In addition to farming in Stardew Valley, you'll have the hazard to end up a fashion icon. There are heaps of various shirts, pants, and hats to try on. Many of those pieces of clothing may be crafted at the stitching machine, however others will take a piece greater effort. In this manual, we are going to cross over each hat that you could purchase from Hat Mouse. Rather than having access to all his hats, you will need to unlock them. Some of the unlocking requirements take a long term, so you'll be able to get new hats as you development via the sport. First, allow's take a look at a way to release Hat Mouse's keep.

Unlocking Hat Mouse

player reading mail from hat mouse
Prior to visiting Hat Mouse, you will need to unlock his shop. Fortunately, this is easy, and you should be able to complete this within the first or second season. For Hat Mouse to appear, you will need to complete one achievement. There are many achievements for you to collect over the course of the game, with some more difficult than others. Below, you can find a list of simple achievements that you can unlock early in the game.
  • Greenhorn: Earn 15,000g
  • A New Friend: Reach a 5-heart friendship level with someone
  • D.I.Y: Craft 15 different items
  • Fisherman: Catch 10 different fish
Once you have completed your first achievement, Hat Mouse will send you some mail telling you that his shop is now open. His location isn't mentioned, so let's take a look at where you can find him.

Where To Find Hat Mouse

map open with hat mouse area circled
Hat Mouse's location isn't well marked on the map. He will set up shop in the abandoned house in the south part of Cindersap Forest, which cannot be found on the map. Below, you can find the route to hat mouse starting from Marnie's Ranch.
  1. From the ranch, head left towards the lake.
  2. Keep heading left until you are in the area with the Wizard's Tower.
  3. Once at the tower, head south.
  4. There will be a thin section of land that curves to the right.
  5. At the end of the section, you will see the abandoned house with Hat Mouse inside. Talk to him and buy a hat!
Hat Mouse's shop will always be open. If the Festival of Ice or Flower Dance is happening, this area will be blocked off and you cannot talk to Hat Mouse. During every other festival though, you can still speak to Hat Mouse.

Hats Available

player standing in front of hat mouse shop during the day
Now that you've made it to Hat Mouse, let's move over each hat that he sells. These hats will release relying on certain achievements. Additionally, every hat will price 1,000g. Below, you can discover each hat, as well as the achievement related to it. As you'll see, these hats are supposed to be accumulated over the route of the sport. Many of those achievements will take a few in-game years to complete.
Good Ol' Cap
  • Greenhorn
    • Earn 15,000g
Lucky Bow
  • Cowpoke
    • Earn 50,000g
Cool Cap
  • Homesteader
    • Earn 250,000g
Bowler Hat
  • Millionaire
    • Earn 1,000,000g
  • Legend
    • Earn 10,000,000g
Blue Bonnet
  • Treasure Trove
    • Donate 40 items to the Museum
Cowboy Hat
  • A Complete Collection
    • Complete Museum collection
Butterfly Bow
  • A New Friend
    • Reach a 5-heart friendship level with someone
Mouse Ears
  • Best Friends
    • Reach a 10-heart friendship level with someone
Cat Ears
  • The Beloved Farmer
    • Reach a 10-heart friendship with eight people
  • Cliques
    • Reach a 5-heart friendship level with four people
Santa Hat
  • Networking
    • Reach a 5-heart friendship level with ten people
  • Popular
    • Reach a 5-heart friendship level with 20 people
Delicate Bow
  • Cook
    • Cook 10 recipes
Plum Chapeau
  • Sous Chef
    • Cook 25 recipes
Archer's Cap
  • Gourmet Chef
    • Cook every recipe
  • Moving Up
    • Upgrade your house (at least once)
Hunter's Cap
  • Living Large
    • Upgrade house to the maximum size
  • D.I.Y.
    • Craft 15 items
Trucker Hat
  • Artisan
    • Craft 30 items
Gnome's Cap
  • Craft Master
    • Craft every item
  • Fisherman
    • Cath 10 different fish
Official Cap
  • Ol' Mariner
    • Catch 24 different fish
Eye Patch
  • Master Angler
    • Catch every fish
Watermelon Band
  • Mother Catch
    • Catch 100 fish
Polka Bow
  • Gofer
    • Complete 10 Help Wanted Quests
Chicken Mask
  • A Big Help
    • Complete 40 Help Wanted Quests
Cowpoke Hat
  • Polyculture
    • Ship 15 of each crop
Cowgal Hat
  • Monoculture
    • Ship 300 of one crop
Goblin Mask
  • Full Shipment
    • Ship Every Item
Chef Hat
  • Gourmet Chef
    • Cook every recipe (you will receive this hat as well as the Archer's Cap)
Straw Hat
  • Win the Egg Hunt at the Egg Festival
Sailor's Cap
  • Win the fishing competition at the Festival of Ice
Elegant Turban
  • Earn every other Achievement
The Straw Hat and Sailor's Cap are not tied to any achievement. Instead, you'll have to take part within the competition events. Winning the event will praise you with the hat, however you may purchase additional copies from Hat Mouse. Lastly, you will be capable of area most of these hats on your self, as well as to your youngsters, your horse, and rarecrow 3. To accomplish that, stroll up to the object/character with the hat of your desire selected for your inventory. Interacting with object/person will region the hat on their head. That's each hat available from hat mouse. Be certain to prevent via each now and again to buy the new hats you unencumber!