In Vermintide 2, choosing a class is only half the battle. Once you've selected one of the four classes, you then have the choice of specializing with that class or branching out into another career. Each class and career has a particular niche in battle and can be very useful, both for you as an individual, as well as your team. While any class/career can be used to devastating effect, there are some that are better suited for the task. Whether it’s devastating abilities, team support, standalone potential, or simple convenience, here are how the Vermintide 2 classes and careers stack up right now. Updated on June 21, 2021 by Ben Baker: With recent DLC adding new careers to the game, it seemed appropriate to reevaluate just how powerful each class and career is in relation to each other. By and large, things haven’t changed too much, but the new careers have made things a little interesting. This list has also been updated to include some helpful tips on how to best utilize each class and career. Just because a career may not be the best doesn’t mean a player can’t still effectively use them.

18 Battle Wizard

The Battle Wizard is perhaps the weakest pick in the game due to the fact that the other two careers at Sienna’s disposal are much better choices. Pyromancer is brutal against single targets and Unchained is an absolute beast. Battle Wizard does have some interesting AOE spells, but the real hindrance comes from the buffs. They only trigger while she’s not actively damaging opponents, which many argue is the point of a fighting intensive game like Vermintide 2. Battle Wizard is the default class for Sienna and remains available throughout the game. Her role is to corral enemies into manageable groups and deal damage to them all simultaneously. It’s a lot like herding cats. But, if it's done well, it can turn the tide of battle.

17 Huntsman

The Huntsman is one of the weakest ranged lessons in the game and has the worrying requirement of needing to land headshots to do damage. However, the regain ammo perk for every headshot is available. If you are making a pass of this class, you’ll want to equip firearms, junk mail the stealth talents, and work on your intention. Getting regular headshots makes this elegance extra beneficial, whereas lacking them makes it a legal responsibility. The Huntsman Career is unlocked after Kruber reaches stage seven as a Mercenary. It’s a exceptional role from the Mercenary, as a Huntsman Kruber is anticipated to combat from afar with ranged weapons. He’s shed some of his protective talents, because of this mobility and evasion are key to staying alive.

16 Sister Of The Thorn

Vermintide 2 Sister Of The Thorn
Sister Of The Thorn is a premium class reserved for Kerillian with the DLC. It makes her a master at crowd control thanks to a wall of thorns that can box enemies in. This makes for great synergy with classes like the Pyromancer or Grail Knight that can obliterate waves of enemies. Unfortunately without a heavy damage dealer, the Sister Of The Thorn is merely delaying the inevitable. She can keep a horde of enemies at bay, but strong opponents can burst through the thorn wall and cause serious havoc. The key is to work in tandem with crowd killers or buy time for healers to get everyone back on their feet.

15 Outcast Engineer

Vermintide 2 Outcast Engineer
This new premium career is unlocked by purchasing the respective DLC and can be used immediately. Outcast Engineers are masters at bolstering the team’s weak points. They can act as ranged fighters, perform crowd control, and act as temporary tanks. This career seems primarily built to work as a cog in the greater machine that is a well-oiled team. Unfortunately, that cog doesn’t work well on its own. The Outcast Engineer is not solo-friendly which means that if the team falls apart, the Outcast Engineer will be quick to follow.

14 Foot Knight

The Foot Knight is a mix of support and tank that causes it to pale in comparison to specialists. The tank side has good stamina and defense bonuses but can’t hold a candle to the Zealot or Ironbreaker. The Auras are decent support for teammates, but it’s nothing compared to the Mercenary. There is also a problem of low DPS output with this class. Having said that, smashing the front lines can be very satisfying. The Foot Knight career is available after reaching level 12. It comes after Mercenary and Huntsman. Foot Knight leans into the Mercenary’s inherent abilities. This role is more aggressive and the support lent to allies is more passive, so it's best for players who want to fight more and support less.

