Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review

Quick verdict

A unique design that's comfortable to wear, sounds great, offering customisation through the accompanying app. But without a proper seal, Samsung can't deliver the active noise cancellation (ANC) as effectively as some rivals.

  • Unique design
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Good battery life
  • Decent sound quality
  • Plenty of features
  • Lack of isolation reduces effectiveness of active noise-cancellation
Samsung hasn't generally been the most energizing brand with regards to earphones. The last two endeavors - the Galaxy Buds - have been genuinely run of the mill, with little distinction to some other genuine wireless earphones available. With the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung has taken a turn an alternate way, utilizing a design that is one of a kind, yet not in a way that outrages. The outcome is a couple of earphones that, while not great, do have a ton of benefits.

Designed to appear as something else

  • Measurements: 27.3 x 16.5 x 14.9mm
  • Weight (per 'bud): 5.6g
  • Bean-style design
  • Minimized case
  The greater part of the discussion around the Buds Live will be fixated on the design - and as it should be. The Buds Live have a one of a kind design, with that bean-like shape being unmistakable. It's a takeoff from the ordinary tip-and-body design that so many genuine wireless earphones offer. Some peculiar earphone designs don't work - that may be expanding the mass external the ear or some other turn - however a lot shockingly, the Buds Live design works. Those beans slip into the ear actually comfortably. What these 'buds don't offer is a similar degree of detachment that you get from earphones like the Apple AirPods Pro. Rather Samsung's design settle into the ear, the shape helping for a cozy fit. There's one region of each 'buds that is rubberised towards the head of within, which appears to simply help the situating when in the ear. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live fit actually comfortably - so you can wear these in-ears for quite a long time without feeling like you have to offer your ears a reprieve. That is a truly sure highlight emerged from the design - that it's not simply design for the good of design. The 'buds arrive in an included reduced case, sufficiently little to slip into a pocket, yet at the same time useful for broadening the daily routine of the Buds Experience by as long as 28 hours. It's a straightforward and straightforward methodology, on account of a remarkable design - and we're totally supportive of it. samsung-galaxy-buds-live-review

Association and Galaxy Wearable application

  • Cosmic system Wearable or Galaxy Buds application
  To interface the Buds Live to your telephone, you'll need the application from Samsung. This is incorporated with Samsung telephones, however you'll need to download it for Android or iPhones. The application will enable you to interface - which we discovered to be a consistent cycle on the Samsung and Nokia telephone that we tried the Buds Live with. Over those two gadgets we've additionally discovered network to be strong, liberated from drop outs or other impedance, and quick to build up an association after opening the case. That is one thing to look out for - in the event that you go out marginally open, at that point your telephone will remain associated with your earphones. The application does much something beyond help you associate - it additionally lets you deal with the settings for the Buds Live, which is a significant piece of causing these earphones to carry on the manner in which you need. There are no catches, so all things considered it chips away at a progression of taps on the body of each 'buds once they're in your ears. It's a genuinely standard course of action: one tap to play/stop, two taps to play the following track or acknowledge/reject a call, three taps to avoid back a track, lastly tap-and-hold for a customisable activity. The choices for contact and-hold incorporate dynamic clamor dropping (ANC), volume control, voice order (Google Assistant, Bixby or Alexa (whenever introduced on your telephone)) lastly Spotify. You can dole out these alternatives to either 'bud, which means you can have two press-and-hold easy routes, with one special case - on the off chance that you pick volume control that defaults to volume up on one side and volume down on the other. POCKET-LINT The ANC choice is a switch, so you can turn it on or off on the fly, instead of flipping it in the application, which is a conceivably helpful expansion. At last, the Spotify choice is fun, since it will dispatch Spotify and resume playing on the off chance that you trigger that activity, without getting your telephone out of your pocket. Obviously, you could do that by means of voice control, yet we like having a Spotify trigger readily available. Control in general is straightforward, yet those taps should be somewhat more significant than you may at first think. It takes a touch of becoming acclimated to, however that is not an issue following a couple of long periods of utilization. There's likewise the choice to have your notices perused so anyone might hear, which is additionally controlled through the Galaxy Wearable application. As a matter of course, it's a determination of local Samsung applications, however you can open up the entire choice and pick those things you really need to be informed about. samsung-galaxy-buds-live-review

