Panasonic HZ1500 4K OLED TV review

Quick verdict

It comes at a premium price, certainly, but then the Panasonic HZ1500 is a premium performer.

  • Gratifying 4K picture quality - especially with Dolby Vision content
  • Very decent upscaling
  • Impressive sound by the standards of integrated set-ups
  • Quite expensive for an OLED telly these days
  • Missing a desirable app or two
  • Doesn’t sound quite as big as it thinks it does
few years, TV innovation takes a definitive jump forward. Different years, most producers appear to be substance to mess around the edges of existing innovation - either safe in the information that they're now squeezing out pinnacle performance, or excessively dampened and desperate to be any more driven. On account of Panasonic's HZ1500 OLED TV run for 2020, it's sheltered to state that a) Panasonic's been squeezing top performance out of its OLED boards since the splendid GZ1500, and b) this is one of those 'other' years.


  • Associations: 4x HDMI (all HDMI 2.2 ALLM, 1x eARC), 3x USB
  • Ethernet, CI space, composite, advanced, 3.5mm, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Tuners: Terrestrial TV aeronautical post; Satellite TV flying post
  • Measurements (55in): 722 x 1228 x 58mm/Weight: 25kg
  Seen head on, the HZ1500 is all that you need from your generally costly new TV. That breadth of screen is encircled on every one of the four sides by a very short bezel - it's a solitary bit of metal with pleasant smooth corners. Underneath the screen, there's a perfectly coordinated soundbar. It doesn't convey a 'Methods' identification like a portion of Panasonic's range-besting screens, yet by and by it's an announcement of purpose. All things considered, sound is one of the significant ways Panasonic is looking to separate its OLED ranges - this HZ1500 features a 80-watt sound framework (while the HZ1000 is a simple 30W and the HZ200 an alluring 140W)., On the off chance that you don't extravagant draping the HZ1500's 25kg mass on the divider - and its overall profundity and the general detachment of its attachments may likewise put you off - it's provided with an amazingly tough, round remain on which it can turn helpfully panasonic-hz1500-4k-oled-tv-review Those precarious to-get-at inputs incorporate four HDMI HDCP2.2 inputs, one of which is eARC empowered. All element Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) capacity, as well - yet that is the extent that the Panasonic goes with HDMI 2.1 determination. Cutting edge gamers can look at now, and begin perusing audits of additional ground breaking TVs. There's additionally three USB inputs (one of which is at 3.0 norm), an Ethernet attachment, restricting posts for the incorporated earthly and satellite TV tuners, a CI space, and composite video input. Yields race to a computerized optical attachment and a 3.5mm earphone jack. Wireless earphones would be more helpful, however, on account of the HZ1500's push/pull Bluetooth availability. There's additionally Wi-Fi ready, normally.


  • High Dynamic Range: HLG, HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ
  • Preparing motor: HCX Pro Intelligent Processor
  • Inherent Dolby Atmos speaker

Producer Mode

Since Panasonic's an adult brand that appears to be ready to coexist with its friends, the HZ1500 has general high unique range (HDR) similarity, up to and including Dolby Vision IQ. So in the event that you would prefer not to close the blinds each time you turn the TV on, this Panasonic is prepared to react to your surrounding lighting conditions so as to convey ideal picture quality. Dolby Vision IQ is one of the zones where the HZ1500's image based particular has progressed over a year ago's exceptional GZ1500. Another is with the incorporation of Filmmaker Mode - it appears related to 'Insightful Sensing', which is designed to help reestablish a tad of the brilliance Filmmaker Mode is now famous for lessening. What's more, while we're regarding the matter of making pictures a lot more blunt and less intriguing than they in any case would be, the HZ1500 likewise features Netflix Calibrated Mode. Somewhere else, it's top of the line Panasonic the same old thing. In general picture quality conveyed by the Master HDR OLED board is directed by the organization's top-end HCX Pro Intelligent Processor. An invigorate pace of 100Hz looks good for movement taking care of as well. The HZ1500's most unOLED-like near-60mm profundity is halfway clarified by its sound determination. In the focal point of the rear board there's a walled in area for two upward-terminating 'course' drivers, situated to attempt to convey some significant sonic range from a Dolby Atmos (or DTS:X) soundtrack. These two drivers each get 15 of the 80 watts of intensity accessible, while the two indistinguishable drivers at either end of the soundbar do likewise. The last 20 watts is taken by a woofer proposed to add some mass to the Panasonic's sound.


