Samsung Q95T 4K QLED TV review

Quick verdict

A cost-effective choice for those not yet convinced by 8K. It is a downgrade on 2019’s 4K flagship, but it still offers many of the features found in the higher-end 8K range, including AI-enhanced upscaling and Object Tracking Sound. It also delivers a cracking pictures and includes support for next-gen consoles – making it a great choice for gamers.


  • Superb standard dynamic range and HDR pictures
  • Impressive local dimming
  • Effective image processing
  • Wider viewing angles
  • Comprehensive smart platform
  • Excellent gaming performance

  • Doesn’t use a 10-bit panel
  • No Dolby Vision or Atmos support
  • Technically a downgrade on 2019’s 4K flagship model

Samsung’s principle spotlight might be on 8K televisions nowadays, however given the current absence of substance at that goal, many are simply more intrigued by a 4K elective. The Q95T speaks to the head of the organization’s QLED 4K line-up, while bragging numerous the highlights found on the better quality 8K models.

These highlights incorporate an immediate full-exhibit backdrop illumination with nearby darkening, the most recent AI-improved upscaling, an enemy of reflection screen, Object Tracking Sound (OTS), gaming highlights, a One Connect box to keep links far out, and the full Tizen OS with an exhaustive decision of web-based features.

Plan, associations and control


  • One Connect Box
  • Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; AirPlay 2
  • Single fiber optic link that incorporates power
  • 4x HDMI contributions with eARC; 3x USB; Ethernet


The Samsung Q95T sports the organization’s ‘unlimited’ plan, with a 2mm wide edge around the top and side edges of the undercarriage, and a marginally more extensive casing along the base. It’s amazingly smooth, in spite of the fact that not exactly as cool as the 8K ‘boundlessness’ screen, where the picture goes out to the edge.

By and large the QT95 is a dazzling bit of modern plan, with a brushed metal external edge, a finished back board, and an enemy of reflection channel on the front. The fabricate quality is fantastic, and the entire set estimates just 35mm profound, in spite of containing an immediate full cluster LED backdrop illumination and six speakers.

The strong stand reflects the board’s smooth styling, and is calculated forward to make the dream the picture is exquisitely coasting in space. The stand is done in carbon silver, measures 300 x 280mm, and there’s 110mm of freedom in case you’re wanting to utilize a soundbar.


On the off chance that you’d preferably divider mount the Q95T, there’s the discretionary ‘No-Gap’ section, while the included One Connect box permits the screen to be associated by a solitary slim link, making establishment wreck free. The TV accompanies an almost undetectable 10m link, yet a discretionary 15m form is additionally accessible.

The One Connect box houses four HDMI inputs, one of which (HDMI 3) underpins eARC (which you can peruse more about here). One of HDMI inputs is fit for dealing with 4K/120Hz, VRR (variable revive rate) and ALLM (auto low-inertness mode), settling on this TV an extraordinary decision for gamers – except if you’re anticipating purchasing both contending cutting edge reassures.

There are likewise two USB 2.0 sources of info, twin tuners for earthly and satellite transmissions, a CI space, an optical computerized yield, an ex interface 3.5mm jack, and an Ethernet port. As far as remote associations, there’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and backing for Apple AirPlay 2.

The are two controllers: an essential dark form and a smooth metal critic with an ergonomic shape that makes it agreeable to hold and simple to use with one hand. There’s a receiver for voice control, and direct access catches for Netflix, Amazon and Rakuten TV.

Highlights: AI-upgraded imaging and cutting edge uphold


  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) uphold: HDR10, HLG, HDR10+
  • Handling motor: Quantum 4K Processor with AI
  • 100% of DCI-P3 and 1700nits of pinnacle brilliance
  • Against reflection screen and Ultra Viewing Angle


The Samsung Q95T brags the 2020 emphasis the organization’s Quantum Processor 4K. This uses AI-upgraded AI to convey unrivaled upscaling and picture handling, just as an Adaptive Picture mode to modify the picture on-the-fly – in spite of the fact that the last mode is best stayed away from as we would like to think.

The Quantum Processor additionally examinations the sound sign and the TV’s area in the space to improve the sonic exhibition. There’s Adaptive Sound+ (which Samsung portrays as a constant scene-by-scene examination to distinguish sound sort), alongside Active Voice Amplifier for more clear exchange, and Adaptive Volume that alters the volume dependent on content.

For 2020 Samsung has included Object Tracking Sound (OTS), which utilizes six speakers and 60W of enhancement for a more vivid sonic experience. Alongside the left and right speakers at the base, there are a couple of subs and extra speakers at the top for more noteworthy drenching.

There’s help for high unique range, explicitly HDR10 and HDR10+, with dynamic metadata intended to tailor the exhibition on a scene-by-scene premise. The Q95T additionally underpins HLG (mixture log-gamma), which is the new transmission standard utilized by the BBC and others.