Sound quality and clamor dropping

  • Dynamic clamor abrogation
  • Equalizer presets
  • Test surrounding sound mode
  The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live set off on an aggressive element bend, offering that dynamic commotion scratch-off, just as the choice for encompassing sound passthrough by means of the "Labs" part of the Galaxy Wearable application. In any case, this is totally sabotaged by the design: as we said over, these earphones don't detach like those with a silicone tip, which eventually influences the viability of every one of these highlights. This is probably going to be marginally unique relying upon the state of your ear and how firmly the Buds Live fit in them, however for us, on the grounds that there is anything but an exact seal, it can't offer such exact ANC. Be that as it may, how about we start with sound quality. In truth, the sound performance of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is acceptable. Having an EQ in the application with a scope of presets implies you can avoid through and support or diminish the bass, for instance, and we've generally approved of getting a sweet stable over a full scope of music types and expressed word. It's a vastly improved encounter than the first Galaxy Buds as far as sound performance. Bring that into a loud climate and different variables become an integral factor. We could hear more foundation commotion through the Buds Live than we could through a couple of earphones that seal, for example, our Jabra Elite Active 75t every day drivers.  
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  A few people lean toward some level of encompassing clamor - that is one of the points of the Google Pixel Buds 2 - in spite of the fact that we'd state that that the Buds Live are superior to Google's earphones. Turn on the ANC and there's some decrease, however not a colossal sum. Once more, this will rely upon fit and we discovered we can distinguish a slight change in pressurization in the ears when ANC is turned on. In any event that implies there's some seal, if not to the degree that you may get from some different earphones. The surrounding sound lift alternative in Labs is fascinating. We've utilized these highlights from any semblance of Jabra and Sony before, however a similar reason applies. It can unfortunately do a limited amount of much without the secluding seal - for this situation, for us, the encompassing sound choice does nearly nothing, aside from increment the degree of murmur we can hear when wearing the earphones. samsung-galaxy-buds-live-review

Battery performance

  • Approx 6 hours battery life
  • 28 hours all out from case
  • 22 hours with ANC
  • Wireless charging
  You'll get around 7 hours of charge from the Buds Live, diminished to 6 hours when utilizing ANC. This present reality figures we've encountered are near those Samsung recommends. That is stretched out by the case to 28 hours - or 22 hours in case you're utilizing the commotion wiping out. That is not the longest, yet given the reduced organization of these earphones, we believe it's totally sensible. The other stunt that the Galaxy Buds Live have is wireless charging through that case. On the off chance that you own an ongoing Samsung telephone, that implies you can utilize switch wireless charging to give them a lift. Given that the battery is tiny generally speaking, it doesn't take long for a top-up. Samsung says you'll get an hour of playback from 5 minutes utilizing Wireless Powershare. On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize wireless charging, there's a USB-C association working on this issue for a wired association. samsung-galaxy-buds-live-review


While we appreciate wearing the Galaxy Buds Live for quite a long time at a time and we're content with the sound quality, the defeat, for us, is the fit and how powerful the seal is among 'buds and ear channel. At last, that will come down to the state of your ears. So if your essential intrigue is in having a couple of dynamic commotion dropping earphones to lessen foundation unsettling influences - be that in the workplace, or on the drive - at that point you should search somewhere else for an additionally demanding/customized fit. However, in the event that you don't end up upset by foundation clamor and need a couple of earphones that look extraordinary and offer some serious highlights, at that point the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live offer bounty - and we think bode well than the Google Pixel Buds 2.

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