Although Skyrim is known for its caverns and dungeons, each Dragonborn has to have an area wherein they can simply sit back and relax. Almost every preserve in Skyrim has some sort of participant domestic for the participant to buy in which they are able to craft, display their loot and take a sleep after a protracted day of adventuring.

This list will rank every player house in Skyrim and help players decide on which house might be an awesome fit for them, not which includes mods. From Vampiric castles to swampy plots of land, right here are 10 need to-have player houses for any Skyrim adventurer.

Updated by Kristy Ambrose, November 23rd, 2020: When it comes to customizing your player, few games have as many creative options as Skyrim, and various DLCs and other options for player housing are being discovered or added to the game all the time. As the game progresses, the player can not only buy homes but also claim them through squatter’s rights, marriage, or as part of a questline. The player housing in the game is one of the many reasons why Skyrim remains popular several years after its release.

15 Anise’s Cabin

Anise's Cabin

Don’t shed any tears for Anise. Imagine someone getting that angry just because you found an incriminating letter connecting them to witchcraft while snooping around in their root cellar. After you kill her in a clear-cut case of self-defense, you can use her home just west of Riverwood as your own player house, provided you’re not yet a Thane.

This is an ideal home to start with, as no player is a Thane at the beginning of the game, and it has ample resources including a vegetable garden and both an alchemy lab and enchanting table. The lack of a door means that you’ll have to deal with the occasional unwelcome guest, but overall, the neighborhood is fairly peaceful.

14 Vlindrel Hall

Vlindrel Hall is the player home in the city of Markarth and it can be purchased once the player is friendly with the Jarl of the Reach. This house, like every other building in Markarth, is made entirely from stone. One advantage of this house is that it is able to be furnished with both an alchemy table and an enchantment table.

Vlindrel Hall can be initially purchased for 8,000 gold however it will cost 3,900-4,200 gold to upgrade the house with all of the available furnishings. For any player that likes a rocky aesthetic, they should consider purchasing this home.

13 Breezehome

Breezehome earns its place on this list because it is a complete breeze to obtain. It can be acquired early in the game by the player by just following the main quest and then purchasing it from Whiterun for only 5,000 gold. It will cost an additional 6,800 gold to upgrade fully with an alchemy lab and other renovations, or you can just use it as your cheese repository.

Breezehome is small but it can still fit a family of 4 for the Dragonborn and it makes up for its size by being right next to the shopping market in Whiterun. Breezehome is one home that players will not want to pass on, if for no other reason then because it can be acquired so easily early in the game.

12 Drelas’ Cottage

Drelas' Cottage

Looking for a peaceful getaway, nestled among a babbling brook and a romantic mountain peak? Overlook the minor detail that someone else owns this house and it is the correct domicile for you. This is the home of Drelas, a Dwemer Mage who focuses on Dark Magic, and you may possibly see him coming earlier than you even notice the cabin.

He assaults you first, so it’s not your fault. Once he’s surpassed on, the player is welcome to transport into his house, which includes a vegetable lawn, a chook coop, and a completely-stocked alchemy lab in conjunction with the lovely view and remote area. This can emerge as an real participant domestic, provided the player isn’t always the Thane of any hold. Drelas’ Cabin is a pleasing starter alternative if you’re not content material with or rich sufficient to buy Breezehome but need some thing extra upscale than Anise’s Cabin.

11 Hjerim

Hjerim is Windhelm’s player home and it can be bought from the city once the player has solved the butcher murders. This house used to belong to a murderous butcher and for this reason, many people do not want to touch it so it lost its original value.

The player can buy this large house for only 12,000 gold but it will set them back 21,000 gold if they decide to furnish it fully. Every Dragonborn will want to furnish this house to get rid of the smell of dead people in the air.

10 The White Phial

Perhaps you’re thinking about life after adventuring. Not content to simply relax and count your gold or admire your treasures, how about getting into a stable business and acquiring a steady income? The White Phial is an alchemy shop in Windhelm, and its central location and steady clientele have already ensured years of success.

If the player completes the quest of the same name, the old owner dies, and his assistant Quintus Navale becomes the master of the shop. He also becomes an eligible bachelor, and if you marry him, the White Phial is also yours. Get out that Amulet of Mara and shake your moneymaker to get your hands on Windhelm’s most popular alchemist’s shop.

Severin Manor

Severin Manor is located in the town of Raven Rock in the Dragonborn DLC. The player can acquire this house for free after finishing the quest, “Served Cold”. One major advantage of this house is that It has a lot of furniture inside. There are many places for the player to display their weapons and armor, however, the player will end up rarely seeing them because this house is located on Solstheim.

