The chillest Pokémon around — the Ice Pokémon — have some fantastic fighters in their midst. The Ice type is currently one of the smallest types in the Pokémon universe, in terms of number of Pokémon within that type.

But, despite its low numbers, the Ice-type is special — it’s one of the few types that is super effective against Dragon Pokémon, for one thing. There aren’t many of us who can say we can take down a Dragon. With a glacial coolness and awesome designs, the Ice-types deserve more love. Read on for the best of the bunch.

Updated by Michael Christopher on March 4th, 2020: Since the release of Sword and Shield, the Ice-type now has a few more faces. Some of them are very strong, so we thought it’d be best to revisit this list and update it with a few more entries. Round out your Ice-type team with a few more options and you’ll be taking down Dragon-types in no time.

15 Eiscue

This penguin-like Pokémon is a formidable force for physical attackers. Thanks to its Ice Face ability, it has to be hit once to remove the block on its head before you can start doing physical damage. This means Eiscue basically gets one free hit on you before you start attacking it.

Of course, you can use a special move to hit beyond the ice block. However, it’s a great ability with some very powerful uses. Add to this ability Eiscue’s nice 470 base stat total, and it’s definitely a Pokémon worth using.

14 Aurorus

One of the greater aesthetically-stunning fossil Pokémon, Aurorus is an Ice/Rock-kind Pokémon. While this makes it very liable to Fighting- and Steel-type movements, it has many approaches of making sure victory. A high-quality base stat total of 521 way Aurorus can percent a few critical punch.

Another a part of what makes Aurorus tremendous is both of its abilities. Snow Warning, its hidden ability, will create Hail for 5 turns, which means non-Ice-sorts will take harm each flip. Its normal capacity, Refrigerate, way it will turn all Normal-type moves to Ice-kind moves, giving them a 30% strength raise.

13 Galarian Darmanitan

It’s very early inside the Sword and Shield meta, and people are already calling Galarian Darmanitan “broken,” due to its capability. First off, this Galarian shape has a base stat general of 480, which is surprising and very usable. But, with its capacity and a specific item, this aspect is off the charts.

With its standard potential Gorilla Tactics, Galarian Darmanitan gets a 50% improve to its assault stat but can best use one flow. Many might suppose, “that is what a Choice Band does,” but Galarian Darmanitan can use both its ability and a Choice Band, and the outcomes stack. Good good fortune withstanding successful from this monster.

12 Cloyster

Since its initial introduction in Generation I, Cloyster has been a widely-used and well-liked Pokémon. It’s an Ice/Water-type with very high defense of 180, one of the highest in the franchise. With the move Shell Smash, Cloyster can trade in some of its ample defense for a boosted attack stat.

Also, Cloyster has access to Icicle Spear, a multi-hit move that can strike up to five times. If it has its Skill Link ability, this move will always hit five times, which is often deadly for its opponents. Add that Shell Smash attack boost in, and Cloyster is unstoppable.

11 Alolan Ninetales

Another Pokémon that was widely called “broken” when it was introduced, this is probably the most popular Alolan form for a few reasons. One of these is that it’s a great Pokémon that’s very usable in battle.

A base stat total of 505, including a speed stat of an impressive 109, means Alolan Ninetales is going to be hitting hard and fast. Plus, the type-combination of Fairy and Ice means this thing is born to be a Dragon killer.

10 Abomasnow

If you hadn’t guessed already from its name, Abomasnow is, in fact, the abominable snowman. Also known as the Frost Tree Pokémon, it seems plenty like a Christmas tree with a heap of snow on its branches.

It has an capability known as Snow Warning, which triggers a raging hailstorm from the begin of a healthy. This manner that the accuracy of actions along with Blizzard will be omitted, making sure a direct hit. Blizzard is a superb example of a powerful pass, which Abomasnow can analyze at degree 47. Despite its vulnerability to Fire-kind moves, it’s a difficult-hitting Pokémon.


With summer coming around, a lot of folks will be hunting for a cool tasty treat. But have you ever seen a two-headed ice cream? Vanilluxe is the second evolution of the little Vanillish. According to the Pokédex, Vanilluxe is made when two Vanillish partially melt in the sun, and refreeze together overnight. Is it just us, or is something about that a bit dark?

