Streamers Look to Force EA’s Hand with Madden 23 ‘Pack Strike’ Over Ultimate Team Pack Odds

Ultimate Team has been a staple of EA Sports’ titles for over a decade. And throughout this time, players have tried to find a balance between grinding for varied rewards and using real-life money to up their chances at better ones. Streamers and various content creators, however, are ready to put EA on notice with regards to their Madden Ultimate Team system. Earlier this week, popular YouTuber Zirksee took to Twitter to declare a pack strike with other members within the Madden community. One of the biggest issues they and others bring to the table is the lack of value they receive through MUT in return despite how pricey some of these in-game bundles are. You can check out the official tweet below.
For what it’s worth, this has been a protracted-going for walks criticism from maximum with reference to Ultimate Team modes. It’s clean that this is in which the cash is. That stated, the crucial thing here is that content creators along with Zirksee can rally other influential voices to the reason. There’s no telling what this will result in, or if it'll bring about whatever. But, prominent voices inside the community speakme out is as accurate a place to begin as any. Madden 23 is out now and is availableS, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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