13 Waystalker

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the Waystalker, it’s simply that there are higher Vermintide 2 instructions that push this one down in usefulness. This magnificence has extraordinary ammo ability and is well desirable to use both bows, daggers, or a combination of both. The passive recovery potential is extraordinary whilst it triggers but isn’t something that can be relied upon, because it handiest triggers while her health is beneath 50%. Waystalker is the default elegance of Kerillian and is supposed to hang back and combat from a distance. Thanks to passive fitness regen, Kerillian stays alive through withdrawing to a safe distance to heal and hearth more arrows. The daggers need to best be used if she runs out of arrows, and that have to by no means manifest.

12 Pyromancer

The Pyromancer is frighteningly effective against single targets. Fire Staves are the best choice when it comes to melting opponents with her powerful spells and Burning Head is great for hard-to-target enemies. The issue with Pyromancer is facing crowds. Her strategy is to pick them apart one by one and she lacks reliable kiting methods to stay safe while doing this. A strong tank teammate is almost a requirement. The Pyromancer is unlocked at level seven after Battle Wizard. Sienna abandons some of her crowd control abilities in favor of raw damage through more direct spells. She’s basically a magical assassin that’s meant to be paired with a tank. Her job is to take out whoever threatens her and her tank companion.

11 Grail Knight

Vermintide 2 Grail Knight
Grail Knight is every other top class class that’s reserved for Kruber. With proper positioning, the Grail Knight is a force to be reckoned with as he can obliterate waves. The key to recall with this profession, though, is that right positioning is a demand. Without being inside the proper spot on the right time the Grail Knight is a frail Foot Knight and its abilities are largely wasted. It can paintings in solo, but it’s a whole lot less difficult to pull off with tanks and crowd controllers retaining the enemies distracted and locked down. Without that assist, it can feel like a hybrid of a Shade and Battle Wizard, which is not any fun.

10 Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter is largely considered a 'fun' class thanks to the variety of builds and playstyles. He receives a range crit every ten seconds, has lots of ammo capacity, and Locked and Loaded is great for punishing enemies that are stacked up in front of him. The caveat is that he lacks the ability to force enemies to cluster up. This results in the Bounty Hunter waiting for opportunities to exploit or having a talented crowd control teammate on hand to create those opportunities. Bounty Hunter unlocks after level seven and the class Witch Hunter Captain. With the Bounty Hunter, Victor loses some of his mobility in favor of better defenses. His fighting style is converted to using pistols at mid-range. Getting too close to the enemy is favorable to stepping too far out of range. He’s meant to deal with anyone that breaks through the frontlines.

Ranger Veteran

The Ranger Veteran is the elegance so one can carry out most constantly over the course of the entire conflict. It’s not surely specialised for crowds, bosses, or single objectives, making it decent in any given combat. This isn’t awful by means of any method, as it’ll be useful at all times, it simply approach the Ranger Veteran received’t ever in reality shine. It’s clean to pick up, has high-quality assist abilties, and smoke bombs are an easy manner to get out of sticky situations. It’s neither a terrific select nor a terrible choose. It's simply the secure pick out. Ranger Veteran is the default class of Bardin. Ranger Veteran is flexible to each scenario, that is the way it ought to be played. You need to combat from afar if the frontline is keeping its own and rush ahead if it falls.

Witch Hunter Captain

The Witch Hunter Captain is a strong warrior that can turn the tide of battle and do serious damage when used properly. When using firearms for headshots and a melee weapon like a flail for crit damage bonuses, they can be powerful fighters. RELATED: Everything New In The Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes DLC But, their best bonuses and utility come from moving around on the battlefield, applying debuffs to enemies for their teammates to follow up and sweep away. This constant mobility can be annoying for some players, which is why this class ranks just a bit lower than others. Witch Hunter Captain is the default class of Victor. The Witch Hunter Captain needs to overwhelm his opponents with damage and tagging. It’s a dance of swords and dodges that, when done well, will be incredibly successful.


