Pioneer Speakers

pioneer speakers

Pioneer Speakers     S-21W


Audio Features

Driver: 16cm cone woofer

Enclosure: Front Duct bass-reflex

Line Input Sensitivity/Impedance (100 Hz): 300 mV / 47 kΩ

Frequency Range: 33 – 700 Hz

Power Handling: 160W Peak / 100W RMS

Power Requirements: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption (in use / standby): 25 W

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D): 230 x 408 x 344 mm

Weight: 6,5 kg

Pioneer Speakers       S-RS55TBS-RS55TB


The S-RS55TB 5ch speaker bundle is a perfect answer for building your own home theater setup with an AV recipient of your decision.

Comprising of tall floorstanding front speakers with vertical twin woofers, an inside speaker, and encompass speakers, the S-RS55TB conveys ground-breaking sound with dynamic bass and prevalent sound localisation, making an enamoring sound field for your preferred movies and music.

The smooth design and the wooden cupboards will add a bona fide touch to your room inside.

Noteworthy Sound in Sleek Style

Designed with refined wooden cupboards and cool metallic accents, the speaker bundle makes an undeniable setting for your home amusement.

Despite the fact that section class, the S-RS55TB offers the bona fide experience for getting a charge out of music and movies.

Vertical Twin System Realizes Point Source, the Ideal Speaker System

With the Vertical Twin System, two woofers of a similar size and performance are put above and underneath the tweeter, which makes the low-frequencies sound as though they are originating from the focal point of the tweeter—a similar impact as a concentric speaker(virtual concentric framework).

Notwithstanding the clear localisation of the sound picture and rich sound field, the framework offers dedicated propagation of the playing content.

Find new subtleties in sound as you tune in with these speakers.

Pioneer Speakers S-11



Easy-to-setup, space-saving surround speaker system S-11 offers deserved 5.1ch surround sound even for users for the first 5.1ch surround. Combination of Pioneer speaker technologies and interior friendly design meet the best balance of sound quality, design, footprint and easy-to-use

Front Speakers

  • 77mm Cone, 1-Way, Closed-Box Bookshelf Type
  • Maximum Input Power 150 W
  • Frequency Response 100Hz~20kHz
  • Sensitivity 82dB

Centre Speaker

  • 77mm Cone, 1-Way, Closed-Box Bookshelf Type
  • Maximum Input Power 150 W
  • Frequency Response 90Hz~20KHz
  • Sensitivity 83dB

Surround Speakers

  • 77mm Cone, 1-Way, Closed-Box Bookshelf Type
  • Maximum Input Power 150 W
  • Frequency Response 100Hz~20kHz
  • Sensitivity 82dB


  • Front Speakers: 106x116x106mm/0.8kg (each)
  • Centre Speaker: 270x116x106mm/1kg
  • Surround Speakers: 106x116x106mm/0.6kg (each)

Pioneer Speakers S-31W


The compact and handy S-31W subwoofer for music and movie lovers succeeding our engineers’ technical experience.


200mm Cone, Bass-Reflex Floor Type

Maximum Input Power 160W (Peak)/100W (100kHz, THD 10%, RMS)

Frequency Response 28Hz-1kHz

Power Requirements: AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption/Standby: 25W/0.5W

Dimensions/Weight: 344x362x356mm/10kg

Pioneer Speakers SP-C22



The Pioneer SP-C22 speaker does the job in stunning fashion utilizing dual woofers in a full-sized cabinet for enhanced vocal performance. If you want your entertainment as real as it gets, the SP-C22 is one of the most important speakers you can own.


2 x 100mm Cone Woofer x 2, 25mm Soft-dome Tweeter, 2-Way, Bass-reflex Type

Maximum Input Power 90W

Frequency Response 55Hz~20kHz

Sensitivity 88dB

Crossover 3kHz

Impedance 6ohms

Dimensions/Weight: 460 x 181 x 205mm/6.1kg

Pioneer Speakers SP-T22A-LR



Home theater enthusiasts are excited about Dolby Atmos’ elevated sound technology, which creates a Height channel sound experience. The SP-T22A-LR add-on speakers were designed to add to your current compact speaker or floorstanding front speakers.


100mm Cone Woofer, 10mm Soft-dome Tweeter, Concentric 2-Way, Closed-Box Type

Maximum Input Power 80W

Frequency Response 180Hz~20kHz

Sensitivity 85dB

Crossover 4kHz

Impedance 6ohms

Dimensions/Weight: 180x100x200mm/1.8kg (each)

Pioneer Speakers S-ES21-LR-K



Tall-Boy Speakers and Centre & Surround Speakers for Home Cinema



enclosure: Bass-reflex Floorstanding Type

16cm Conex1, 16cm passive Conex1, 5.2cm Conex1

Frequency range: 40 Hz-20 kHz

Impedance: 8 ohms

Sensitivity (1W/M): 84 dB

Maximum power: 150 W

Magnetically Shielded


Weight (each): 9.0 kg