Vanilluxe has two brains, and when they are in sync it will unleash a fearsome blizzard on its opponent. Despite its delicious appearance, it has decent attack, special attack and special defense stats.


Weavile is a Dark- and Ice-type, and not only is it one of the best Dark Pokémon, it’s one of the best Ice-types too. It has solid stats — high speed and high attack. It doesn’t learn many Ice-type moves naturally, but can learn more through other methods like TMs. Even without the wealth of Ice-type moves, it still uses the dual-typing to its advantage with immunity to Psychic moves.

One of these moves is Icy Wind, which deals damage while also lowering the enemy’s speed. Combine that with Weavile’s base speed stat and you can be sure this Pokémon will always get in the first hit.


It goes without saying that Dragon Pokémon are awesome, so an Ice and Dragon dual-type like Kyurem gets bonus points. This also nullifies the super-effective damage that Ice moves would usually cause to a Dragon Pokémon. According to Pokédex entries, its entire body is frozen. Being a legendary, Kyurem has brilliant stats, particularly in terms of HP, attack, and special attack.

It can learn a good mix of Ice- and Dragon-type moves. Plus, its Pressure ability raises the opponent’s PP usage, meaning that they’ll run out of usable attacks more quickly, and hopefully reducing the spam of annoying moves.


A veritable frosty lass, Froslass is a chilling Ice/Ghost-type, and the only Pokémon with that combination. It’s a pretty good type mix, too, with total immunity to Normal- and Fighting-type moves. According to Pokedex entries, it hails from legends of a woman who got lost on a mountain, who eventually became Froslass.

It certainly has a reputation as an icy femme fatale, as it also allegedly takes away humans or Pokémon that it fancies, and freezes them to be display items. Yikes. Still, with a great moveset and speed, Froslass will make your team a force to be reckoned with.


An Ice/Ground-type, Mamoswine is a hefty Pokémon with strong base attack stats. It has huge tusks made of solid ice, and its hidden ability Thick Fat makes it more resistant to Ice and Fire-type moves. Mamoswine is also pretty rare since most of them apparently disappeared at the end of the ice age. It’s a special Pokémon, as one of the oldest ones around.

It also has access to hard-hitting moves such as Take Down and Earthquake.

Who wouldn’t a big ol’ chunky ‘mon like Mamoswine on their team?


It won’t be a immense, but Regice is a hulky Pokémon, with an extremely excessive unique protection. Another oldie – the Pokédex reckons that Regice become shaped all through the ice age. Its complete body is made from ice, so bloodless that it received’t even melt while submerged in lava. How’s that for an Ice Pokémon?

Its moveset consists of a ton of different kinds, including Electric, Fighting, Ice, Psychic, and Ground, to name but some. That makes Regice a effective Pokémon that’s capable of address any type of opponent.


One of the first legendary Pokémon to ever grace our screens was Articuno, from the trio of legendary birds. It has good all-round stats, but excels in special defense. It’s also immune to Ground-type attacks.

Apparently, Articuno appears before people who are lost in the mountains… doomed people, that is. Still, it’d be a great visitor for Christmas, since it creates snow as it flies. How magical is that? It can learn some fierce moves with high attack stats, and as a classic legendary, is a gem in any team.


Eeevee and its Eeveelutions are fan-favorites for a reason, and Glaceon deserves its place in the spotlight. Its design is simple but cool, and it boasts a strong special attack stat, with decent standard and special defense to follow.

Like a fancy frosty porcupine, it can freeze its fur and turn its hairs into spiky needles, which can be fired into opponents. It can also control its own body temperature. Don’t you wish you could do that? With an arsenal of different moves at its disposable, Glaceon is a cute but deadly fighter, and a top-tier ice Pokémon.


Lapras is a traditional, and the first important ice Pokémon for many vintage-school players. It has excessive HP, in addition to special protection. Being an Ice/Water-type method that Ice actions are very ineffective on it, and water assaults suffer too.

Many fans love Lapras for its ‘gentle heart’ and its popularity for ferrying people across our bodies of water. It’s additionally enormously smart, sufficient to understand human speech! Plus it may learn a few unusual movements for its type, such as Electric and Grass types. How does it do it? We can also in no way recognize, but for those reasons and extra, Lapras is our primary Ice Pokémon.