Samsung claims a pinnacle splendor of 2,000 nits and 100% inclusion of DCI-P3 shading, yet in our genuine estimations the pinnacle brilliance finished out at 1,700 nits and the shading array arrived at 94 percent of DCI-P3 – which is still great, only not as guaranteed.

The Q95T incorporates a few highlights originally presented in 2019: an enemy of reflection screen and Ultra Viewing Angle innovation. The previous is intended to lessen reflections from encompassing light in the room, and functions admirably, making this a successful TV for daytime seeing.


The Ultra Viewing Angle tech tends to an innate restriction in the VA boards that Samsung utilizes in its QLED TVs. This development altogether diminishes the shading and difference drop-off experienced as you see the TV at more outrageous review points, and demonstrates profoundly successful.

The Q95T utilizes an immediate LED backdrop illumination with Quantum Dot channels that produce more splendid and cleaner hues, accordingly growing the shading range. There’s additionally neighborhood diminishing, and keeping in mind that Samsung’s calculation is exceptionally successful, we checked 120 free zones, which is less than the past model.

Samsung has likewise included a Filmmaker Mode, which is intended to convey a picture that speaks to the substance maker’s unique aims. It utilizes brilliance and shading settings to coordinate the business norms, and turns off any pointless preparing or casing introduction.

Picture quality: An amazing all-rounder

The Samsung Q95T probably won’t be very also determined as the past Q90R, however the exhibition stays noteworthy. The TV conveys a spotless and definite picture whether or not you’re watching standard unique range or HDR content, the dark level conveyance is strong, features are appropriately splendid, and hues pleasingly immersed.

The AI-improved picture preparing and upscaling is exceptionally viable, in any event, making standard definition content watchable. There are no conspicuous antiques, despite the fact that the absence of sharpness and lucidity is clear once you change to a similar program in superior quality. Working with higher goal content, the processor can press out every single pixel of detail.

At the point when you feed the Q95T a 4K signal it’s ready to truly sparkle, uncovering a delightful introduction that is overflowing with fine detail, nuanced hues, and inky blacks. The nearby diminishing is applied with momentous expertise, notwithstanding the decreased number of zones. Thus a dull show like The Haunting of Hill House remains plainly characterized, and never slips into a swamp of smeared grays.

Given its pinnacle brilliance this TV doesn’t have to tone map 1,000 nits content by any means, yet works admirably of planning 4,000 nits content, guaranteeing there is detail in both the shadows and the features. The nearby diminishing calculation likewise conveys splendid features with no recognizable blossoming, which upgrades the general insight.

The utilization of Quantum Dots considers an unrivaled shading volume, even at high splendor, which permits the Q95T to exploit the more extensive shading array utilized in HDR. An extraordinary model is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, which is an uproar of immersed hues that the Samsung renders with superb degrees of detail.

The Q95T likewise dazzles with regards to movement taking care of, and with Picture Clarity settings killed any 24p substance looks smooth, with no judder or undesirable relics. The movement settings apply outline addition, bringing about smoothing, which can be helpful when survey sports; while the LED Clear Motion setting utilizes dark edge inclusion, obscuring the picture, yet improving the movement.

The implicit applications produce some brilliant 4K and HDR pictures, and on account of Amazon Prime there’s the additional upgrade of HDR10+. The degrees of detail and difference are similarly as amazing when viewing Netflix, Apple TV+ and Disney+, and given each of the three of these applications use Dolby Vision it’s baffling that the Q95T doesn’t uphold the organization.

The Q95T offers various highlights focused on the PS5 and Xbox Series X cutting edge supports. These incorporate VRR (variable revive rate) for synchronizing the TV’s invigorate rate with the comfort’s edge rate, subsequently diminishing tearing, alongside help for 4K at 120Hz. Samsung’s QLED TVs additionally uphold AMD Freesync, yet the organization is still during the time spent ensuring Nvidia G-Sync.

There’s ALLM (auto low-dormancy mode) for consequently recognizing a reassure and choosing the Game mode, bringing about a squint and-you-miss-it input slack of simply 9.4ms. Anyway this can bring about a level of glimmer, so the Game Motion Plus is intended to streamline movement. This component is viable, yet in doing so it builds the slack to 22.5ms – in spite of the fact that that is as yet an exceptionally quick reaction time.

At long last there’s a multi-see mode that permits you to watch two unique sources all the while. You can modify the size of the two picture-in-picture screens, change their general position and pick which has sound need. This element isn’t really game-explicit, however it’s helpful for gaming while at the same time viewing YouTube instructional exercises.

