Unlocked after completing 30 stages, the Engineer is a powerful character that will take some time to earn. That unlock requirement is for the best, however, as much of the Engineer's abilities require great game knowledge to use well. Everyone can place down two turrets and shoot down monsters, but it takes practice to strafe around the map and use your primary attack well. Engineer's versatile and damage-oriented kit makes him perfect for solo or group runs alike. After you master these pro tips, you can easily top damage charts in any game and stay both safe and aggressive. Here are 10 pro tips to become a better Engineer in Risk of Rain 2.

10 Don't Rely On Bubble Shield

The Engineer can install a Bubble Shield that lasts 15 seconds, soaking up all harm that touches it. You and allies can fireplace from out of doors the bubble however nothing can enter it. It is a very effective protective device for when you are low on fitness, but you need to no longer rely on this capability. Certain objects need to be acquired for it to have full uptime, and Engineer isn't always nearly as appropriate status still as he is strafing and the use of all of his skills.

Turrets Can Revive Themselves

To keep turrets competitive throughout a run, they inherit the items you have when you create them. Some truly crazy synergies can happen thanks to this feature. One great example is Dio's Best Friend, a Rare item that revives you when you would otherwise take fatal damage. Your turrets get an imprint of this, resulting in them reviving themselves when they take fatal damage without consuming your Dio item.

Spider Mines Stick To Allies

Spider Mines are an alternate variant of your secondary attack, tracking targets and detonating when an enemy is nearby. They deal more damage unarmed than standard mines, resulting in more damage output for aggressive players. Later in a run, the Spider Mines can take a while to chase a target and detonate. Thankfully, you can stick Spider Mines onto allies! Turrets, your Bubble Shield, and even other players can carry your mines and detonate them. Put all of your mines on a Mercenary and have them charge into the fray for explosive and devastating results.

N'kuhana's Opinion Is A Must

Rare items are some of the maximum game-converting gadgets in Risk of Rain 2, granting new mechanics or buffs for gamers to make the most. N'kuhana's Opinion is one such sport-changer. For Engineers, you cannot get higher than this object. The Healing you obtain is saved as Soul Energy, launched after sure thresholds as skulls that deal harm. Since turrets inherit your gadgets, each turrets get a replica of this item. If you stand near each turrets and use Fungus or comparable restoration objects, you can double your general damage output without difficulty.

Attack While Sprinting

Attacking while sprinting is typically reserved for the Huntress, but the Engineer can do it as well with correct timing. It only works with your primary attack, but it's still extremely useful. Charge your grenades from your primary and begin to sprint. When you find a target and your attack is charged, release your attack button to launch grenades from your back and damage the target. This is crucial for dealing optimal damage while staying mobile to dodge enemy fire.

Fungus Stacking

Bustling Fungus is one of the worst items in Risk of Rain 2. On almost every character, it takes ages to activate and encourages you to stand still and take damage. Engineer is the exception to this. His turrets count as standing still unless you have the mobile variant, resulting in the Fungi remaining active. Stack the turrets next to each other to overlap healing, further charging N'kuhana's Opinion.

Access Aqueduct Chamber

Aqueduct is one of the second stage areas players can stumble across. It is here that both Kjaro's and Runald's Bands can be found in a hidden cave. Two pressure plates must be stepped on simultaneously for a hidden gate to open. Solo players will have a hard time doing this without manipulating barrels or glitching through the entrance, but not the Engineer. He can place a turret on one spot and open the gate easily. Every time you arrive at this zone, remember to open the gate to get a free Runald Band and Kjaro Band.

Stack Attack Speed ASAP

Attack Speed is critical on most characters, but it is especially useful for the Engineer. This speeds up your charge animations and buffs your turret's damage output. Soldier's Syringes are a great common item that buffs your attack speed, but also keep your eye out for Predatory Instincts and Berzerker's Pauldrons. Stacking enough of these items will allow you to start and maintain proc chains with ease, killing hundreds of monsters in seconds.

Synergize With Allies

While you can carry an entire team with your damage output, you can still support allies with your other abilities. If you play with groups frequently, remember to use your secondary and utility skills! Bubble Shields are a run-saver when used properly. During boss fights when damage is lacking or most enemies are Elites, a Bubble Shield can protect your squad from certain death. Sticking mines to allies is also a great tactic if any are melee-oriented like Loader or Mercenary.

Kiting Monsters

Movement competencies are lacking on the Engineer, however that doesn't imply you should not be constantly transferring. Keeping enemies clustered faraway from you thru movement is key to long runs. This exercise is called "kiting" by way of most of the community. When melee enemies start to overrun your turrets or allies, draw their interest and hop around them. Enemies must have a difficult time hitting you. Place mines and grenades at your toes while doing so and you can get some brief and green kills.