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If you're looking for an affordable fitness tracking watch then the Polar has plenty to offer. It covers the basics for a range of sports, provides guidance and feedback, will track your sleep and your daily activity. But its lack of GPS means it's just not as feature-packed as some alternatives, while we question some of the automation, delays in display feedback and overall heart rate accuracy.

  • Slim and light design
  • Polar Flow offers activity tracking at a glance
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Reasonable battery life
  • Good sleep tracking and recovery features
  • No GPS
  • Heart rate sometimes inaccurate
  • Can't edit sleep data
  • 'Flat tyre' display design (isn't totally round)
  • Delays in at-a-glance data
The Polar Unite takes the move in plan and center that was presented in the Polar Vantage in 2018 and moves it down to the passage level. It's been aspect of an update plan over Polar's gadgets, with the Unite sitting just beneath the Ignite, with which it shares numerous highlights. The point of the Unite is to offer center way of life and exercise following highlights; it's not focused on the prepared competitor and the absence of installed GPS is a demonstration of this. Be that as it may, as a bundle, it is a truly alluring games watch.

Plan and assemble

  • Measurements: 43.4 x 43.4 x 10.4mm/Weight: 32g
  • Inconsistent ties (standard 20mm size)
  • 30m waterproofing
Polar's gadgets have become much more refined lately, pushing back bezels and moving to a round shading show to give them a more ordinary look. That is something the Unite pulls off with some style. This is a watch that is not cumbersome like numerous sportswatches; it's thinned down so it's quite low profile on the wrist as well. That will have prompt appeal to anybody searching for a littler wellness tracker - maybe those considering a portion of the wellness groups, similar to the Fitbit Charge 4. The body of the Unite is around 44mm in breadth and just 10.4mm in thickness, with a showcase that is roughly 31mm in measurement (about 1.22-inches). That leaves a little bezel around the watch, which could be valuable presentation space - however that is not the greatest downside of the showcase. That negative originates from this present watch's 'punctured tire' plan. As opposed to having a completely round showcase, Polar has slashed off the base and utilized that as a spot to put its logo and the encompassing light sensor, so it's not for what it's worth. That corrupts the general impact and we figure it could have been obliged somewhere else. polar-unite-review In truth, the general look of the Polar Unite is near the Polar Ignite, in spite of the fact that that progression up model has a marginally more superior bezel, so will offer a more attractive plan if that is the thing that you need. All things considered, the plan of the Unite is acceptable. The body is intense polycarbonate, and we like the straightforwardness of that plan. There are a scope of shading alternatives for the ties, which are anything but difficult to delivery and trade. The entire bundle is likewise waterproofed to 30 meters, so it's fine for swimming.

Equipment and show execution

  • 204 x 204 pixel touchscreen IPS TFT show
  • Accuracy Prime pulse tracker
We've referenced the not-exactly round showcase, yet separated from that plan peculiarity it's a generally better than average presentation that is appropriate to the interface Polar employments. It's a similar general interface that Polar's top watches use, albeit here it's a solitary catch undertaking. That implies that the vast majority of the cooperation is through touch. Contact is utilized to swipe through the distinction screens, to swipe up cell phone notices, or to choose the exercise that you need to do. It's responsive enough, however it is anything but a consistently in plain view - it stop to spare battery, arousing when you lift the watch That enlivening activity must be somewhat an intentional as well. That is okay when you're walking around the high road, so it doesn't arbitrarily turn on and off, yet implies that you can't look when practicing without a considerably more intentional lift of the arm. That is a slight drawback when you're in the zone and contemplating whether you're on track for an individual best however wind up attempting to get the screen to light up. There's another drawback which is somewhat more specialized: when the presentation wakes, it wakes the screen demonstrating what was on it when it killed. Look at your watch and you'll see old information, which will be appeared for a short second before it refreshes. This may seem like a minor point, yet we've been gotten out by it ordinarily, looking when riding, seeing old information and asking why the pulse showed didn't coordinate what we saw. It remedies itself before long, yet once more, when working out, these looks are brief - you would prefer not to be taking your eyes off the street on a quick downhill drop for any more extended than totally vital.
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During exercise you'll have a few screens to swipe through: the primary exercise show contains a large portion of the data you'll require - separation, pace, span for running; separation, speed, term for cycling - with the alternative to swipe through to pages for pulse, or just to show the ongoing, continually being valuable. The pulse is constantly appeared around the edges of the showcase, separated into zones, so you can without much of a stretch check where you are on that scale to guarantee you're working at the correct force. The Polar Unite's greatest wellness highlight is the Precision Prime pulse tracker on the back of the watch. This professes to be more exact than many, in spite of the fact that we've not generally discovered that to be the situation. The principal emphasis of this framework required chance to get comfortable the Vantage V, with various programming refreshes, and again in the Unite we think that its somewhat delayed to respond to changes and oftentimes is on the low side for readings. That frequently brings about a resting pulse that is reassuringly low, and more slow pulse ascends than you'd expect once you start an action. Contrasting information from the Polar Unite and the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro and, on various events, Polar frequently begins lower than Garmin and neglects to arrive at similar pinnacles. Much of the time the normal is close - inside 5bpm over an hour and a half exercise - however it's not as exact as you would need it to be. At different occasions we've discovered the Unite to battle to restore a precise perusing, hauling down midpoints and leaving some abnormal HR follows that don't mirror the experience of that movement. Eventually, if pulse exactness is the thing you're pursuing, the Polar Unite doesn't appear to be very on the beat. There's no GPS, as referenced, so things like speed and separation are subject to getting a GPS perusing from your telephone by means of the Polar Flow application. For cyclists or walkers that is fine, yet for sprinters - except if you totally consistently take your telephone - it's somewhat of an impediment. Basically, in case you're seeing this watch in view of running, we'd ask you to think about something with coordinated GPS, similar to the Polar Ignite or the Garmin Forerunner 45. All things considered, the information when associated with a telephone is entirely acceptable from Polar - we've just had one event where we didn't affirm it was associated before beginning, leaving us with no course information for that specific meeting. polar-unite-review