  • my Home Screen 5.0
  • works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  Panasonic's working framework is either a model of downplayed effortlessness or totally unoriginal, contingent upon your perspective. Presently in its fifth manifestation, the restrictive my Home Screen OS is negligible, unintrusive and genuinely intelligent to utilize. It's anything but difficult to tweak and, as an outcome, does precisely what you need from a TV interface: it does what you solicit rapidly and afterward gets out from the way. What it doesn't do, it merits bringing up, is offer admittance to Disney+. Unusual, isn't it, how the accessibility of a real time feature can go from 'ideal to need' to 'significant' in close to no time? Freeview Play is an invite sight in any working framework, however it's possible that the absence of Disney+ may put off the same number of likely clients as the absence of full HDMI 2.1 determination. As normal with Panasonic, the HZ1500's set-up menus find some kind of harmony among intensive and direct. In the event that you need to begin sitting in front of the TV very quickly, it's conceivable to get the HZ1500 set up in a matter of minutes; in case you're a deep rooted tweaker, you can mess with the subtleties of the HZ1500's settings for quite a long time. Exploring the working framework and the set-up menus is basic. The HZ1500 works with both Alexa and Google Assistant (if there are mic-prepared speakers on a similar organization), or there's the controller. Any individual who's possessed a Panasonic TV during the level screen time will remember it: it's sensibly consistent, genuinely clear, and its immediate access 'Netflix' and 'Freeview Play' catches are bounty sufficiently large. panasonic-hz1500-4k-oled-tv-review

Picture Quality

The HZ1500 utilizes a similar OLED board as the screen it replaces - the year-old GZ1500. Furthermore, that is an obviously beneficial thing, on the grounds that (as effectively watched) Panasonic has been extricating truly amazing performance from it. Fire up a Dolby Vision-helped 4K Blu-beam circle of The Joker and the broadness of the Panasonic's ability is evident from the off. It conveys a legal degree of detail, offers profound and unendingly differed dark tones, and enormously wide differentiations. Picture commotion is essentially not an issue, edge definition is similarly cultivated, and (when you've enjoyed a short examination of the movement important region of the HZ1500's set-up menus) development is grasped with something moving toward enthusiasm. Skin-tones and surfaces can uncover a terrible part about a TV's capacities, and here they're convincingly exact. The timid high detail levels are liable for a lot of this constancy, obviously, yet the Panasonic's far-going shading palette and amazing control of differences additionally contribute. As befits an item from an organization with true Hollywood presence, the HZ1500 is - in the correct conditions - a luxuriously artistic watch. Dolby Vision IQ contributes to great impact where splendor control is concerned, which is more than can be said for Filmmaker Mode. Pictures utilizing this image preset are just more obscure and more blunt, neither of which help the artistic feel. About as well as can be expected be said for Filmmaker Mode is that it's not exactly as pernicious as Netflix Calibrated Mode. Stick with Dolby Vision IQ for a Netflix stream of the exceptional Fear City: New York versus The Mafia narrative arrangement, however, and the outcomes keep on dazzling. The advanced film is glossy, extravagantly definite and appreciates heavenly nuance of differentiation, while the vintage stuff is astonishingly low-clamor. Watchable may appear to be an excess depiction of a TV, however the HZ1500 is in any case very simply that. It's likewise an entirely great upscaler of less current material. A 1080p circle of Killer Joe appreciates also profound and definite dark tones, perfect and differed whites, and a wide shading palette in the middle. Edges are steady as well, and keeping in mind that there's a sprinkling of picture commotion presented in the locations of most uniform shading, it's rarely meddlesome. Gamers who've stayed with us this far should realize that the Panansonic is bounty sufficiently fast (sub-20ms reaction time quick) for current-gen consoles, and extends all the best pieces of its performance to games as well. Hues are distinctive yet not exaggerated, movement is watched out for, and edge definition is likewise noteworthy.

Sound Quality

By the overarching norms of OLED TVs, the HZ1500 is a broad and amazingly brawny tune in. The forward-terminating speaker cluster is unmistakable enough to give exchange appropriate articulation, with voices conveying adequate detail to stack them with character. The introduction is sensibly strong and appropriately adjusted, with a lovely measure of chomp and assault to the head of the recurrence go and a legitimate signal towards the base end as well. The upward-terminating speakers exhibited at the rear of the screen without a doubt offer an a lot taller sound than would be conceivable from a forward-terminating cluster alone. It's protected to state there's no genuine recommendation of overhead impacts from the Dolby Atmos soundtracks to The Joker or Fear City: New York versus The Mafia, mind you, and in case you're expecting genuine Dolby Atmos object-based overhead solid you will be baffled. Yet, keep things in context - this is a sound framework coordinated into the suspension of the TV itself, all things considered. On these footing the Panasonic sounds more competent and dynamic than most likewise evaluated other options. So for once another soundbar to go with your sparkling new TV is more an alternative than a need.


Judged absolutely on the 'screen-size/value' proportion, the Panasonic HZ1500 isn't too encouraging. However, its marvelous picture performance, perfectly coordinated and advantageous sound framework, and well-genuine ergonomics make it an authentic option. If you're a next-gen gamer you'll look elsewhere, but for anyone and everyone else in the market for a new OLED TV, the HZ1500 demands close investigation.

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