Players return to Pillars of Eternity 2 once again acting as the Watcher but up against the fierce God of Light Eothas. There are multiple factions seeking to take advantage of the chaos and the player is faced with tough choices and intense battles to decide the fate of it all in this RPG most gamers might have missed out on. Which class you choose to adopt is an important decision as it gives you access to unique abilities and spells necessary for taking down opponents and keeping your team alive. Obviously any class if capable of beating the game, but there are some that have significant advantages over the others and some that pose a bit more of a challenge for players to take on.

11 Priest

Priests may be considered the worst class in the sport due to the fact they may be the hardest to wield. For the first seven degrees you are subjected to vulnerable abilties and mediocre spells. But even after you begin tapping into extra effective alternatives on stage eight you'll warfare to meet your most important position, birthday celebration healer and buffer. Once again, it’s viable in case you need to overcome the game, however you’ll have an uphill warfare inside the beginning and your capabilities will be quite underwhelming for maximum of the game.

10 Ranger

Rangers aren’t that great when it comes to damage dealing which is odd considering that’s the role they’re meant to fulfill. You’ll feel a bit of tug of war going on as your abilities lean towards offense and strangely defense, leaving you stuck in the middle and limited in fulfilling either task. The pets can be helpful, but they can also be incredibly annoying and feel like a liability at times. Honestly it’s best if you leave Maia to fulfill this role and choose another class.


Ciphers rank low because they're one of the hardest classes to grasp. Ring Leader is undoubtably a effective spell and Recall Agony can cope with many bosses, but you’ll spend most of the sport trying to discern out this elegance's quirky playstyle. For the common participant it’s first-class to make use of some thing easier and go away Cipher for someone honestly inclined to analyze its fine details. It’s simplest robust in case you certainly recognise what you’re doing and experience crowd manipulate and is enormously susceptible if you may’t get the cling of it a good way to be the case for most players.


Druids are a little better at healing than Priests, but they suffer from horrific casting times for nearly every spell. You’ll be suffering constant interruptions and even when an insect spell gets through you’ll be left feeling like the hassle wasn’t worth it. This class feels poorly built for the game’s battle system. There are better spellcasting classes with shorter casting times and Chanters make better healers/buffers anyway. It’s a jack-of-all trades that’s stretched too thin trying to fill multiple roles.


When it comes to solo-classing Paladin’s are rather lackluster. Even multiclassing they act as meat shields with a lot of passives and not much to do other than take the hits and deal out whatever damage they can while their teammates get the job done. It’s not a bad class and the reason they don’t rank lower is that Flames of Devotion is a strong ability. If you want something flashy and exciting then you shouldn’t be a Paladin, but if you have the personality type that doesn’t mind the passive role of keeping the enemy aggroed on you while you wait for teammates to take them out then go for it.


Fighter is your middle of the road class that’s not particularly amazing at anything, but its not bad either. This is a very beginner friendly class as it’s simple to pick up and straight forward to play as. It’s also very handy for multiclassing as it’s strength's pair well with nearly every other class with very little downside. Pick this class if you want to give yourself some extra durability or teeth, but the only reason you should solo class is if you’re starting out or want something simple.


Barbarian looks like a category that should be an AOE damage dealer, however it doesn’t definitely satisfy that function till you get Heart of Fury. It has a few sturdy passives and a lot of buffs and abilties that make it a awesome single target hitter even though. The purpose it ranks lower is that it lacks actual AOE and crowd manage, but it ranks better for being first-rate at coping with difficult or spongy targets.


As a solo class Rogues are the best at single target damage and have great passives that complement their abilities to subdue and put down single opponent’s quickly. But for most of the game you’ll feel like Rogues were meant to be multiclassed which is why they don’t rank higher. Multiclassing makes them very powerful and their abilities complement other classes well.


Chanters are easily the best support class in the game thanks to infinite casting, strong buffs for the party, and powerful healing abilities. After playing this class you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with Priest or Druid. It's also complemented by decent offensive spells that can serve you well when the party is buffed and healed and you’re left with nothing else to do. Honestly the main reason you pick this class aside from the support role is for the awesome summons.


Monks were much more powerful before the recent patches, but even then they rank high thanks to strong abilities and powerful buffs to damage. This class is meant to be in the thick of things and gets stronger as the battle gets more chaotic. If you want a melee fighter that can wade into battle and come out stronger pick this class. Solo classing or multiclassing doesn’t matter as it does both very well.


This is arguably the strongest class in the game proper now and is primed for nerfs in upcoming patches so experience it while you can. It ranks number one way to a variety of spells which could have you ever deal first rate harm, control the flow of battle, or even step in as a brief tank now and then. Evoker subclass makes you the high-quality harm supplier in the sport and multiclassing with something makes this already robust magnificence even more potent. The simplest aspect a wizard can’t do is heal allies, but whilst you’re raining hellfire to your enemies and obliterating whole squads it rarely subjects.