Severin Manor looks very similar to every other house in Raven Rock and other than its impressive amount of furnishing, there isn’t much unique about it, but at least it can be obtained without spending any gold! Every Solstheim adventurer deserves a place to hang their chest-plate, why not Severin Manor?


Honeyside is a small wood house located inside the northwest of Riften. Its aesthetic is very old-timey and cute with a purpose to make any collector of antique homes fall in love with it without delay.

Honeyside may be sold from the metropolis for only eight,000 gold and after fully furnishing it the participant will have poured 12,three hundred gold into the house in general. This residence is one of the satisfactory in the game for a Dragonborn who needs a house that is easy on the eyes. Plus, thieves won’t want to shuttle if they buy this domestic!

Castle Volkihar

Castle Volkihar functions as a player home for the Dragonborn once they complete the Dawnguard questline for the vampire side. Once Harkon has been killed, ownership of the Castle is handed over to the Dragonborn and they can effectively use it as a player home.

Castle Volkihar has all the commodities a vampire lord would want in a player home. A vampiric feeding room, bed chambers, and even some storage space. The only downside of this home is that the Dragonborn’s family cannot be moved here. This Castle is one of the best player homes in the game because of its sheer size and unique looking design, who hasn’t wanted to own their own castle?

Windstad Manor

Windstad Manor is a plot of land that can be purchased in Hjaalmarch once the player has become friendly with the Jarl of the hold. It is one of the 3 purchasable plots that was added with the Hearthfire DLC. It has an exclusive fish hatchery that no other home in the game can have and like all other Hearthfire homes, it can be upgraded with customizable rooms to create the owner’s dream house.

Windstad Manor is a home that every Argonian will want to own because it is directly next to a swamp where they can swim. For only 5,000 gold, this plot of land is a definite must-buy.

Dawnstar Sanctuary


Perhaps the goal is wealth and secrecy, but at the same time, you don’t want to be alone. How about a real-life secret sanctuary on the same level as the most luxurious Bond villain lair, complete with all the typical amenities including a close-knit group of fanatical followers?

Once the player completes the Dark Brotherhood quests, which include re-discovering and renovating the old Dawnstar Sanctuary, the player can use it as their permanent home. Who knows when a Torture Chamber might come in handy, right? It costs almost 20,000 gold to upgrade the location fully, but if you’re the leader of the Dark Brotherhood it probably doesn’t matter.

Heljarchen Hall

Heljarchin Hall is a piece of land that can be built into a house by the Dragonborn in the Hearthfire DLC. It is located in the Pale and it has sprawling grassy plains in its front and freezing snowy tundra directly behind it. This home will give the Dragonborn a beautiful view of the landscape to look at when they come home after a long day of adventuring.

Heljarchen Hall can be upgraded with many different rooms and customized to the player’s complete desire. Even the player’s family is able to move to this home, what’s better than that?

Proudspire Manor

Proudspire Manor is a sight to behold located in the Capital city of Solitude. It is the most expensive player home in the entire game at a cost of a whopping 25,000 gold with it requiring an extra 11,000 gold to be furnished completely. This home can be bought after completing quests for Solitude and becoming friendly with the Queen herself. This is only a home for the most wealthy adventurers in Skyrim.

Because of its beautiful design and large size this house definitely deserves a notable spot at the top of this list. Any player that has too much money should immediately purchase this beautiful marvel of a house.

Lakeview Manor

Lakeview Manor is the most serene residence in Skyrim arms down. Located deep within the forests of Falkreath, this plot of land is known for being a hunter’s paradise. An distinct bee farm may be built on this property and the player’s house can be completely customizable as with all of the other Hearthfire DLC plots of land. It may be bought for 5,000 gold once the player is friendly with the Jarl of Falkreach.

The place of Lakeview Manor is sufficient to earn the spot at the top of this list because it is so peaceful and any player that wants to circulate to the desert will simply adore this piece of land. The Dragonborn’s own family may even love this home, guaranteed or their money lower back.

Arch-Mage’s Quarters, College of Winterhold

Arch-Mage's Quarters

Granted, it’s now not the maximum ideal region, but the interior is tough to face up to, and we’re no longer simply speaking approximately the breathtaking view or the smooth connections to accessible components of the College of Winterhold. Once you are given the identify of Archmage after completing the Eye of Magnus quest chain, this medieval luxury condominium will become your property, and you could enjoy the indoor arboretum, numerous storage areas, several guns, amour, magical books, and other precious objects becoming for the resident Arch-Mage. One downside is probably that your spouse can’t are living here, however all people needs a few personal time anyway.