Quick verdictThis third-gen watch feels like Skagen has got more pieces in order to create a device that's attractive, fashionable and practical. Read full verdict
  • Lovely design
  • GPS and NFC included
  • Plenty of storage for offline music
  • Smooth and steady performance
  • Google Fit is limited
  • Battery barely lasts more than a day in standard mode
Fossil Group is more likely than not the main motivation Wear OS despite everything exists as a stage for smartwatches. Under the organization's umbrella is a plenty of brands, each recognizing from one other through various structure center. Diesel offers the eye-getting and intense structures, while Fossil has the more conventional and genuine vibe, and - among others - there's Skagen.
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Skagen separates itself by being the moderate in the gathering, offering that shortsighted look we've come to acknowledge as 'Scandinavian style'. It's not particular, it doesn't over-expound on anything, yet still looks awesome. In the smartwatch world, it's the Falster extend that has been the flagbearer for that approach, which is presently in its third era appearance. The inquiry is: does it at last have the innovative slashes to make it advantageous?


  • 42 x 11 mm hardened steel case
  • Tempered steel squash tie (different materials accessible)
  • Three catches, including pivoting crown
  • 3ATM waterproof
While a ton of a similar motivation lives on in the Falster 3 that has been in both of its forerunners, there's been a great deal of progress since Skagen propelled the first Falster watch. skagen-falster-3-review Like the Falster 2 preceding it, the third-age watch has three catches on its side. The center is to a greater extent a turning crown than only a straightforward catch however. While you can squeeze it inwards to dispatch the application menu, it's apparently at its best being pivoted to look through records and notices. It has an overall quite smooth movement thus feels very much made. The case on our specific survey unit is a gunmetal dim, which has a beautiful matte completion to it, supplementing the matte dark bezel around the presentation. We're not huge aficionados of the gunmetal steel band that accompanies this design, yet that is completely close to home inclination. We found the connections got arm hair very promptly when really putting it on, while the catch alteration wasn't the least demanding for our favored fit. We'd a lot of rather an attractive fixing technique, like Apple's Milanese Loop. Once on, in any case, it's agreeable and well-fitting. Skagen sells different designs of band material and case finish however, including sportier silicon work groups and cowhide lashes. Furthermore, the watch has a standard 22mm fast delivery tie fitting, so finding your own band to fit the watch won't be a test. We changed out the metal work band for the earthy colored calfskin lash that initially accompanied the Fossil Explorist, which works truly well against the dim dark and dark completion of the Falster 3. skagen-falster-3-review     One thing we love about the Skagen watch is its general size. At 11mm thick, the case isn't at all cumbersome, while the 42mm watch width doesn't occupy a huge amount of space on the wrist either. Truly, tiny wrists may think that its somewhat large, yet we think it'll fit much a greater number of individuals than a portion of the chunkier watches out there. Include that this specific watch is waterproof to 3ATM (30 meters) and you have a watch that doesn't simply look keen, prepared for work, yet additionally one that can endure essentially any activity, regardless of whether they be truly damp with sweat HIIT meetings, long runs in the downpour, or swimming in untamed water. It can deal with every last bit of it. Not terrible for a tasteful moderate design thing, eh?

Rapid and useful

  • Snapdragon 3100 processor
  • 1GB RAM + 8GB capacity
  • Wear OS
In earlier years, we've since quite a while ago whined about WearOS smartwatches - especially from design brands - for being moderate, laggy and ailing in essential highlights that guarantee they could not hope to compare to the Apple Watch. With the most recent harvest of wristwear from Fossil Group in any case, that is completely changed. skagen-falster-3-review Inside the watch - in the event that you burrow around the internals - you'll discover the Snapdragon 3100 wearable processor, which means general collaborations and livelinesss are smooth and liquid. Press the catch to dispatch the applications rundown and it shows up in a flash. Looking through that rundown, it appears to be a slight piece stuttery still, however it isn't so much that recognizable except if you're searching for it. Swiping down from the head of the watch face to get to fast settings, or swiping up to get to your notices, is comparatively expedient and responsive. The main time you truly need to hold up at all is the point at which you dispatch an application. Contingent upon which application you're attempting to get to - and how much information it needs to download to refresh - it can take two or three seconds to stack up. Which, once more, is truly not awful by any stretch of the imagination. The Falster 3's screen is incredible as well. It's a totally round 1.3-inch AMOLED board, so blacks are truly profound, hues are striking. It's additionally sharp enough to empower a portion of Skagen's notorious flimsy lines, numbers and lettering, and has the Always-On highlight to guarantee you can generally observe the time - even with the viewing slipping into its surrounding mode. Highlight savvy, you get nearly all that you'd anticipate from a smartwatch. Use it with an Android telephone and you get answer to notices and messages from famous informing applications (counting SMS), and you can even settle on and get decisions from the watch utilizing the underlying amplifier and mouthpiece. This specific speaker is very clear as well, so you won't battle to hear the individual on the opposite end.
  skagen-falster-3-review Google Pay backing and NFC joined methods you can even utilize the watch to make contactless installment. The main drawback is there are still some significant banks holding out on help for GPay, so you'll have to check with your bank first. You get GPS for area following, a pulse sensor, enough (8GB) capacity to have several disconnected melodies put away (as long as you use Google Play Music), and Bluetooth for tuning in with remote headphones as well.

