrain Manipulator

No Man's Sky Multitool Page To Install Technology Menu

To craft the tool, navigate to the inventory menu for your Multi-Tool. Hover over an empty slot and you’ll see the available upgrades to install. Select the Terrain Manipulator.

No Man's Sky Menu Beginning To Install Terrain Manipulator

Now you may want to offer every material: 1 Di-Hydrogen Jelly, and 2 Carbon Nanotubes.

Di-Hydrogen may be gathered from blue crystals across the environment, and you will possibly have a honest quantity of this already. This can then be used to craft Di-Hydrogen Jelly for your inventory.

Carbon Nanotubes also can be made from the stock, the use of Carbon collected from flowers which include bushes.

No Man's Sky Installing Required Materials for Terrain Manipulator

With both of these required materials, you can go ahead and complete the upgrade on your Multi-Tool.

Now your Multi-Tool will be complete with a Terrain Manipulator. The top-right of your screen will contain the HUD information for the Multi-Tool, including the button you need to press to switch between modes. Pressing this will swap your Multi-Tool into Terrain Manipulation, allowing you to then create, mine, and flatten to your heart’s extent.