Highlights and Polar Flow

  • Rest following
  • Way of life following
  • Cell phone notices
The list of capabilities of the Polar Unite expands much farther than simply following your activity. Obviously, it's arrangement to do as such, permitting you to choose the movement you're doing and log those miles, however these days gadgets track quite a lot more. You get every minute of every day pulse information (in the event that you don't need it, you can kill this) just as step following to watch out for how dynamic you are outside of genuine exercises. This is additionally joined with rest following, with the watch distinguishing when you're snoozing, following your rest stages and giving you information for that rest when you wake toward the beginning of the day. It's a valuable framework - something rivals Garmin, Fitbit and soon Apple will offer - and this truly plays into the recuperation side of a sound way of life. The information that the watch assembles will control you towards such an activity you ought to consider doing, with the FitSpark preparing guide proposing exercises dependent on your profile and recuperation status. On the off chance that you've have an awful rest, it'll be prescribed that you should rest. Notwithstanding, the methodology that Polar uses to arrange rest isn't generally stable: in case you're static at night, such as sitting in front of the TV, the Unite will choose you're snoozing and begin logging rest information. At that point, when you proceed to prepare for bed, put out the containers, set the espresso machine, etc, it will log such action as aggravations to your rest - and state you've had an awful rest, regardless of whether you at that point proceed to have a decent strong 8 hours of kip. There likewise doesn't seem, by all accounts, to be any approach to alter this information, since knocking off the time you were really alert on the couch would prompt a superior generally rest score. We got into the propensity for eliminating the watch at night to dodge this, however a straightforward method to affirm when you really headed to sleep would be helpful. Guided breathing to assist you with unwinding additionally gets its place in the Unite. There's additionally FitSpark, which we've referenced as of now, which is intended to give you a scope of thought for exercises - separated into quality, cardio and steady. In the event that you have no preparation plan, at that point FitSpark is a beginning stage. A few things you can do at home effectively - like the bodyweight exercises - while some are intended for those with admittance to rec center hardware. All the information from your watch is adjusted to the Polar Flow application on your telephone - and onto the Polar Flow site as well. That makes examination of your information simple, despite the fact that we've generally had the inclination that Polar Flow is more intrigued by entire way of life following, as the default see is your action as the day progressed. You can likewise incorporate the information with different administrations, as Strava, Komoot, etc. This will imply that anything you track on your Polar Unite you would then be able to see on those different administrations.

Battery life and charging

  • 174mAh battery capacity
  • 50 hours in training mode
  • 4 days in watch mode

The battery in the Polar Unite is pretty small, because it's a physically small device - but the lack of GPS means there's less drain on that power. Polar says you'll get 50 hours in training mode or four days in watch mode with continuous tracking. Fortunately, because of the small battery, it will charge pretty quickly.

Battery life will, of course, depend on what you do with the watch, how much time you spend interacting with it, whether you have smartphone notifications appearing on it all the time, and so on.

We've found it to last a little longer than five days when not being used to record training - although this includes some periods not wearing the watch. Conversely, we've found that it will only take a couple of training sessions before the battery is mostly depleted, so when Polar says 50 hours, that's not 50 hours of event tracking, it's more like two training sessions on consecutive days before you'll need a charge.


There's no charging cable in the box, instead there's a connector you attach to the watch that then plugs into a USB socket. It's more like a USB stick and for those used to using USB on a plug socket or computer, it just means you don't have another cable to mess around with. It also might mean you have to have your watch at floor level when plugged in.



The feature set of the Polar Unite is limited to the beginner level. If the information you're after is how long you spent doing something and how that impacted your heart rate, then the Unite will have you covered. The lack of GPS will mean that anyone who is more interested in how far or how fast they've gone - and where - might want to look elsewhere.

We have some underlying concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the heart rate figures that we've got out of the Polar Unite. While things are generally fine, the low readings, mid-exercise drop-outs and slow starts are downsides. Sleep tracking is also off the mark when it comes to tracking chillout time.

If you're looking for an affordable fitness tracking watch then the Polar has plenty to offer. It covers the basics for a range of sports, provides guidance and feedback, will track your sleep and your daily activity. But it's not as feature packed as some alternatives.

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