Real Bars Are Serving Johnny Silverhand Cocktails Now


Turns out that real bars are actually serving the Johnny Silverhand cocktail, which might not have been the legacy that Cyberpunk was going for.

It’s nonetheless a touch too early to say for positive, however up to now the legacy of Cyberpunk 2077 is what occurs whilst you overhype a game for years and then launch it before even 1/2 the insects had been squashed and missing some of the promised features. That is to mention, it changed into a huge cluster of a sport that surpasses even No Man’s Sky.

But like No Man’s Sky, developer CD Projekt Red has promised to fix and finish Cyberpunk 2077 so that possibly over the subsequent 12 months the sport’s proper legacy will grow to be a few pretty splendid cocktails.

That legacy would possibly already be taking place. Reddit consumer Harry_Tipper these days posted a blackboard menu showing that a local bar was serving a version of the Johnny Silverhand, a drink showcased in the establishing moments of Cyberpunk 2077.

The Johnny Silverhand is basically a tequila old-fashioned with a dash of beer and a chili garnish, but every drink in The Afterlife bar is given its personal unique name after a deceased superstar. In the world of Cyberpunk, there’s no larger name than Johnny Silverhand, so it’s a completely special drink.

The in-recreation recipe isn’t particularly hard, but for a miles better model, we are able to turn to YouTube’s How To Drink, who created a promo video of the Johnny Silverhand months earlier than Cyberpunk become purported to launch remaining summer time.

Step one: prepare the glass by using painting the rim with lime and chipotle chili powder. Next, blend 12 ml truly syrup, 60 ml tequila, a dash of angostura bitters, and a dash of orange bitters. Mix with ice, stirring a touch longer to ensure a bit of dilution with water. Strain the cocktail into the organized glass and then sooner or later pinnacle it off with some excessive ABV beer via lightly pouring it over a bar spoon.

Do it right and the beer will float over the tequila old style and offer an excessive and particular flavor worth of the deceased fictional rockstar’s call.

It become so right that CD Projekt Red even changed the in-recreation model of the Johnny Silverhand to fit How To Drink’s recipe. How To Drink then observed that up together with his take at the Jackie Welles, which spoils the hole section of the game if you have not performed it yet.