We all have regrets in life — matters we needed we hadn’t stated, dangers we need to have taken, and relationships we wish had long gone otherwise. Many humans have regrets about their careers and the trails they took, and like lots of its gameplay capabilities, that’s some thing Stardew Valley takes into consideration. In case you regret the selection you made while choosing Professions (otherwise you sincerely have special wishes now), Stardew doesn’t lock you into a preference permanently. The flexibility of the sport is one of the many high-quality things about it, together with the ability to completely trade your appearance, clothes, and farm constructing colors. Let’s observe the mechanic for converting your Profession in the sport, that is the Statue of Uncertainty. Updated on November 28, 2021 by Michael Christopher: We've given this list a bit of a reformat to make it more helpful. You'll now find the Profession choices in organized tables, and we've added some more information on how the Statue of Uncertainty works.

What Is the Statue?

talking to the statue of uncertainty
The Statue of Uncertainty is a lovable, spherical statue that can be located inside the Sewers of Pelican Town. Once you benefit get entry to to the Sewers, you can have interaction with the statue at any time. The statue asks if you wish to exchange any of your unlocked Professions for the fee of 10,000g. The five Skills to be had for Profession-changing are Farming, Foraging, Fishing, Mining, and Combat. Choose the one you’d like to alternate and wait till you go to sleep that night time, whilst you'll be given the capability to select new Professions. The prompt for reaching Level 5 inside the decided on ability will arise, supplying you with the choice of selecting a one of a kind Profession route. If you've got a second Profession unlocked through attaining Level 10, you'll also want to pick out that when deciding on your favored Level 5 Profession. You can theoretically alternate backward and forward between Professions each unmarried day with out real penalty (except 10,000g).
Note: You will lose the boons of your existing Profession the moment you clear them at the Statue of Uncertainty, but will not be given the choice of new Professions until you go to bed. For the rest of the day, you will not have any Professions in the skill that you cleared.

How to Unlock The Sewers

stardew valley sewers are unlocked
Unlocking the Sewers is a enormously straightforward method, though it's a piece extensive and can take some time. You’ll need the Rusty Key to release the entrance to the Sewers, that's given to you by using Gunther after you've donated 60 objects to the Museum. Such objects consist of Minerals and Artifacts that may be located by means of Mining, cracking open Geodes, the usage of the Hoe on Artifact Spots, and greater. You may also encounter Artifacts via defeating Monsters, finding Treasure whilst fishing, and breaking open Artifact Troves at the Blacksmith. Check out our full listing of every object you may donate.

Choosing A New Profession

stardew valley skills changing
There are six distinct Professions you can pick inside every Skill: are unlocked at Level 5, and you will receive specific Profession options for Level 10 relying for your choice in Level 5. Here’s a full list of Professions and their advantages:


Level 5Effect(s)Level 10Effect(s)
  • Animal products sell for 20% more gold
  • You can befriend coop animals more quickly
  • Incubation time for eggs is halved
  • You can befriend barn animals more quickly
  • Sheep will produce their wool more quickly
  • Crops sell for 10% more gold
  • Artisan goods sell for 40% more gold
  • All of your crops will grow 10% faster


Level 5Effect(s)Level 10Effect(s)
  • You'll find one additional ore per vein
  • Metal bars will sell for 50% more gold
  • Your chance of finding coal is doubled
  • Gem nodes have a 50% chance to drop two gems
  • Your chance of finding geodes is doubled
  • Gems will sell for 30% more gold


Level 5Effect(s)Level 10Effect(s)
  • Chopping trees, stumps, and logs will produce 25% more wood
  • Every type of tree can drop hardwood
  • Syrups will sell for 25% more gold
  • You'll have a 20% of receiving double the product when foraging
  • Foraged items will always be of their highest quality
  • Small arrows will show the location of forageables, artifact spots, and panning locations


Level 5Effect(s)Level 10Effect(s)
  • Fish will sell for 25% more gold
  • Fish will sell for 50% more gold (does not stack with Fisher)
  • Your chances of finding treasure when fishing are doubled
  • Cuts the cost of crafting crab pots
    • 40x wood + 3x iron bar -> 25x wood + 2x copper bar
  • Crab pots will not produce junk or trash items
  • Crab pots will not need bait


Level 5Effect(s)Level 10Effect(s)
  • Your attacks will deal 10% more damage
  • You'll gain an additional 15 maximum HP
  • Your attacks will deal 15% more damage
  • You'll gain an additional 25 maximum HP
  • Chance of landing a critical strike is increased by 50%
  • Special move cooldown is halved
  • Critical strikes deal more damage
Whatever skill you choose in a Profession, remember that you’re not locked in and can easily change it again, so feel free to experiment with what feels most helpful to you.