Savvy highlights: Comprehensive stage


  • Tizen OS
  • Alexa/Google Assistant/Bixby worked in


Samsung’s savvy stage is based around the Tizen working framework, and stays a smooth, natural and simple to-explore interface. There’s a launcher bar along the base and a second layer that gives quicker admittance to the video web-based features.

With regards to streaming applications there’s a complete decision, with Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, Rakuten, YouTube, and all the UK TV make up for lost time administrations. Samsung additionally bolsters Disney+ and AppleTV+, giving its foundation a full place of video-related applications.

The Universal Guide causes you monitor this substance by introducing everything by means of an easy to use interface. It at that point utilizes AI to examine your survey propensities and make a solitary ‘For You’ page with customized substance to suit your preferences.

New for 2020 is the Digital Butler, which takes into consideration brisk and simple association via consequently filtering for close by gadgets, recognizing them and afterward speaking to every one of them in a straightforward graphical manner.

The Q95T additionally offers the advantages of inherent savvy associates, with Samsung at present contribution its own Bixby, alongside Amazon Alexa. The organization intends to include Google Assistant eventually, and you can even access Siri through Apple’s AirPlay 2.

The main irritating part of Samsung’s shrewd framework is the necessity that you make a Samsung account when first setting-up the TV (expecting you don’t as of now have one). This outright endeavor to integrate you with the organization’s environment is disappointing and tedious.

Sound quality: Object following sound


  • Article Tracking Sound (OTS)
  • Versatile Sound+
  • Q Symphony


The Q95T’s reconciliation of its six speakers is consistent, taken cover behind an example of small openings in the external edge of the TV bureau. The sound quality is additionally amazing, with an open soundstage and a lot of intensity in the intensification.

At the point when you initially introduce the TV there’s a sound improvement include that conveys test tones and measures them utilizing worked in amplifiers. This permits you to streamline the sonic exhibition relying upon whether the TV is stand-or divider mounted.

Item Tracking Sound doesn’t simply include more speakers, it additionally examinations the sound sign and uses refined handling to adjust sounds to the area of explicit pictures on the screen. It truly works, making a drawing in involvement in improved directionality and drenching.


There’s no ready Dolby Atmos deciphering, yet the Q95T can send Atmos back through ARC from its inner applications to a supporting soundbar or AV collector. Since it likewise bolsters eARC, the Q95T can even pass lossless sound back through HDMI to a supporting soundbar or AV beneficiary.

In the event that you have a 2020 Samsung soundbar, you can likewise profit by Q-Symphony which furnishes sound cooperative energy with the TV. This component empowers the speakers in the soundbar to work related to the top speakers on the Q95T, bringing about an expanded feeling of submersion.

Anything missing?

Similarly as with the entirety of Samsung’s TVs the Q95T doesn’t uphold Dolby Vision – a HDR design that utilizes dynamic metadata to convey a more refined encounter. There is uphold for HDR10+, which is comparative, yet there’s fundamentally more substance accessible in Dolby Vision.

Not at all like its archetype the Q95T utilizes a 8-digit (FRC) board, and it would show up Samsung is just utilizing local 10-bit boards on its 8K line-up in 2020. While it’s a disgrace that a top of the line 4K model isn’t 10-cycle, actually you very likely won’t notice any distinction with genuine review material.

While we’re regarding the matter of Dolby, the Q95T likewise does exclude from board Atmos object-based sound translating. It’s a disgrace in light of the fact that with every one of those additional speakers for Object Tracking Sound, the outcomes would be noteworthy. In any event the Q95T can pass lossless Atmos back by means of eARC.

Samsung’s savvy stage is irrefutably extensive, yet it does exclude Freeview Play. This isn’t generally an issue since all the UK TV get up to speed administrations are available and right, yet it implies these aren’t coordinated inside the EPG (electronic program control).


The Samsung Q95T ends up being a brilliant all-round 4K entertainer, offering the advantages of QLED splendor and shading and huge numbers of the highlights found in the better quality 8K models. This TV conveys a fabulous picture with both standard powerful range and HDR, and gratitude to a large group of gaming highlights and an extraordinarily low info slack, it’s additionally ideal for in-your-face gamers.

The consideration of six speakers and Object Tracking Sound outcomes in a TV that sounds great, making for a pleasant change, while there are additionally valuable highlights like eARC. Moreover the brilliant stage is smooth and responsive, in addition to it flaunts each application you’ll ever likely need. Truth be told the main genuine protest is Samsung’s proceeded with refusal to grasp Dolby Vision.

The QT95 is a practical decision for those not yet persuaded by 8K. It is a downsize on 2019’s 4K lead, yet it actually offers a significant number of the highlights found in the better quality 8K territory, while conveying splitting pictures and including support for the up and coming gen of consoles – settling on it an incredible decision for gamers.