The Unchained class has taken Sienna’s magical prowess and turned it inward to make her a powerful melee fighter. She can tank a lot of damage with damage reduction buffs, and the hits that do get through only make her stronger by filling her Overcharge. When full, Overcharge can be used for a 60% damage buff or to flatten surrounding foes with The Living Bomb. It does take some careful management, but she has a lot of potential with this class. Unchained is unlocked at level 12 after Pyromancer. Sienna is now a melee fighter that can tank a lot of damage and resist elemental attacks. She tanks long enough to trigger The Living Bomb, but waiting any longer is pointless, and unlike tanks, she may have to pull back and recharge every now and then.


The Slayer has excellent DPS and can wade into battle with terrifying effects. He is a bit squishy, however, and requires a player to keep him on the move using abilities like Leap to jump in and out of battle. It’s a rather straightforward career: when health is maxed out, go in with swinging dual axes or hammers. When health is low, Leap out and use stun to back off and recover health. Bardin can become a Slayer after level 12 after Ranger Veteran and Ironbreaker. The Slayer abandons ranged capabilities to dive into the fray, dealing damage however possible. The key is to keep attacking and don’t stop until the enemy lies dead at Bardin’s feet. Out damaging enemies is key to survival.


The Handmaiden is a bit squishy, but only if her opponents can hit her. She has excellent dodge and fast stamina regeneration, allowing her to bob and weave around her opponents. With a spear in her hands, she can Dash into opponents, dealing awesome damage and applying the bleed effect. Then, it’s a matter of dodging and striking while bleed whittles away at the enemy. The Handmaiden is unlocked after level seven and requires Waystalker. This class is melee-focused, but not necessarily a close-quarters fighter. The spear has reach and it should be used as much as possible. The key is constant mobility and keeping enemies at spear’s length


The Mercenary is easily the best support class in the game. It has phenomenal crowd control abilities and provides a hefty health bonus for nearby allies. Put a halberd in the Mercenary’s hands to damage opponents at range, deal great crit chance buffs, and kite enemies for maximum effect. The Mercenary is Kruber’s default class and is available for the entire game. The Mercenary is best if played aggressively while fighting in close quarters alongside allies. His role is to back up the other frontline fighters both with steel and supportive abilities.


Shade is a ruthless assassin with insta-kill abilities against standard opponents and a 50% buff to damage against stronger foes. Positioning is key, and being caught flatfooted has some serious repercussions. But, if she can maintain her stealth, she can weave through the enemy lines, assassinate someone or do some serious damage, then slip away. This is probably the best class for boss killing. The Shade career is unlocked after level 12 and comes after Handmaiden and Waystalker. The Shade is a boss and special unit killer, plain and simple. She’ll dart in and out of battle slicing and dicing where she can, but her true role is to plant her daggers in the backs of those making the most trouble for her allies.


The Ironbreaker is the traditional tank, and he’s superb at it. On pinnacle of the terrific armor he can wear is lots of damage resistance and the ever-powerful stun resistance. He even has the capability to shrug off any attack once every 20 seconds. The key to Ironbreaker is drawing foes in, the usage of abilties, and giggling as they try to do any form of meaningful damage before they die. The Ironbreaker profession is available after degree seven. It comes after Ranger Veteran. Ironbreaker loses the ranged competencies of Ranger Veteran and becomes a brutal tank. The key to this profession is to seize the enemies’ attention and hold it on Bardin.


Most gamers usually agree that the Zealot is the most powerful profession in the game proper now. At full health, he can take a stunning stage of punishment and his heavy assaults can not be interrupted in any way. His true electricity comes as his health starts offevolved to slowly drop on every occasion assaults get through. That punishment fuels a ramification of perks and unique competencies that make him increasingly more dangerous. Then, at the give up, Heart of Iron kicks in to save you death thru a deadly blow, letting him slip away to recover. Zealot may be chosen after stage 12 and after Bounty Hunter. The Zealot rushes into struggle with a fiery ferocity which can’t be matched. It’s all about tanking blows, dealing heavy assaults, and crushing every body that breaks through Victor’s armor. A retreat must handiest arise before the very last little bit of HP slips away. Amongst all of the Vermintide 2 lessons, this one is virtually the best.