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If what you're after is as much power as you can get in a small package, Sony's A6600 is a very tempting offering. Read full verdict

  • Real-time tracking and AF is fast and accurate
  • In-body stabilisation
  • 4K HDR video capture
  • Longer battery life
  • Flip up screen design isn't great
  • No 4K60p (but there is 30p)
  • Quite pricey
  • Many of the features available on the A6400
The A6600 is Sony's most remarkable A6000 arrangement camera to date. Simply perusing the spec sheet clarifies that in case you're after a smaller, premium camera with all the fancy odds and ends, you should consider the A6600 on your shopping list. It flaunts a few upgrades over its forerunners, remembering for body adjustment, much better battery life, 4K HDR video catch, constant face-and eye-following for individuals and creatures, and a smooth plan that is anything but difficult to hold and convey throughout the day.
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Obviously, with its top of the line highlights comes a top of the line sticker price, yet it's still appropriately less expensive (and littler) than any of Sony's A7 arrangement, and that may very well make it a victor. Particularly when joined with one of Sony's new very good quality G Master focal points. sony-a6600-review

Upscale, simple

  • Sony E-Mount focal points
  • Magnesium combination development
  • Residue/dampness safe plan
  • 180 degree tilt-point touchscreen
  • Coordinated earphone jack + mic input
Take a gander at it from a careful distance and there's bounty about the A6600's looks that make it promptly natural. It's obviously a Sony A6000 arrangement camera, with its minimal rectangular body and the E-Mount focal point mount on the front that takes up virtually the entirety of the accessible space.Regardless of a marginally heavier weight contrasted with its antecedents, the A6600 feels like an incredible parity; it's little, which is extraordinary, however it likewise feels all around made, strong and tough. That is prevalently on account of the magnesium compound undercarriage which offers a dampness and residue safe form. The grasp configuration is extraordinary as well. It doesn't feel little or excessively confined, giving you a decent close by feel, just encouraged by the grippy surface and the rejigged situation of the force/screen catches on top. With everything taken into account, it's truly simple to utilize one-gave, regardless of whether you're out going for quite a long time. It's not all hunky dory however. Sony has kept with its own form of an articulating screen on the back, which is both incredible and not all that good at the same time. We welcome the durability and quality gave by the pivots, instrument and confining that holds the little LCD screen set up. It's not excessively free, so you can get it absolutely how you need it, and realize that it will remain there. It is by all accounts missing a stunt however. At the point when flipped 180-degrees - permitting you to see yourself when shooting a video blog or a selfie - the screen isn't totally in see. A minuscule fragment of the showcase's base edge gets impeded by the head of the camera. All the more frustratingly for videographers, nonetheless, is that it sits legitimately behind the hot-shoe mount, which implies that in the event that you have a mic or remote mic unit mounted on to it, you're totally impeding the presentation, delivering it totally pointless.Something else, there's the standard sprinkling of catches and controls on the rear of the camera, a large portion of which are anything but difficult to make sense of in the event that you plunk down with it for a couple of moments, and incorporate the two custom capacity catches on the top edge that you can set to control what you need. Regardless of whether that be exchanging among creature and human following mode, or something different completely. The film recording button took a short time to become accustomed to for us however. As opposed to be put on top, or close to the fundamental shade button, it's small and gracelessly positioned on the corner, simply behind the fixing focuses for the shoulder tie. Fortunately, you can program the camera to utilize the screen button. It makes you can't help thinking about why Sony utilized such a strangely little film catch and afterward put it in an odd position.

