Payday 2: Everything You Need To Know About Infamy


Wondering whether it’s worth resetting your level to take on Infamy levels in Payday 2? Here’s everything you need to know.

As you scouse borrow cash, gold, art, and interact in all way of different illegal activities in Payday 2, you may earn revel in. As you development from stage one to one hundred, you unlock new guns, armor, gadgets, and competencies as a way to enhance your heisting skills.

However, the journey does not prevent while you attain degree one hundred. Instead, you’ll have the selection to advantage Infamy ranks.

The Infamy system unlocks at stage one hundred and rewards Payday veterans with a variety of bonuses, such as passive boosts to your character and new customization options, together with masks, substances, patterns, and weapon skins.

What Is Infamy In Payday 2?

Payday 2 Fighting Swat Enemies

Infamy is Payday 2’s equivalent to a status machine. When you attain degree 100, you may choose to go Infamous and advantage a level of Infamy.

If you do that, you will be reset back to level 0, lose two hundred million bucks out of your offshore account, and lose all your spending coins.

You hold any guns to your inventory, however you can not use them until you reach the specified degree again.

Wave good-bye on your favored weapons, because you’ll be stuck with the Amcar, the starting weapon in Payday 2, for a few heists.

Is Infamy Worth It In Payday 2?

Payday 2 Skill Tree Without Infamy

As stated above, you lose a lot through taking an Infamy degree in Payday 2. However, there are masses of rewards to earn that make Infamy worth the hassle.

Starting at Infamy level one, you will get a everlasting enhance to XP received each time you are taking an Infamy degree.

This makes it lots easier to stage up with Infamy levels, as you’ll gain plenty greater enjoy. The XP raise is between 5 and 10 percent for every stage, so they’re all widespread.

Of direction, if you enjoy the usage of the first-rate guns and dashing thru heists, Infamy might not be for you.

Infamy ranges also cut down the range of skill factors needed to reach the pinnacle skill in every talent tree.

It could generally cost 18 factors to reach the top competencies for any magnificence in Payday 2. With an Infamy level, it simplest prices sixteen points.

This won’t look like a huge difference, however it will permit you to take hold of a few greater important abilties.

For example, in case you’re generally an Enforcer/Technician mixture, the factors saved on each tree could be enough to get you some vital Ghost or Mastermind talents which you couldn’t access before.