Outsider wellness following is ideal

  • Google Fit included
  • Pulse screen and GPS
Maybe the region Google needs to take a shot at with Wear OS the most is wellness and wellbeing. As far as the measure of information and highlights offered by Google Fit, it's some way off contending with any semblance of Apple's Health/Workouts mix. Indeed, even Huawei Health is miles ahead as far as diving down profound into important exercise information, similar to Samsung's other option. For example, Wear OS offers no particular indoor exercise bicycle mode for following cycling on a fixed bicycle, so you're compelled to utilize the open air biking choice, which attempts to utilize GPS to follow your static area. At that point, when the activity is done, you get essential measurements on your exhibition. For general wellbeing and wellness following, that may be sufficient for you, yet we'd recommend introducing one of many Wear OS practice following applications to get more knowledge into your wellness. Google Fit has no preparation plans, just truly estimating you against two measurements: Move Minutes and Heart Pts. Those are basically only there to show that you've moved during the day, or done exercise.

Battery life

  • 24+ hours standard use
  • Attractive charger
How long the battery keeps going on a Wear OS watch relies particularly upon how you use it. With the entirety of its highlights - pulse screen, consistently in plain view, warnings, Wi-Fi and such - all turned on you'll likely need to charge it consistently. Particularly in the event that you exercise routinely and track your meetings utilizing GPS on the watch. skagen-falster-3-review In this all out mode with the Falster 3, we arrived at the finish of an entire day with around 35 percent battery remaining. Not exactly enough to endeavor a subsequent day. Where Wear OS shows its quality, in any case, is that you're ready to pick between different battery-stretching out modes to improve it. Pick 'Stretched out', for example, and Bluetooth will turn itself off somewhere in the range of 10pm and 6am, the Always-on screen will be off, as will framework sounds and Wi-Fi. Besides, area will be killed, except if you need it for something explicit. In like manner, 'alright Google' discovery will be off, however pulse following stays on. All with an end goal to spare enough battery to get you through a couple of days one after another. 'Time Only' mode does what it says: you simply get the opportunity to see the time. Nothing that makes a smartwatch savvy will be dynamic in this mode, so it's valuable if charge is truly coming up short, however you would prefer not to totally turn off the watch. On account of disposing of the remote charging circles from previously, the Falster 3 can charge before long. It utilizes an attractive circle with two metal contact focuses that line up with the metal rings on the underside of the watch case. IFA 2020 unique with Nvidia, Samsung, Philips and that's only the tip of the iceberg - Pocket-build up Podcast 69 Around 50 minutes at the attachment is sufficient to get it from dead back up to 80 percent. So in the event that you neglected to charge it short-term, simply dock it on its charger while you eat, shower and prepare for work, and you should pretty much get enough charge to endure to home time.


With the Falster 3, it seems like Skagen has got more pieces so as to make a smartwatch that is appealing, stylish and useful. You can make contactless installments, answer to notices, grasp without hands calls, and even track every one of your exercises. We'd suggest an outsider games following application for the remainder of those highlights, yet the reality it can do everything is a significant in addition to. Wear OS is showing signs of improvement, yet it's as yet not great. Google's Fit stage for sports and movement following is truly unsatisfactory - contrasted and the information and highlights offered by any semblance of Apple, Huawei and Samsung - and that is some place the organization needs to contribute additional time and consideration. All things considered, in case you're an Android client, you'll get practically all the savvy highlights you could need in the Skagen Falster 3, in a watch that looks and feels awesome.

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