Acrid is a poisonous test subject from Risk of Rain 2. Although he was an original survivor from the first Risk of Rain game, Hopoo introduced him with the Hidden Realms update. In Risk of Rain 2 lore, Acrid was captured by Void Reavers and imprisoned in the Void Fields, from which he eventually escaped. If you played the first game, then you know how fun playing as Acrid can be. Thankfully, he is just as enjoyable to play as in Risk of Rain 2. Acrid specializes in damage-over-time attacks and uses his acid to burn through tough enemies. This guide will help you become an Acrid expert in no time.

How to Unlock

Unlocking the survivor Acrid in Risk of Rain 2
Acrid may be unlocked through finishing  '...To Be Left Alone.' This task can be finished by way of efficaciously gambling via the Void Fields. For greater statistics, be sure to take a look at out this unique guide on a way to free up Acrid. Without getting ready well, the Void Fields can pose pretty a venture. The name of this mission is a nod to the primary Risk of Rain game. Beating the sport will display a quote based totally at the survivor you selected, and for Acrid, the total quote changed into, "...And so it left, with a new hunger: to be left by myself."


Character Selection Screen for the Risk of Rain 2 survivor Acrid
Almost all of Acrid's abilities deal with poison. Acrid excels in spreading this poison throughout the map with both melee and long-range attacks. Here are his default abilities and what they do. Passive: Poisonous attacks apply a powerful damage-over-time. Primary: Vicious Wounds.  Maul an enemy for 200% damage. Every 3rd hit is Regenerative and deals 400% damage. Secondary: Neurotoxin. Spit toxic bile for 240% damage. Utility: Caustic Leap. Leap in the air, dealing 320% damage. Leave acid that deals 25% damage. Special: Epidemic. Release a deadly disease that deals 100% damage. The disease spreads to up to 20 targets. In addition to dealing damage over time, Acrid can also regenerate health using his default Primary Ability. Although this sounds great, this ability isn't that exceptional compared to other survivors. Acrid performs the best when using his long-range attacks. Attacks like Neurotoxin deal more damage and have additional poison effects.

Alternative Abilities

Acrid with his Alternative Abilities Equiptt
You can release several opportunity talents as well. Here are those unlockable abilities, and the way to get them. Passive: Blight. Attacks that apply Poison observe stacking Blight as a substitute, dealing 60% harm in step with 2d. Unlock with the aid of touchdown the killing blow on 50  general enemies that have 1 hit factor left. Secondary: Ravenous Bite. Bite an enemy for 310% damage. Unlock by means of landing the final blow on a Scavenger with Acrid. Utility: Frenzied Leap. Leap within the air, dealing 550% damage. Reduce the cooldown by using 2s for each enemy hit. Unlock via causing Poison 1000 overall times. Unlike different survivors, Acrid can switch among Passive Abilities. The potential Ravenous Bite is also regenerative and offers more harm to enemies with decrease fitness. Unlocking these skills is pretty truthful. It is straightforward to land final blows on enemies if you are gambling by yourself. If you're interested in unlocking all of those capabilities, strive doing a solo run. Acrid's unlockable skin may be obtained by using both beating the game or obliterating on Monsoon mode. The pores and skin is known as Albino and makes Acrid appear all white.

Best Items

Some of the best items for Acrid in Risk of Rain 2
Acrid is already pretty strong, but there are definitely some items that can boost his strength. If you are aiming to do a long run, then after a while, it really won't matter what items you get. Chances are, you will eventually get every item. Here are some items that work great with Acrid at the start of the game. Ukulele: Acrid's poison is an AoE attack, meaning that a certain area is affected. With AoE items, you can increase the amount of damage done and quickly kill enemies. Focus Crystal: Acrid's melee attacks may not be as strong as his long-range attacks, but you can still use them. Focus Crystals increase damage to enemies within 13m by 20%, letting Acrid deal more damage with his melee attacks. Death Mark: This item marks enemies for death if they have four or more debuffs. Death Mark works great with Acrid since he can already deal poison damage. Primordial Cube: Poison can wipe out entire groups of enemies, but they have to be close enough. The Primordial Cube equipment item will pull in enemies within 30m into its center, allowing you to deal damage. Shatterspleen: This is a boss item that drops from the Imp Overlord. Shatterspleen gives you a 5% chance for a critical strike and also makes critical strikes bleed enemies for 240% damage. In addition to this, when an enemy bleeds to death, they will explode, dealing 400% damage around them. This is already impressive, but with Acrid's poison, enemies won't stand a chance. Tri-tipped Dagger: This is another item that gives your attacks a chance to bleed an enemy, dealing 240% base damage. As mentioned above, having poison and bleed will demolish any enemy in your way. H3AD-5T v2: Acrid's Utility allows him to fling forward and deal damage. With H3AD-5T v2, you can do even more damage. This item increases jump height and creates a kinetic explosion upon hitting the ground. Visions of Heresy: This is a lunar item that replaces the Primary Ability with Hungering Gaze. The new ability allows players to fire up to 12 tracking shards, each dealing 120% base damage. Acrid's Primary Ability isn't really the best, so upgrading it to Hungering Gaze is a smart choice.

Tips and Tricks

Gameplay of the survivor Acrid
Although Acrid is a melee-range hybrid, his melee capabilities aren't that particular. Vicious Wounds does not deal poison damage, and his opportunity Secondary Ability is a higher melee choice. It's okay to now not use Vicious Wounds, but if you need to preserve doing quite a few damage, recollect getting the lunar item Visions of Heresy. As cited above, the item replaces your Primary Ability. For Acrid, this modifications his melee assault into a long-variety one. Acrid's Passive Abilities are the maximum treasured ability he has. Poison does 1% of the victim's maximum fitness in keeping with 2nd, meaning that after a while, he can absolutely demolish a boss. His poison doesn't kill on its personal, so after draining an enemy's health, end them off with a easy melee assault. This is notable for difficult battles whilst you simply need to hang returned for a bit. If you are at low fitness, you can run around and avoid enemies for a piece whilst the poison does damage. With Acrid, you could also avoid fall harm. Using both of his Utility Abilities flings him ahead, and he does not take fall harm. Use this for your gain whilst going across the map. If you need to leap down without locating a route, just use his Utility. Deciding which of Acrid's skills to use comes down to non-public preference. His Secondary Abilities both do equal harm. However, one is melee. If you want a actual melee-variety hybrid, stick with Ravenous Bite. If you need greater long-range attacks, cross for Neurotoxin. As for Acrid's Utility, Caustic Leap offers extra damage over the years. Frenzied Leap has higher base harm, however unlike Caustic Leap, it would not deal additional poison harm. Lastly, Acrid's Passive Poison does extra standard harm than Blight. Poison scales through the years, making it extraordinary for late-recreation bosses. Blight, alternatively, does no longer scale and will prevent growing in harm and at a certain point. You need to have an understanding of a way to play Acrid now. Once you get this grasp of it, he's pretty fun. Now, poison your manner thru the planet and beat the final boss!