Building your man or woman in Pathfinder: Kingmaker may be as complicated or as easy as you need it to be. The game turned into stimulated by way of the Dungeons &Dragons universe and is an impartial by-product of the authentic Pathfinder RPG game, but has some distinct changes, mainly wherein classes are concerned. It has a complete of 16 classes to pick from in comparison to nine in D&D. You can just as effortlessly dominate enemies with a pure class or archetype just as easily as one that dabbles in a bit of the whole thing. The alternative of a Prestige Class at later degrees can provide your man or woman even more beneficial and amazing skills.

If you’re trying to construct your personal person and also you’re a piece beaten by way of the sheer quantity of options available to you, then right here’s a listing of the quality lessons with a few acknowledgment given to their archetypes. Some are powerful on their personal, a few are better as a multiclass, however all have an awesome hazard of making your next playthrough a great deal more exciting.

Updated February 8th, 2021 by Kristy Ambrose: Tabletop RPG games, in general, are experiencing a surge in popularity, and Pathfinder is included in the mix. It distinguishes itself with the wider variety of classes available than other games, which offers more creative possibilities for more multiclass characters and exotic abilities. In addition to a wide variety of base classes to choose from with a few corresponding Archetypes for each, Pathfinder also has seven Prestige classes you can use to further develop your character at higher levels.

12 Prestige Class: Eldritch Knight

Psychic Warrior D&D

The Eldritch Knight is a effective prestige elegance that offers the individual a whole lot of flexibility and rewards them for it. You’re simply as able to cutting down enemies in melee as you are pummeling them from afar with spells.

While this versatility is powerful it does require a chunk of multiclassing to achieve and as such you’ll sense a bit weak in the beginning. Even inside the later levels your martial talents received’t preserve up to pure warring parties and pure wizards will mock your spells, but that versatility makes up for the lack of raw power and permits you to evolve to any state of affairs.

11 Bard

Bard D&D

The Bard is an excellent class for players who enjoy support roles but want to be a jack of all trades skill-wise. The buffs you can give your companions are very powerful at higher levels and the spells are nice at lower levels.

If you want an archetype definitely go for Thundercaller as it really shines the more Charisma your character has. This class struggles a bit at harder difficulties and bards, in general, really need strong companions to be dangerous as it’s very much a party-based class, but it has a lot of power in and out of combat.

10 Monk

A pure Monk is useful, but not very powerful when compared to others and probably wouldn’t make it on this list. The reason it does is because of the Archetype Scaled Fist. These Charismatic monks have tapped into their draconic natures and gained access to all kinds of abilities.

These monks have a nice movement speed which cuts down on travel time, increased immunities, and resistances to things like Fear is immensely helpful in certain fights. There’s also a lot to be said for the Traditional Monk which comes with great save bonuses.

Aldori Swordlord

As the name suggests, the Aldori Swordlord is a master of dueling and blade proficiency. They traditionally start as Fighters, but classes like Rogues, Bards, Slayers, and Swashbucklers can also follow this deadly path.

The feats required to become an Aldori Swordlord include abilities like Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Finesse, and Weapon Focus, which are ideal for melee fighters regardless of the weapon. Those looking for the ideal archetype to go along with this class build could choose Defender to go along with the Swordlord’s class features like Defensive Parry and Adaptive Tactics.


Paladin, holding a sword, light-filled abckground

Paladins are a strong class and great for beginners looking to upgrade from pure Fighter. It’s a simple class to play thanks to martial prowess and tanky behavior. A pure Paladin is surprisingly effective as Smite can obliterate bosses.

Alternatively, you could go the Hospitalier route which is one of the best healers you can have in your party. It’s not as combat-oriented and you’ll be relying upon companions to do the heavy lifting, but it has its perks. A Paladin also has the subtle benefit of fitting into the role of the hero and savior of the story better than other classes.


Inquisitor Pathfinder

Similar to a Monk, a trustworthy Inquisitor isn’t all that effective, but when tapping into Monster Tactician or Sacred Huntmaster this magnificence becomes lots extra lethal at the battlefield. At the instant pets are particularly powerful and those class subtypes take advantage of this nicely.

Monster Tacticians clearly want the animal area and get a whole lot of mileage the more levels you positioned into it. The Sacred Huntmaster multi-training a bit better and way to Favored Enemy can thrive in area of interest roles your companions can’t cowl. In the give up, your major energy comes from pets and summons.

Prestige Class: Dragon Disciple

Dragon Disciple Pathfinder

Dragon Disciple is probably the strongest prestige class in the game. The benefits that come from multiclassing a few levels with this prestige are incredible. Eldritch Scions that focus on melee and strength get some durability benefits and strength bonuses from a few levels and any fighter that uses two-handed weapons will like the perks that come with this class.

Honestly, this was built for sorcerers that want to tap into their draconic nature and get a bit of durability with some raw damage potential. Not a lot of levels are needed, but you’d be a fool to not at least consider this class as a Sorcerer.



Alchemists are brutes seemingly no matter how you use them. A pure Alchemist has the powerful Mutagen ability that can stack with just about everything and infusion can let you buff allies. But if you really like chucking bombs at your enemies then Grenadier is where your focus should be as it gets a ton of bonuses to bombs.

The Vivisectionist is very capable, but fans often use it as a one-off level to get access to the helpful damage and mutagen boosts before doing other things. You definitely want a companion to provide you with defense, but your bombs will obliterate everything in sight pretty quickly.


Sorcerer Class art

You do not want the Magus class to be a pure Magus class, you want it for the specializations. Eldritch Scion can be great to multiclass with thanks to the damage bonus via Charisma and Draconic Bloodline is too powerful to ignore.

Sword Saints sacrifice spells a bit to be more dangerous in melee and does very well at it. If ranged is more your thing, then the Eldritch Archer is probably one of the best archers in the game. These three side classes are awesome on their own and bring a lot to the table for multiclass characters.

Mystic Theurge

The Mystic Theurge is a magic-user who has nearly limitless Divine and Arcane energy. They traditionally begin as a spellcasting class, because the conditions include as a minimum two ranges in arcane and divine casting, are usually of Neutral ethical alignment, and might take on the jobs of defense, assault, or restoration.

Combined Spells is one of the maximum beneficial skills to be had to the Mystic Theurge, permitting the caster to apply spells slots from one spellcasting class for some other class. This is why this magnificence is so effective in case you’re leveling a multiclass individual who already research more than one school of magic.


This is one of the few entries on this list where the base class is stronger than the archetypes. Granted, Freebooters aren’t bad by any means and are great for multiclassing, but they take away from the power that comes with leveling as a Ranger.

It’s a ranged damage dealer that also has a pet. Your pet can wreck and distract enemies in close range while you pepper with arrows from afar. It’s simple and straightforward, and multiclassing is often a detriment rather than a benefit.


According to fans, Sorcerers are arguably the best class in the game right now. Pure sorcerers are a thing of legend either from afar as spellcasters or up close and personal as they tap into their Draconic Bloodline, though a few levels in Dragon Disciple certainly doesn’t hurt.

Where the real potential comes from are Sage Sorcerers who can really bring the pain as damage dealers or Sylvan Sorcerers who can burn through enemies and take quite a beating thanks to their tank-like abilities.