Thavnairian Onion


How to get Thavnairian Onions in Final Fantasy XIV

Thavnairian onions are the main vegetable in Final Fantasy XIV. Your chocobo is your best partner when finishing journeys, running FATEs, or murdering chase hordes. It’s to your greatest advantage to maximize his level as fast as could be expected under the circumstances so you generally have a pocket tank, a pocket healer, or some additional harm while you’re in the open world. You’ll have to take care of your chocobo one of these onions each time they level past 10. Since chocobos maximize at level 20, you’ll need a sum of 10 to finish your chocobo’s advancement.

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Getting Thavnairian onions can be a tedious undertaking. Many Free Companies develop onions in mass for their individuals, since spreading the weight of planting and watering across numerous landscapers makes it considerably simpler. Yet, a productive nursery worker can positively develop only them.

Using Thavnairian onions

Once your choco-pal hits level 10, they quit acquiring experience focuses. Feed your chocobo an onion, either while he’s corralled or in the open world, and they’ll have the option to acquire the experience directs required toward hit level 11.

Thavnairian onions as quest rewards

There are two quests that award Thavnairian onions:

  • Finding a Stable Job: Once you’ve finished the Level 50 Main Scenario Quest ‘The Better Half,’ it opens an Ishgardian sidequest called Landing A Stable Job. Get it in The Jeweled Crozier (X: 6, Y:9) from Mathye.
  • A Hunter’s True Nature: This mission has a couple of pre-necessities. You’ll have to have finished 3 sidequests in the Dravanian Forelands: ‘Irritation Control,’ ‘A Step in the Right Direction,’ and ‘Trash Duty.’ Once you’ve done those three, visit Hervoix in Tailfeather (X: 32, Y:23) to get this mission and get your onion.

Growing Thavnairian onions

Becoming your own Thavnairian onions is a work of adoration that can require weeks. You can either buy Thavnairian onion seeds from the marketboard and develop them yourself, or cross-breed other normal plants to get the seeds. Thavnairian onion seeds require 10 days to develop. In the event that you cross-breed to get the seeds, hope to spend an additional 5 to 6 days trusting that your crosses will grow.

The most effortless strategy we’ve found is as per the following:

  • Cross-breed Krakka Root and Mirror Apple to get Curiel Root.
  • Cross-breed Almonds and Mandrakes to get Nymeia Lillies.
  • At that point, cross-breed the Curiel Root and Nymeia Lillies to get an opportunity of getting Thavnairian onion seeds.
  • Plant your onion seeds

There are various other potential crossbreeds that will yield Thavnairian onion seeds recorded on the FFXIV Gardening site.