Rhyhorn’s entire evolution chain is built like a tank. With beefy physical stats all around, trainers who utilize both relentless attacks and fortifying battle strategies will want to enlist this ground-rock type Pokémon for their Sword & Shield team.

Finding Rhyhorn

Rhyhorn may crop up as a random encounter in several regions throughout the Wild Area and they roam the overworld along the Motostoke Riverbank. However, Rhyhorn is most likely to spring up from the underground within Giant’s Cap. Trainers have the best chance of running into one here during rainy or snowy conditions.

Evolving Rhyhorn

Since gaining its 0.33 evolution, Rhyhorn without problems evolves into Rhydon at level 42. It can then evolve into Rhyperior through exchange when protecting the Protector item.

Trainers can find this held item along Route 9 on one of the islands at the same time as surfing between Circhester and Spikemuth. Look for a trainer standing next to a pink submit signal. The Protector can be on some other island off to the proper beside a smaller spherical signal.

After competing in the Battle Tower, running shoes can also buy the Protector object from a woman standing next to the counter within the Hammerlocke Pokécenter for 10BP.

Earthquake is the most reliable move for this chain, striking everything on the field, including those burrowed underground. Rhyhorn can combat its double weakness to grass-types with the heavy-hitting Megahorn, and Rhyperior exclusively can learn Rock Wrecker, dealing massive damage in exchange for its next turn.

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