If you have performed Skyrim, you’re probable acquainted with Legendary Skills. Once you attain stage a hundred on any of your skills, you may pick out to make then Legendary. This brings that unique ability back to stage 15 and gives lower back all of the perk factors used on that skill tree. The capabilities also are marked with a Dragon symbol.

You can repeat this cycle indefinitely, permitting your character to level-up infinitely. The drawback is you downgrade your competencies whilst turning them Legendary. There are execs and cons to this technique. Here are 10 abilities that commonly will advantage you while you make then Legendary.

10 Sneak

If you prefer the stealthy thief route, this is an excellent skill to turn Legendary. Even if you’re a mage or a warrior, the Sneak skill is generally a great way to grind some experience points, even if it can be a bit time-consuming. Luckily, there are a few tricks to level up your Sneak quickly.

During the game’s tutorial, you come across the bear inside the cave. You can actually continuously attack your companion here to level up your sneak skill. Make sure your game difficulty is at Legendary, though, otherwise they will die. Alternatively, Sneak attacking the Greybeards while unseen is another great way to grind this skill.

Respective Combat Skills

It’s not a good idea at all to turn your combat skills Legendary. You’ll be at a disadvantage at your current level against strong enemies. Imagine fighting someone at level 80, with your combat skills at level 15. It sounds like a nightmare, right? Depending on how good you are at the game, it can work, somewhat.

If you have faith in your skills, you can turn your primary combat and armor skills Legendary. If you use Block a lot, that’s another skill that you can turn. This approach focuses on skills that you’ll use a lot and will level-up anyway. The downside is you’ll be really weak and bad early in your current level.


Pickpocketing is a talent that anyone can stage up. It has no bearing on your survival in combat or your armor score, so it is excellent to turn Legendary. However, getting this talent to one hundred can be a enormous undertaking. If you are a thief, absolutely pickpocketing continuously is probably your perfect technique.

However, in case you need to be efficient, you can truely visit nearly any predominant city and find the horse carriage outdoor. Whiterun is a perfect location for this. Wait till middle of the night and crouch subsequent to the carriage driving force. By placing gold into his wallet and then pickpocketing it you may degree up rapid and by some means get more gold out than you put in.


Lockpicking is a skill everyone uses in Skyrim. Tons of doors and chest require lockpicking to open. Therefore, it’s an excellent skill to turn Legendary. Your survival probably won’t depend on it and you’ll be using this skill constantly. But again, it might take more time than you’re willing to spare.

A fast way to get to level 100 is to make sure you haven’t completed the Thieves Guild questline and still have the Skeleton Key. It’s basically an unbreakable lockpick, so you won’t waste any picks on failed attempts. At nighttime, you can go to almost any city and pick all the locks, then come back a day later to do it again. The Dwemer Museum or any display cases are also great targets for Lockpicking.


Destruction is one of the many schools of magic in Skyrim. It’s definitely recommended to turn Destruction into a Legendary school. Leveling up Destruction is fairly simple. You rely on the Well-Rested status boost after sleeping in a bed and activate the Mage Stone for an extra boost in leveling magic skills.

Like most skills that need leveling, there are tricks to speed things up. Find a horse, and cast Destruction on the horse. However, please make sure that your game is at Adept level and keep an eye on your horse’s health so you don’t actually kill it. You could also do this on Legendary, but you’ll see much faster results on Adept.


Illusion is a extra difficult to understand college of magic and isn’t the most used one. It’s best for a mage to turn it Legendary, however. It’s a piece of a gap school and can be power-leveled without problems, provided you have equipment that allows fast magicka regeneration. If no longer, you might want to shop for some tools that reinforces Illusions from Farengar in Dragonsreach.

The fine manner to strength-stage is to use the Harmony spell. Head over to Whiterun’s market and cast Harmony. You must see a ton of leveling. If you run out of magicka, you could simply watch for one hour and to do all of it once more. This works so well due to the  spell’s vicinity of impact boosting enjoy gain.


Alteration is another great school for mages to turn Legendary, because of a handy little trick that allows you to level-up this skill incredibly fast. All you need is to get your hands on the Telekinesis spellbook. Then, you can cast the spell on pretty much any inanimate object, although it will spend your magicka within seconds.

In order to fix this, one of the DLCs, Dragonborn, offers a solution. In the Black Book quest, activating the Secret of Arcana will let you cast spells for 30 seconds without draining any magicka. You can now use Telekinesis, and as you’re holding an object midair, open your map and fast travel to a faraway location. You should level up your Alteration significantly through this maneuver.


Enchanting is a super useful skill to have, and great to turn Legendary as it doesn’t affect your general ability to survive in combat. In order to level this skill up fast, you’ll need to also use a technique that boosts your Smithing. This kills two birds with one stone easily and is without a doubt one of the best level grinders in the game.

After you’ve crafted a bunch of small gold trinkets like rings and such, you can enchant them and then sell them for more gold. You can use the gold to buy your Soul Gems. The simplest place to do this is Whiterun, where everything’s easily available and close by.


Alchemy is an underrated but surprisingly powerful skill due to how much money it can make and save you in the long run. It’s also highly versatile, meaning any character of any build can take up Alchemy and easily turn it into a Legendary skill. Leveling it up again is also simple

In Whiterun, pay a visit to Arcadia. She can train you in Alchemy five times for every level, which costs money. However, you can easily pay and then pickpocket the money from her after. After you level up, she can train you again five more times. If you struggle to pickpocket Arcadia, you can also wait until she’s asleep. If you actually want to do some Alchemy, the best potion to create is one that combines Creep Cluster, Wheat, and Giant’s Toe into a Potion of Fortify Health, which will get you a lot of money, too.


Skyrim Smithing

Smithing allows you to craft some of the most superb armor in the sport, that’s why it’s worthwhile. However, turning it Legendary is a good higher idea thinking about how speedy you may enhance it. While the good old dagger exploit turned into patched out from the game, there may be an extra trick that will additionally increase your Enchanting that let you.

First, get yourself the Transmute spell and purchase all of the Iron you may discover from blacksmiths or cross mining. Then, after turning all of it into gold, ensure you smelt it to get gold ingots. You can then flip these ingots into gold rings, which you could both enchant to enhance your Enchanting ability or simply promote for earnings. To discover the Transmute spell, head north from Whiterun to Halted Stream Camp, and you may discover it inside the mines after the very last boss.