Auto paradise

  • 24.3MP APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor, Bionz X picture preparing motor
  • Quick Hybrid self-adjust: 425 focuses stage and difference location
  • New Z battery goes on for up to 810 shots
  • Constant shooting up to 11fps
We could list the amazing specs on this conservative APS-C camera until they emerged from our ears, however to really utilize it you'll get to a greater extent a feeling of how great it very well may be. The one thing that stood apart from our testing was exactly how quick this camera is. It centers in a matter of moments by any means, with a speedy half-press of the shade, and afterward nearly as fast snaps the shot when you completely push down the screen button.You can see the aftereffects of these endeavors in the assortment above, where we tried it shooting a scope of various shots, both close-up and zoomed-in from far away. Utilizing the new 16-55mm focal point we had the option to get some exquisite close-up shots with a pleasant smooth bokeh out of sight, with incredible hues and surfaces in the picture. We can't sing this new focal point's gestures of recognition enough, it's genuinely awesome. Joined with this camera you get photographs that a fresh, sharp and uniformly adjusted, with incredible powerful range and truly sharp subtleties. What's more, it didn't appear to make a difference if light levels dropped possibly, you can in any case get generally commotion free pictures with no substantial graining. Get both camera and focal point together and you're taking a gander at paying upwards of £2,500, however, yet we should not overlook that is still £1,000 off the cost you'd need to pay just to get the body of the most recent Sony A7R full-outline camera. In view of that examination, we'd state it merits the cost on the off chance that you have the financial plan for it. If not, there are a lot of other less expensive focal points to kick you off. Fueling the A6600 is a similar progressed Bionz X picture handling motor that is inside the a lot bigger A9 camera. Once more, a camera that costs significantly more than what you'll be charged for this A6000 arrangement model. This empowers exciting constant following and self-adjust highlights. In the case of shooting video or photograph, the A6600 precisely and rapidly bolts onto subjects effortlessly. For those occasions where it wasn't exactly bolting onto the ideal component in the edge, you can simply contact the screen and select where you need it to center. It not just uses cross breed stage and differentiation location self-adjust more than 425 focuses, yet in addition consequently recognizes faces and eyes, and can follow them when they're moving in the shot, zeroing in on them. You can even change it to zero in on creature eyes rather in the event that you need. At the point when you consider this camera offers super battery life as well, it's as though there aren't any genuine trade offs whatsoever. Sony guarantees up to 810 stills from a completely energized battery, and we don't believe it's distant that. Upon first opening it we shot around 70-80 shots in generally brisk progression, and shot a little video in 4K goal, and found the battery depleted minimal more than 10 percent. sony-a6600-review

4K video hacks

  • 4K video - 30fps - HDR (HLG)
  • Overly 35mm configuration
  • 1080p at up to 100fps
  • 5-hub In body adjustment
  • Ongoing following/Eye AF
For the videographers and vloggers of the world, Sony has guaranteed the A6600 is furnished with some entirely superior specs and capacities. The point: to give an extraordinary B camera experience for experts, while at the same time giving prosumers and vloggers something that is exceptionally skilled. Truth be told, it's a device that makes shooting extraordinary video too straightforward. All the highlights that make taking pictures simple likewise work in video/film mode as well. What's more, that implies you get the constant following and self-adjusting in any event, when you're shooting in 4K film. Consolidate that with the in-body five-pivot adjustment and you have something that keeps center around your subject easily, however does it without an extreme measure of insecurity when shooting handheld. It's noteworthy practically speaking as well. Following a quick moving pigeon around Copenhagen's food markets kept the winged animal in center and - similarly as significant - was accomplished quietly. Likewise, we had the option to film cyclists hurrying past while additionally keeping them in center all through the casing. Obviously, video quality isn't the main thing that is important to video producers. Sound quality, accommodation and common sense matter as well, and that is the reason Sony incorporated a small bunch of extremely fundamental ports along one side. Most significant are the two 3.5mm jacks, for mic/line-in and earphone out. That implies you can not just connect an outside receiver (in any event, utilizing an appropriate mic with XLR, giving you have the correct connector), yet you can likewise screen your levels with a couple of wired earphones. For outer checking of visuals, as opposed to sound, there's a small HDMI port, which permits you to connect your camera to a screen. sony-a6600-review In video terms the A6600 is an adaptable camera. Some videographers may wail over the absence of 4K60p account however - and we're somewhat frustrated not to see this higher casing rate here. Be that as it may, with the expansion of 100p Full HD video, you can at present shoot sharp video and back it off without losing any perfection. It just won't be at Ultra-HD goal. Just as the issue with the screen being impeded by any mounted embellishments or mouthpieces the main other video dissatisfaction is that Sony's camera doesn't spare the video documents in a similar organizer as the photographs on the memory card. You need to go burrowing through a progression of organizers. It's finished mystery, since none of them are named "video". When you know where they are, it's not as large an issue, however it appears to be a little outlandish.
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In case you're searching for a little, tough camera that sneaks up suddenly then the Sony A6600 is the camera for you. It's a versatile force to be reckoned with, bragging numerous specs you'd just find in a greater and substantially more costly models, similar to the Sony A7 or A9. Video creators may weep over the A6600's absence of 4K recording at 60 casings for every second, and they'd be on the whole correct to do as such if it's a key aspect of their work process, however you can take shots at 4K30. This is seemingly the main thing missing based on what is a generally flawless camera. That, and the flippy-up screen that is not that all around situated when shooting yourself - it definitely should come out the

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