Orokin Cell Farming


How to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe

Orokin Cells are an asset that you will require continually in Warframe. They are utilized to make weapons, stuff, and gear, and are ordinarily a piece of every Prime weapon and Warframes. All supervisors in the game can drop Orokin Cells, and they can be found on the accompanying planets:

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  • Saturn
  • Ceres
  • The Derelict


The Sargus Ruk Farm

Sargus Ruk, the manager on Saturn, has a quite high opportunity to drop Orokin Cells when he passes on. This is an incredible ranch for elevated level players, similarly as with the correct weapons you can harm Sargus Ruk through his organized harmed gating. A well modded Tigris Prime or Sancti Tigris can one-shot Sargus Ruk during his first harm stage, making it a very brisk cycle to go through the level, slaughter him, at that point remove.

Defense Missions on Saturn

Running Defense mission on Saturn, for example, a Helene, is an incredible method to cultivate Orokin Cells while step up weapons and Warframes. In a perfect world, Defense cultivating will be finished with a crew. Carrying a Nekros with Desecrate, and some Warframes with great level nuke like Saryn or Equinox are a decent mix. Try to ensure that whatever number foes as could be allowed kick the bucket within Nekros’ Desecrate range, so ensure you work for greatest capacity range on the Nekros.

The nukers can rapidly clear levels, and Desecrate will reroll all dead foes plunder tables, expanding the measure of Orokin Cell drops you can get. Like all Defense missions, bring a Smeeta Kavat in the event that you have it, to exploit its Charm capacity. Orokin Cells are additionally affected by asset supporters, so on the off chance that you wish, you can buy those from the Market for Platinum, at that point exploit increment drop possibility, and expanded drop volume.